Is there any Spiritual implication of MA?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by runcai, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Every time you misuse science a grad student gets tasked with horribly monotonous work. Please think of the grad students.
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    Yeah...makes me want to misuse science more

    This way the grad students will do less drinking :D
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    In the ancient days warrior spirituality was found on the battlefield in todays ma were we dont kill and some dont really need to use it to save their life that spiritual aspect of harmony of balancing the light and dark in our selves meditate on what the deeper meaning of martial arts is to you and the reason why you train or fight. After that think about how this effects your personal nature and the world around and then find the harmony and balance of mind and body that is the closest thing in modern ma unless you get involved with that belief in ancestor spirits and all that stuff
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    Or better still, spend a little time thinking about punctuation.
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    Thanks again, there are aura pictures of people before and after the use of a Qi machine in the internet. I think it works but it is too costly to have it done here in the Mind Body Spirit Shows.

    My experience in Qi, is actually just energy drain after massaging people with very low energy level. This is just the harmonize theory where there is a discrepancy of energy between two persons.

    And I want to distinguish energy healing from spiritual healing as suggested by some people.
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    Yes,I can see how you drain peoples energy .... :p
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    Well, like most grad student you have to go to the root of any statement that is all. From the old school, actually E=MCC does not work if M is zero as E will be zero as well. So, I am wrong in saying spirit is energy without mass and in fact neutrino has mass.
  9. David Harrison

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    Aura and Kirilian photographs:

    Although I don't agree with the explanation of auras seen by the naked eye in the link above. Auras are an optical illusion that anyone can do. And it is not just living things that have "auras", you can see them around any inanimate object too.

    Chi machines are snake oil, plain and simple. A cheap bit of technology that has made liars very rich. Preventing and Curing diseases by shaking your feet? Really?

    As for qi drain: can you think of any other reason that spending time with "drained" people might make you feel drained?

    This may not be the answer, but does it sound more likely than an unverified and untested universal energy, or less likely to you? -

    I spent a good few years exploring qi, and have attained the lesser Kan and Li awakening. I can see auras and all that jazz.

    But I don't believe it is real. It can act as a very convincing illusion, but that's all it is. There may even be some real phenomena going on that these practices can affect, but the mechanisms proposed by the qi crowd are just plain bunk and flim-flam.

    I still use some qi tricks in the sack, but they work by unconcious micro movement and other real phenomena.

    I still use some of the visualisations from time-to-time, but visualisations are all they are.

    Thanks for showing me yours, I hope you got something out of me showing you mine :)
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    If you can't convert it into something that will heat up a pot of water, than you're using the scientific definition of energy improperly. English is a very flexible language, so there are many different forms of the word energy that are not compatible with scientific definitions, such as 'natural enthusiasm and effort', but you can't plug them into scientific equations willy-nilly.
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    Chi is real...I just wrote it :)
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    That sort of hits the nail on the head, really. As long as we've all got different definitions of what 'chi' is, then no one can really say that it doesn't exist! Sure, THEIR definition might not exist, but if it may bear no resemblance whatsoever to MY definition.

    And round and round we go...! :D
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    Unfortunately, MAP ToS prevent me from elucidating.
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    Thanks for sharing but I think bio-electromagnetism is closer to the concept of Qi energy. There were a lot of practitioners of external Qi in the 80s and 90s but mostly gave up Qigong healing due to the problems of energy drains. My friend who was teaching Qigong told his students to keep away from the dead and the very sick. An unknown factor is that one does not know what gone out and what came back. I think you need to experience external Qi before you can experience energy drains. As a person does not know how to generate external Qi or sending out his or her energy then energy drain is not a question.
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    "Energy Drains"?

    So a 80 year old mortician , funeral director, or anyone in the medical field, should not be alive
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    One does not need to worry about energy drain if one does not know how to generate external energy or Wai Qi in Chinese. There are some teaching on open gate and close gate, etc., but does it work or not is subjective. In any case, practitioners should be more sensitive in noticing a drain when it happens. But why would anyone practices Wai Qi exercise in a funeral or hospital?
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    Why must it be done in Chinese particularly?

    Speaking of energy drains, why can your questions not make any sense?
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    Because Runcai is a bot re-gurgetator.
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    Wai Qi (外气)in Chinese means external energy, and was very popular in the 1990s for healing. Most practitioners stop doing it not because of energy drains but because they do not know what they are getting back in energy transfers.

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