Is BJJ good for weight loss and muscle build up?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by TheDarkLord84, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Giovanni

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    lol, yes put the (pizza) pie down!

    you know what sucks? caloric deficit. i'm trying to go down from my current ultra-heavy to just heavy for the mid-august chicago ibjjf. ugh. i'm making progress and i'm not worried about making the cutoff. but i'd rather not have to lose 20 lbs. for me, it's all about the diet. and my big problem: i'm good at gaining (hell, who isn't), i'm good at losing (once i put my mind to it, it's doable). but maintaining a consistent weight is really, really hard. again, i'm taking a really close look at my diet post-weight-loss.
  2. Mangosteen

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    Diet and recovery play the biggest factors in weight loss and exercise in regards to the "shape" you'll have.
  3. matveimediaarts

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    BJJ (and JJ generally) is better for cardio than strength training per se. "Muscling" motions in BJJ generally works against a player. I do weights for strength myself, and I'm a karateka.
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    For someone who does as much as Phelps, that isn't a bad diet. Unless you do a cardio-intensive sport at an elite or near-elite level as he does, that's too many carbs and too little fiber.
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    I agree, the point is it's certainly possible to be at a low bodyfat while eating what would be a horrendous calories surplus if you weren't training so much.

    If I keep eating my training diet (more or less everything that comes into my reach) while injured or otherwise out of the gym I balloon at a genuinely alarming rate.

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