is the dan tien real?

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by gt3, Nov 10, 2004.

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    Oh and by the way yes it's a challenge lol.

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    I'll have another read and I'll make a list of the questions I have.
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    In reply to the question that started this thread:


    Let me know if I can help you with anything else.
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    The tan tien contains a large quantity of neurotransmitters, making it a key source of body intelligence. It is for this reason the Taoists also referred to Tan Tien Chi Kung as Second Brain Chi Kung and created exercises that would allow practitioners to gain awareness of the tan tien's function.

    So to answer the thread YES it is real, as real as the thoughts in you head.
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    There is very solid scientific evidence that it exists. .and what it can do. western medical scien'tists' do not have the knowledge though.and neither do you. and that's all it really boils down to.
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    Cool, could you show us some of that evidence?
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    You necro a thread from 2005 to post this?

    Well played. I can't believe people don't take this topic seriously with insightful and well articulated opinions such as yours leading the charge....:rolleyes:
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    Great news.

    Can you post links to these studies please?
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    Hey brothers I am more of a history nerd than a science one but I did well in exercise science and physics too AND studied the 下 dantian "concept" a little bit. The Chinese (and their predecessors to some degree although I would argue the Chinese were the first to become "systematic" about it, in their unique Confucian ways), were definitely onto something "real" as in observably real. It wasn't their collective imaginations that produced the "dantian", but a long trail of somato-psychosocial (i.e. body-mind-cultural) development. Call it "Confucian Exercise Science" if you will. Or not :-D I read part of the first posts in this thread about "Eastern" concepts like chi and "Western" concepts like science not meeting...let's face it brothers if it belies science, it's suspect. But if it's observable in the perceptive sense (not necessarily in the scientific perceptive I mean what the body senses), then there is something there as well. The general area of the dantian is most definitely recognized in biomechanics as the body's most powerful rotational point, hence why the Chinese conceptually refer to it as an "energy distribution center" etc. But there is no need to imagine little particles of chi floating about, you just have to observe the body or just ask an athlete or worker that relies heavily on the dantian area: gymnasts, discus throwers, martial artists, construction/demolitions. Just about everything powerful they need to do involves this location in the body. So, when I learned about the Buddhist/Taoist methods of cultivating "energy" at this point it kind of made need for mystical diagrams or "east vs. west" debates :)

    I think (this part is just my opinion) that people who mystify things like the dantian miss the entire point, it's not some mystical unicorn waiting to be caught on film, but something part of you from birth to death and the Chinese simply developed a way to notice it. And note it is not necessarily fixed a few inches below the navel...the Chinese systems note other related "energy centers" and of course they correspond to other potential centers of mass (CM). Note that because of how the human body is constructed, the "lower" or 下 dantian is the strongest because of its proximity to the "core". This Oregon state CM lab is a good case study, with pictures! of Mass.htm


    This gymnast has all of her "dantians" in equilibrium (you could model it in physics with a simple graph with equivalent mass at three different points which happen to be the exact positions of the "upper", "middle", and "lower" dantian). note the clear visible support strength of the 下 actually supports the equilibrium of the mass underneath it, seemingly defying gravity!!!

    The body is more amazing than any description of chi and dantians :D

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