Is post-operative Physiotherapy treatment safe?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jay Welch, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Hi, I'm a rugby player, residing in Mississauga. Three months before, I got slipped and fell in the ground. My hip was seriously fractured and I was bedridden. After the surgery my doctor suggested bed rest. But recently I'm suffering from back pain. I tried placing heat packs and also did several exercises but it didn't give a good result. When I discussed with my uncle, he suggested undergoing sports physiotherapy at a clinic in Mississauga. (link deleted). So I'm planning to schedule an appointment this week. But I'm worried about post-operative physiotherapy treatment. Will this treatment help to reduce pain and stiffness? How many follow-ups are required to complete the session? Please suggest your views!
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    LATE FOR DINNER is your man he has fixed several of us grateful MAPPers in the UK
    And is a thoroughly nice man
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    Decent physio will obviously help, it depends on who you go too, and what your surgery is.

    What's up with the clickbait bit at the end of your post?
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    Mod note: Greetings Jay, the link to the clinic has been deleted as we normally don't allow free links and it doesn't seem to be necessary for your question. Welcome to MAP. Late for Dinner will have some good answers for you whenever he logs on. :)
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    Has the internet turned me too cynical when I presume that Jay Welch is a spam bot paid for by a physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga?
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    Have you seen the one Wierd trick that surgeons don't want you to know about?
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    Gosh, I hope not, as I was thinking "commercial" as soon as I saw the link.

    And I don't even understand, how proper physiotherapy could be bad.
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    A thorough post-op physical therapy program will include pain education to address issues of pain centralisation, catastrophization and avoidance behaviour possibly being caused by your preconceptions and fears about treatment and recovery. Be sure to ask your therapist about these.
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    Wow!! I can't believe that I missed this thread! As I see that you peeps have managed to prevent unnecessary manipulations of the MAP population I am truly grateful! Shame that this person has left a bad taste about how some in my profession go out looking for work. Thanks for the plugs, I am always happy to provide some degree of assistance if it can be done safely.

    :' )


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