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    there is a problem with that though.

    let's look at a hypothetical "Bruce Lee and his students". after the fact (either after the fight or after his death) his students told everyone that he kicked ass at various locations and didn't dodge any challenge that came his way. the thing is, his (hypothetical) students suck so bad; (hypotheticallly) dan inosanto was just a patty-cake player,(hypotheticallly) jesse glover couldn't even line up properly his knckles for punching, etc. now would you believe that (the hypothetical) bruce lee is a 'kick ass and take names' fighter?

    let's look at it another way: gene lebell is a highly accomplished judoka. what if he and (the hypothetical) bruce lee never met and sparred? and never endorsed him, just saying that (the hypothetical) bruce lee "is a great actor"? would you believe in (the hypothetical) bruce lee as a fighter?

    or what if they sparred and afterwards lebell stated that "(the hypothetical) bruce lee is a good fighter". would you take that statement to be true?

    or another scenario: the hypothetical gene lebell is not a highly accomplished judoka, but rather someone who never won a shiai in his life, broke away and formed is own org and is now teaching his own form of 'judo'. and (the hypothetical)bruce lee and (the hypothetical) gene lebell sparred before. and now (the hypothetical) lebell says that "(the hypothetical) bruce lee was a great fighter", the same as lee's (hypothetical) students were saying. would you believe them?

    that's why in the absence of verified unedited video, I tend to look at third-party verification and the sources of the anecdotes. do they have some investment or reward/compensation to state such things as fact? I'd rather tend to stick to 'what is' and 'what happened'. I also look at the fruits: the battles and the students. "oh you fought him. any lasting damage? some scars? how was he back then?" or look at his student's performance: are they effective? in what area(grappling striking/both)? in what field/arena (security/LEO/military/ prizefighting)?

    that's why I tend to look at MA hall of fame/soke councils as nothing more than a circle you-know-what. :mad:
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    I'm going to ask people to leave this thread to serve as a reference on Xa-Ryu for future users.

    If you want to discuss anything else please start a new thread. This is not the place.

    Thanks folks :)

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    Anyone who hasn't looked at the Bullshido thread lately, check it out. A woman who may not exist (she only seems to appear on sites related to the ICA and her photos on LinkedIn are of Miss Russia 2010) tried to intimidate me via e-mail this morning.
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    The ICA website is "under construction" and now requires a login. Sound familiar? Sounds like the Bullies have him on the run.
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    Same happened when he came here, several times in fact.

    Shortly he will appear with a new company name and website...
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    Let's see who can find it first! :evil:
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    The game is afoot!
  8. gapjumper

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    Then a dojo-drop-in?
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    I haven't been looking all this time, but thought I'd check up on Mr Spencer to see what he's currently up to. Apparently he's presently the director of 3 security firms, which is terrifying. Some information available here.

    In short, if you ever encounter Tactical Concepts Ltd (previously International Combat Alliance Ltd), SD Business Solutions Ltd (previously International Combat Consultancy Ltd) or Specialist Training Consultancy (STC) Ltd (previously Combat Systems Ltd), then be very very careful before doing business, as a number of questions have been raised between here and Bullshido which have not been satisfactorily answered.

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