Intimidation ( The oh S**T Factor)

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Darren Laur, May 17, 2003.

  1. CKava

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    lol, I think its pretty obvious I mean what the heck is cool anyway? If you take away our society you don't have cool so therefore 'cool' is a social construct...

    I dont think monkeys or any other animals stop to look at tigers and think that looks 'cool'; though you never know I might be wrong.

    P.S. A Bengal Tiger maybe fits the bill of cool because it is a predatory animal and therefore embodies (or at least we think it embodies) things such as Aggresion, Strength, Ferociousness, Cunning and because its nice and stripey but personally I think a penguin is way cooler than a Tiger anyway :D
  2. Vanir

    Vanir lost my sidhe

    I do tend to think a monkey stops dead in his tracks for a Bengal tiger.

    And that's my point. The tiger is being intimidating?
    Martial artists have to choose not to minoritise themselves through alienation of others, it just makes the job of anybody who would choose to alienate them to minoritise those who challenge their egos so much easier.

    What the hell's wrong with a nice, skull helmet? Should we proscribe them?

    Weren't the original Hell's Angels started by ex-WWII fighter pilots?

    Police illegal and dangerous activities yes, proportionately and appropriately but don't go policing personalities, even with attitudes. It's called totalitarianism.

    *waves fingers magically* Different doesn't mean bad.
  3. Nrv4evr

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    now THAT is intimidating. :)
  4. Pepsi32123

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    Intimidation is a defence mechanism. Without it, we'd probably have people fighting anyone they saw. Fear is the same way. Some people I know, small people, can somhow be intimidating and strike fear into their opponents like they're a hundred feet tall! Also, going against an intimidating person, and anti-defence mechanicanism is not showing fear or weakness.
  5. shuyun3

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    what he said
  6. Jame$

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    I am very short but have always found that nothing is more effective when it comes to striking fear into your opponents' heart than a good solid stare. If anyone ever disrespects me then I just stare them out. Of course it is important not to lose focus of their bodyu language in the process.
  7. Amaranth

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    There is a guy at class I spar with. He is higher in rank, as well as bigger than me, so I can't be half-hearted when we spar. He'll ask me if I'm 'scared' before we spar, then he spars lazily with me at first like I'm not even worth the effort. Then after a bit of him doing that with me sparring hard, he'll say, "Oh, so you really want spar?" and pick it up until we're hammering on each other. I usually don't make contact (not allowed under bb at my dojang) but with him I find if I don't, he'll try to run right over me. (Try being the key word.) He has the advantage in training and being physically bigger than me, but I make up for it with determination. After the match he'll make sarcastic comments for the rest of the night.

    I find ignoring him and concentrating on my technique to be the best approach, though at times I just feel like planting a side kick right where it hurts. Honestly I just find it irritating when people try that B.S. on me. It totally ****es me off.

    There is another man I spar with who is a really big guy. Ex-military, 6 inches taller, very fit. He is higher in rank than me and is very good at sparring. When I spar with him, he doesn't give me any breaks, but he doesn't try to intimidate me either. Let me tell you, I have a lot more respect for him because he respects me, than the guy who tries to high-brow me.
  8. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    Go ahead, land a side kick where it counts, hehe, you *slipped* while sparring. ;)
  9. tai-gip

    tai-gip New Member

    the guy giving you attitude is probably just scared that your better where as the ex-army guy just wants to train
  10. Ling Kuo

    Ling Kuo New Member

    I agree. I frequently fight this guy who is much bigger than me (when I first started he was blue belt) and from the moment we bow he stares right at me and gives me no breaks at all.There was this time when I got kicked into the wall in seconds (In our dojang if you are above 14 you are allowed to hit each other provided you have hand and fott equipment). He helped me up of course. I was very angry about it for a while. The next few lessons I fought against green belt girls and stared right at them and they were scared and it was me who was not giving them any breaks! From then on I realised that I prefer fighting people better than me as it helps me improve. I misinterpreted that guys fighting style for intimidation. He respected me as I respected him. :cool:

    I'm now much better than I was and I stare right back at that guy and when we fight were pretty much evenly matched :cool:
  11. Matt Molloy

    Matt Molloy Valued Member

    I can't be the only one who sees a bit of the Monty Pythons about this.

