Is my punch effective?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Lennert, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Richdog

    Richdog Limecat is watching...

    Bwahahaha possibly the most ridiculous thing i've read in a long time... do you honestly think that's either a test of strength of manhood? :D

    Simple science lesson, a brick wall is far harder than your fist, bones and all. Hitting it is an exercise in stupidity, and will mess up your hand faster than you can say: "Duh I just hit a brick wall... not sure why though".

    If you want to know how hard your punches are then get a friend to hold a pad and then hit it. But just for reference, my girlfriend isn't amazingly strong and has a punch hard enough to break someones nose, so as long as you are of average or better strength for a man your punches are going to have plenty of power behind them to do someone damage. Work on your technique, not the amount of ice you can break. :rolleyes:

    I'm just seriously trying to work out why you are thinking that breaking hard objects relates to good punching ability... hitting pads will improve punching power far more than a board ever will. It doesn't prove much at all unless you watch too many karate movies...

    Sorry to sound a bit negative, just giving an honest opinion... :Angel:
  2. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    Haha, don't worry, I appreciate people who dare to be critical ;) critics ar far more usefull than compliments..
    I wasn't trying to prove my manhood with saying that, I was actually just trying to say I wouldn't hurt myself when hitting a punch bag.. to be honest I expected far more people to be practicing their punches on walls every once in a while :eek: (that was before people here told me it's a serious threat to the rigidity of my hands) now I would totally agree it's not a very wise thing to do.
    My question was how I could measure the power of my punch, and see if it's at an avarage level for a MA. I'm absolutely positive the technique of the punches I use are right, otherwise I wouldn't worry about the power they pack yet..
    But I think from now on I will just keep practising on a bag, without worrying at all..
  3. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    Of course another great way to test your power is through pad drills. Get feedback from the person holding the pads!
  4. notquitedead

    notquitedead used to be Pankration90

    Thai boxing is pretty common in the Netherlands, isn't it? Go to a thai boxing or regular boxing class and compare yourself to how they hit. You'll also get a chance to do some hard sparring.
  5. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    Well, it's not that common, but it is growing fast these days, that just might be a really good idea, although boxing isn't my style at all, a boxing school is a really good place to watch how punches are done ;)
  6. KjeXz

    KjeXz New Member

    I've been hitting a concrete wall a couple years back, but i haven't had any problems with my ligaments yet... I used to look at it as increasing my pain resistance so i could hit harder without worrying to get hurt.. :)
    Anyway i don't punch walls anymore, other than maybe as a party trick :p But i still feel less pain than others when i do it... So maybe there's something to it?
    I say, get a heavy glove, like 14-16 oz and go sparring with your friend..and ask him afterwards how hard your punches were. :)
  7. Richdog

    Richdog Limecat is watching...

    Nope there's nothing to it i'm afraid. Nada. Zilch. I can tell you unequivocally that punching walls is one of the dumbest things you can do. Period.

  8. beef

    beef New Member

    lol punching a wall...

    There's the old candle test see....

    Basically you light a candle and then attempt to put out the flame by your punching speed. You don't touch the flame with your fist - the idea that you generate enough power/speed that the air puts it out. It's probably more to do with speed than power but your punch needs to be quick as well as powerful.

    Some people think it's waste of time doing the candle test btw - others disagree. Have a go though?
  9. Richdog

    Richdog Limecat is watching...

    Hahahaha my Sifu told us a story about this guy who came in to his class with burn marks on his hands, and proudly displayed them, saying that he had been conditioning.

    Sifu: "what the heck have you done to your hands?"

    Bloke: "I've been doing that thing where you put your hands over the candle for as long as you can stand it to toughen your hands."

    Sifu: *bursts out laughing*

    The guy had seen a picture of someone doing the candle punch and thought that you were supposed to hold your hand over it.

  10. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    speed doesnt equal power by itself or you would see people getting knocked out by jabs all the time.
  11. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member

    are there not there arcade machines which measure your punching power? try one of those if you want to kno it in newtons per squar inch ;) otherwise go to your local boxing/thai boxing club and spar
  12. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    blowing out the candle with a kick is also fun and useless.
  13. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    Funny that you mention that :) , I was at a fairy last tuesday wich had one of those, and I took a couple of shots. They all went well over it's max, which was 600 of something, but it didn't have a scale unit.. (It also said I could keep my girlfriend satisfied.. :D , that is if I had one..)

    Last monday I went along with a couple of friends to their shaolin kempo school, their teacher said my punch was good. So my question has been answered now. But I'll do the candle test anyway, just for kicks.. ;)
  14. KjeXz

    KjeXz New Member

    Hehe okay, i won't do it anymore.. :rolleyes:
    What does unequivocally mean btw? I suck at english >_<
    PS: Lennert, my real name is Lennart, is your nick your real name or how did you think of it? :)

  15. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    Lennert is my real name ;) (for what it's worth.. lennart means: strong as a lion :eek: )
  16. beef

    beef New Member


    Very true - You need speed and power. Likewise if you've got a very powerful punch but are slow you're not going to land the punch either.

  17. sonoftheodore

    sonoftheodore New Member

    doesnt matter how strong your punch is if you cant land it....
  18. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    What makes you think I can't land a punch?

    Edit: And if you do land it, it does matter.. so I don't really see the relevance of your post.
    Last edited: May 10, 2005
  19. sonoftheodore

    sonoftheodore New Member

    didnt say you couldnt ... did i, i dont know anything about you how could i say that? and i didnt say power didnt matter either....did i?
  20. Lennert

    Lennert Valued Member

    Making your post about as irrelevant as this particular one then.. ;)

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