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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Ghost Frog, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. RiveraRa

    RiveraRa New Member

    I made black belt in Soo Bahk Do about 10 years ago. I took a long break and just got back into it about 2 months ago. My school had started BJJ in the mean time so I decided to join that as well when I signed up. Im glad I did! I love it! So im going on 2 months now and loving it.
  2. Stalkachu

    Stalkachu resU deretsigeR

    I was -supposed- to do your intro, but they took you away from me. Sniff. Still try and grab you after a session and have a roll sometime if you want. I'm usually around. ^_^

    Take care,

  3. RunningDog

    RunningDog Valued Member

    There's a sparring 'event' being organized, 9th Dec in Brighton, here. Come along, it's cheap and you'll get to hurt me. Slideyfoot will be there, as will Liffguard, whatever his real name is...
  4. slideyfoot

    slideyfoot Co-Founder of Artemis BJJ

    Eh? You definitely did my intro, mate: says so in my training log! :p

    Chatting about the room booking, Bullshido, judo injury etc. ;)

    Oh yeah, Brighton thing. That reminds me to send you an invite. :D
  5. Atharel

    Atharel Errant

    I've been training BJJ for 4 months now, recently and sadly going to it full time over Judo for $ reasons. I train at a MMA-focused BJJ gym under Jorge Gurgel, but don't do MMA myself.

    I'm a big open/butterfly/x-guard fan and am deeply in love with leglocks. My hobbies include kneebar/star sweeping noobs and never armbarring anyone.
  6. ninjaman111

    ninjaman111 Valued Member

    im a bjj noob, i just started... so far i havent gotten in any bad situations and i like armlocks(since im a white belt) such as armbars, americana's, kimura's ect...
  7. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    man. I guess that'll teach me to not read the stickies. I'm a couple months into training at Foster BJJ in Auburn, WA under James Foster, a lotus club jiu-jitsu blackbelt. I trained in a mostly standup style for a couple of years, but when we started doing some grappling (crappling, really), I realized that was what I really enjoyed and the rest was tedious. So, I set about finding a BJJ school.

    I like this school a lot. There aren't any egos and everyone's really good to work with.
  8. Nate1481

    Nate1481 Valued Member

    Fairly new 2 BJJ 6month to date at King's Gym in Bradford, have been doing JJ with WJJF for 5 years before so alot seems familia.
  9. flashlock

    flashlock Banned Banned

    Hi! I'm a Grand Rapidian living in Melbourne, Australia. This is my 2nd post on this website.

    2 Classes of BJJ, ready to take on the world now.

    Seriously, I've been hunting around for a martial art after dipping my toe in Vunak's RAT system; Haye's modern ninjutsu (to-shin do), and, most recently, aikido.

    I think I'm heading back to BJJ. I want to ask some questions though... (see other posts).

  10. Jojitsu

    Jojitsu New Member

    My screen name is Jojitsu and I have trained with Rigan Machado for the past 10 years.Our school is in Redondo Beach,California

    Jiu Jitsu is the greatest addiction ever......
  11. RandomTriangle

    RandomTriangle Valued Member

    hello all.

    i started BJJ in 2000. i trained for 8 months and received my blue belt. i took a 4 year break. Came back and trained for two and half years with some time off for injuries. i was asked to come to a purple belt presentation. Sadly the date conflicted with something more important. So technically i'm a blue belt... but when i go to my next tourniment i'll compete as a purple belt... But i might still be a blue belt? i dunno. i honestly don't care. i'm not in it for the belt, i'm in it for the training.

    i am lucky enough to train 5-6 days a week. 3 days Gi, 3 days no-gi.

    i don't really post on forums. One of my good friends lurks here alllll day. So i figured why not.
  12. ninjapiratecapn

    ninjapiratecapn Est. 1986


    I've already posted in the BJJ forum, and failed to introduce myself properly. So, here goes:

    I'm a BJJ white belt noob, and I've been studying for about a month now. I was primarily a stand-up guy before, but I've found that I love grappling. I currently suck too much to submit anyone in my class, but I hope to change that in due time.
  13. Buddha1

    Buddha1 New Member

    I'm Harrison. Only just got into BJJ. Have dabbled in many arts in the past including karate and aikido but never stuck with anything. I'm hoping I can commit to this as from what I've heard it's highly effective.
  14. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member

    from california, usa

    My name's Mark, i live in california, USA, and my main art is shaolin kempo/MMA, with Brazilian Ju-jit-su.
    I have been taking this art since august 1997 but i had to take 5 years off, and i have been back these past 3 almost 4 years.
    I do not know what "Jujitsu Belt" i am.
    My stand up is better than my ground, but my ground is desent.
  15. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Now I've been training properly for about 2 months I feel that it's worth saying hello in this section. I've been on MAP for a few years but have only properly started training in BJJ for about 2 months. I train at SOAS in Mario Reis school (which I think is under Gracie Barra) under Luiz Tosta and Leopold (some surname). I'm loving the training and the club and teachers are great... training at least 4 times a week at the minute.
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  16. Rhea

    Rhea Laser tag = NOT MA... Supporter

    Might as well introduce myself for those who won't know me.
    Rhea, 21, UK based.
    Green belt in JJJ, white in BJJ. Thought I might actually come in here now I've actually started training properly.
    My school is Brazilian Top Team Norwich.
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  17. SketchEvans

    SketchEvans New Member

    I figured this was the best spot for my first MAP post...

    for the past 6 weeks I've been training MMA at Martial Arts Planet in Kingston, Ontario (SBG's Canadian HQ) under Mike Sweeney and Rebecca Sweeney. I'm completely smitten with the grappling/BJJ side of things, so I plan on increasing my no-gi training and hopefully make the plunge to gi sometime soon.

    if I'm still in the country this fall (which probably won't be the case), I hope to take part in my first couple competitions.
  18. Mikey Triangles

    Mikey Triangles Neo-Ninja

    I'm Mike, and I like bending joints the wrong way :)

    I received my blue belt under Mestre Fransisco Mansor, and shortly after was asked to become an instructor for Kioto BJJ, and began training in instructor courses. Then in the beginning of this year I lost my job and was kicked out of my house, so Master Mansor and Paul Rodriguez opened the Academy to me as a home since I had nowhere else to go, and I began living at the Academy and became a full-time BJJer. A few months after that Master Mansor and Paul decided to end their partnership and go in separate directions. Paul got the building and since I was living here and had nowhere else to go anyway it was an obvious choice for me to stay with him and become an instructor for RedBoy BJJ instead of Kioto. I still see Master Mansor regularly and consider him my teacher, but I am currently not actively training under him. Right now I guess I'm technically under Marc Laimon through a friend of mine... and if you're familiar with Marc and Mansor you'd realize what a huge contrast in style there is. Marc Laimon being about as new age as it gets, and Master Mansor being one of the most traditional Master's alive and still actively teaching.
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  19. forever young

    forever young Valued Member

    ok i thought id introduce myself into this section,
    names Clint, been doing bjj for 6 months now at twice per week under a roger gracie purple belt and LOVE it :D
  20. money

    money New Member


    Been doing no-gi BJJ for about 5 1/2 months now under Harry Powell of SBGa, a purple belt.

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