    Hindu general: I have a warrior burn himself to death to intimidate you! Did it work?

    Alexander: Not really. Try another 'cause it just might.

    Hindu general: Alright there you go. What about that?

    Alexander: Nope. Keep trying.

    This goes on for some time.........


    Now if they had burned one of Alexander's troops to death........


  12. Jim

    Jim New Member

    That is actually very funny. :D
  13. stratiotes

    stratiotes Valued Member

    Good topic. Last night in class we started some 2 vs 1 fighting which I'd never done before. I'm so used to sparring by rules and one on one, when faced with 2 people charging me and trying to take me down, the oh sh** factor really kicked in. My mind pretty much just went blank. I tried my best to keep one in front of the other, but my mind was blank, so all i could really do was run around like an idiot. It's really weird how the mind can just shut down like that.
  14. Matt Molloy

    Matt Molloy Valued Member

    Thanks but it was in the original and the way you see it. ;)

    I don't really do intimidation.


  15. Agoudie57

    Agoudie57 New Member

    If u hit someone hard at teh start of a fight, however big or scary, they wont come runnign back in again. U have to beat em mentally before u can beat them physically.
  16. Ling Kuo

    Ling Kuo New Member

    I know what you mean. Whenever I go to a belt test we do a day course - five or so hours of TKD. We usually do board breaking and sparring and sometimes two on two or two on one sparring. I find two on two sparring OK as one person fights the other - its as simple as that for me provided my partner was of similar stamina. ;)
    Two on one how ever really makes me nervous. The tension is higher as is the pressure. It is hard to avoid two people kicking and punching me as I am used to fighting one on one. The instructor tells the lone person against the two other fighters to face them both, never showing them you're back. Last time I did this I ended up sprinting around the dojang. If they are constantly in your face and you have to repel them then I would not call that intimidation because if one person hit you and the other didn't it would seem as though one of them was just standing there not doing anything or appearing too scared to attack. I also find when i am kicked into a wall in two on one matches that the people I am facing do not give me much chance to get up.
    This is why I have to run away and avoid them!:D
  17. wombatboy

    wombatboy New Member

    taekwndo sparring

    i have this instructor who is actually the same belt as me and 3 stripes and doing the grading for his bo dan next month ...same as me!
    (he's a black belt 1st dan in hapkido so is a stand in for taekwondo lessons and has 3 - 4 years training on me).
    Now I was away injured for 3 months during which time my technique got crappy and the next time i came back to spar with him he got totally stuck into me and ended up hitting me in the face 3 times during a supposed non-contact sparring session!
    then he totally critisized me and sniggered as he was doing it. For whatever reason ....I felt he was v condescending!
    Consequently i have been training my ass off for the grading and sparring when i can and i think improving hugely.
    now i find his attitude towards me ranges from respect laughing at me! So i tell myself to listen only when his critisism is constructive.

    So i guess the moral is ...more effort ....u have done ur best ....therefore be happy within yourself for your achivements. difficult to maintain confidence though when people have 'opinions' about you as a fighter. :cool:
  18. spoon

    spoon New Member

    I can't speak for the Angel’s but as a biker I have to say that I have never considered those skull helmets to be about intimidation. They are just a bit of fun. If anything, to my mind, wearing one you are saying I am probably going to kill myself riding this thing but I just do not care. Why would anyone other than a kid be afraid of someone wearing a skull helmet? The other thing is that the Angel’s are just like any other gang in that they have their own agenda; don't mess with them and they won't mess with you.
  19. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    maybe skull masks because um...there leader died..yah..maybe signifying death ya know..why would they roll into town for there leaders death to intimidate people.
  20. SpeedDemon28

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    Break his cup in two! :D

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