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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Old Happy Tiger, Apr 16, 2020.

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    I found this forum off of a google search, I'm happy to be here.... I hope I'm not rambling on too much.

    My past martial arts experience is in Kempo Karate back in the 80's (purple belt) which was a combination of Villari and Mitose origins, Yang Tai Chi Chuan (TaiJiQuan) from two lineages Cheng Man-Ching and also Yang Cheng Fu and a little bit of Aikikai Aikido (5th kyu). The longest studying and training that I had was in Kempo but I have a great respect still for each of these martial arts that I was trained in.

    I'm turning 50 this May... and I've come back to "full circle" so to speak. I'm very unfit, overweight. I have a bad left collarbone and as of last year a partial mobility issue with my right hand after injury.

    What I have come to realize is I need to get into martial arts again as that is the only thing that will keep me focused on getting my over all health way better than it is. Because of the current situation with the virus pandemic, I realize that I have put off getting back in to marital arts for way too long, and I need to belong to a school (dojo / kwoon) again.

    I also am looking around my area for a school to join (checking each out after the virus situation has lifted). I want to try a different style that I have not tried before that I can do with my current limitations. So far, I have the following interest in one of these:

    Jeet Kune Do - probably on top of my list
    Ryu-Te - Okinawa Karate
    Shotokan - Japanese Karate
    Krav Maga - Israel Defense Forces

    I think the Jeet Kune Do is my top choice as it seems to fit my physical needs to best. Ryu-Te and Shotokan, which is also awesome.. I think that will be physically to much for me, maybe I'm wrong to think that way? Krav Maga is tempting to try, but it a bit far from my location.
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    Welcome to MAP :)
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    Thank You! :D
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    Welcome to MAP! I only have experience in JKD and I'd say it's a good style, depending on which branch you join you will experience may vary.
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    Welcome to MAP
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    Thank You, I appreciate your comment. I'll be checking out the school after the pandemic is over with.
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    Thank you.
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    Welcome to MAP
  9. Old Happy Tiger

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    Thank You.
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    Welcome! Let us know how you get on!

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