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  1. NielStewart

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    How about a section of the website for interviews?

    Not only do we have a number of high ranking martial arts exponents using the forum already, but many others that members either know directly or could contact...

    This could lead to an interesting section which would compliment the articles.

    Or even two sections - one that interviews long standing members of the forum itself and one that concentrates of prominent people in martial arts?

    I know that some 'masters' even use the internet after speaking to a couple of them on another matter - an example would be Master Ang of Five Animal Style based in Manchester - so interviews could even be e-mailed in some cases - if the participants are willing.

    Just an idea...
  2. Cooler

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    This is an idea we have been looking at for a while Neil and hopefuly in the near future we will get it up and running.

  3. morphus

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    Interviews!- ARTICLES

  4. Simon

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    How about this for a thread necro? :D

    We have some great interviews lined up.

    Mitch has a nice surprise coming up and I'll be doing an interview shortly with Hannibal.
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