Is kempo really a good self defense?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Floorismyfriend, Nov 1, 2003.

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  1. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    I hope i dont start a flames war here but does anyone that study kempo ever wonder why that the most successfull fighers in no holds barred competitions dont really specialize in kempo?
    I would love to see a kenpo fighter in a no holds barred competition even thought he would get totally destroyed it would still probably be very entertaining.
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  2. matsloth

    matsloth New Member


    hi i can only speak as a kenpo man not a kempo man, but there are many no holds bared fighters that train in kenpo ,like mark hunt of the k1 fame ,but you are getting confused between no holds bared and sreet fighting,2 totally different worlds,i have had full contact fights ,and street fights ,they couldnt be further apart,consider this ,if you show aggression or hate in a full contact fight (not pre fight hipe)it is stopped ,there is no malice ,just man against man,in a street confrontation ,its all about hate and aggression,(even if they dont no why)maybe 2/3 on one survival,no ref to stop the fight ,you go down they jump on your head,no count ,you cant tap or submit,there is alot of hipe in mma fighting at present ,so this is the difference, ring is a show of skill ,street is survival,and as for a fight club need i say more ,street isnt the movies,it really hurts ,you can die ,if you want that sort of practice ,go to your local bar,and start a fight ,with the nastyist looking guy there,and test yourself ,kenpo is a street fighting sytstem for killing,
    tiger to dragon kenpo
    (kenpo fighting system)
  3. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Wait theres a difference with kempo and kenpo?
    Is there a website that gives techniques on it?

    My uncles a black belt in kempo, but hes kinda too fragile for me to spar with.

    Isnt k-1 more kick boxing?

    As for multiple attackers, I was usually the one doing the multiple attacking. How you do in the ring also greatly increases your survival in the streets. I am too friendly to start a fight. But street fighting between friends has always been a hobby of mines. People would walk by calling the cops thinking we were really trying to kill one another.
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  4. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Sort of like Chuck Liddell? He's out of a kempo lineage (The Pit), yet he seems to do okay.

  5. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Oops, sorry I forgot.
    I guess Keith Hackney won those fights inthe early UFC's by accident too.

  6. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Chuck liddel is more of a muay thai style fighter.
    He also trains in ju jitsu and wrestling.
  7. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Re: Re: Is kempo really a good self defense?

    You cant really call him successfull.
    He was beaten by royce gracie for god sakes.
    I am not putting royce gracie down or anything but back then Royce Gracie was pure grappling and he whooped buttox but now with all the cross training he probably wouldnt get too far unless he cross trains himself.
    BTW cape cod wouldnt happen to be in florida would it?
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  8. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Re: Re: Re: Is kempo really a good self defense?

    Hackney had some good fights, and back then Royce beat some good fighters. But yes, the game has changed dramatically. How about Lidell?He's active now. You can't really say that either of these men were 'out of their league'. It did point out kenpo/kempo's weakness on the ground, but it also encouraged people to try to fix it (with varied levels of success).

    Finally, I feel like it is cliche, but, Kempo is not a ring art. It doesn't fit into that rule set well, it is the wrong tool for the job.

    You know that armlike thingy that sticks out of Massachusetts into the Atlantic?

  9. totality

    totality New Member

    i'd like to see ANYONE step into a mma match without having done any cross-training. kenpo is just as effective as most other martial arts.

    so because liddell cross-trains, he is no longer a kempo practicioner? i think not. this would mean none of the gracies are bjj practicioners, and quinton jackson isn't still a wrestler at heart. BS, IMHO.
  10. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    You cant really consider liddel because he is a heavy cross trainer.

    Grr i always get confused with the Cape. Too many places start out with cape. They should just call it massachusetts armlike thingy.
  11. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    In chuck liddels video interview he mentions training in kickboxing, ju jitsu, wrestling but he lforgets to mention anything about kempo.
    You forgot to capitalize after ever period again.
  12. totality

    totality New Member

    would the mods be too terribly upset if i said this was a completely pointless thread?
  13. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    When I was a young lad took a number of karate classes but hasnt done it since. Just because i practiced it in the past doesnt mean i am a practicioner.
    We keep forgetting those capital letters again.
  14. totality

    totality New Member

    a few karate classes doesn't give you a background in karate...

    and considering that he has the word 'kempo' tatooed on his arm, i'd have to assume he does.
  15. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Actually taking a few even just one karate class does give me "A" background granted its not a very extensive background but a background none the less.
    Having Kempo tatooed to my forehead doesnt mean I am a kempo practicioner. We still keep forgetting about the capital letters.
  16. totality

    totality New Member

    you can stop with all that stupidity about the capitalization, if you'd like.

    and i never said that the tatoo alone made him a kempo practicioner.

    now, i'm done with this thread, i fear it'll just turn into another flame war. i refuse to argue with an idiot such as yourself, as i'm afraid you'll manage to drag me down to your level, and beat me with experience.
  17. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Flame war?
    I was merely pointing out that chuck liddel may have practiced kempo in the past but no longer trains in it. As for the tatoo chuck liddel could have a tatoo of an old girl friend but that doesnt mean he is still with her.
    What would kgirl or some of the moderators say about those inflamitory comments?
  18. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Woah totality. Sleep on it. ;)
  19. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    Royce gracie destroyed 4 fighters IN ONE NIGHT!!!!
    Talk about Mad skillz.
    Back in Royce Gracies ufc days he was PURE BJJ grappling and did absolutely no cross training and he wasnt even the best bjj practicioner at that time.
  20. totality

    totality New Member

    i'm sorry i didn't make it clear that i was talking about stepping into the ring with a CURRENT mm artist. that won't work anymore, about every good fighter cross-trains now.
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