Interesting article on Manny, Filipino Boxing, and Panuntukan

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    Interesting article:

    A look at the history of boxing in the Philippines (2008)

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    There are some items here that could be disputed. For example, the "empty hands" aspects of FMA could have and most likely have been influenced by filipino silat and kuntao. "Kali" was a term unknown to us until the group in Stockton started using the name. Over here in the PI, we frequently use the terms "Arnis", "Escrima", "Estocada", and "Silat".
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    Thanks for posting this! I have been told that the hook punch in western boxing really originally came from Filipinos who added it in to the western boxing they learned, and it just sort of stuck. Have you heard anything like that?

    I realize of course lots of styles could probably lay claim to a similar punch of course...
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    bolo punches are generally attributed to filipinos.

    bolo punch
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    So I watched the second video a few times (first one is blocked on youtube) - and I think I mostly get it. I searched for a few more and found this:

    [ame=""]The Bolo Punch: Bayani Warrior Filipino Boxing (Suntukan) - YouTube[/ame]

    which seems a bit different - sort of a hammerfist in this video.

    Interesting stuff that I need to investigate more.
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    Yep, it's a hammerfist. It's a way of translating the forehand/backhand slashes of stick- or bladework to the empty hand. The standard jab/cross would be equivalent to the thrusting/stabbing motions of stick/dagger/sword.
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    That article mentioned "chopping punches", I can't think of a closer over-simplification into hooks and bolo punches.

    No matter the origins/cross-influences of Western pugilism and Filipino suntukan, the similarities of body mechanics between the two is, I think, relevant to FMA. Thanks for the post!
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