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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Pablo, Apr 18, 2002.

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    I just browsed through a copy of Chen Style, the new book by David Gaffney, and thought it a rather nice overview of information from the source of the IMA, the Chen Village.

    In it, there are some very brief sections on pole shaking, Taiji sphere and other supplemental training devices, including the bang.

    Does anyone on the list practice with the bang, and if so would you care to give some detail of the various methods?
    The still photo in the book was not very explanatory, and the text was minimal.

    Specifically, when moving the bang across the body, is one driving the upper hand, as in opening/ward off, or the bottom hand, as in a closing/pulling type of power? In other words, which leg completes the path to the ground?



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