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    I'm researching the art of Pendakar Eddie Jafri, Pangian Langka Empat Pentjak Silat. Any information will be appreciated, Looking to keep his art live for him!
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    Hi Nubreed and welcome to the forum. Hopefully we may have someone who can help you amongst the member list.

    In the meantime...........enjoy!

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    my information I have learned!

    Jurus of Pangihan Langkah Empat Silat

    Punching or sometimes called (pulling) is developed in levels high-medium-low it is important that you pull your punches back to your side for defense of ribs. The punches of Pangihan Empat are thrown from Mellipat (north) forward stepping, Mengelah (west) left side stepping, Menasihat (east) right stepping and Menghindar (south) back stepping

    The Pulling (punching) with elbow strike combination

    The circle grab; for capturing of the arm.

    The crossing movement of circle grabbing and pulling (punching)

    The Double chops forward high and low palms pointing downward

    The Upward zig-zag elbow strikes

    The Dagger circle pull and stab

    There is countless applications you can acquire from just these six Jurus.
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    Pangian Langka Empat Silat

    Four Stepping box pattern with six sectors

    Start by standing in front of your opponent in a Kuda (horse) stance

    Sector #1 Sector #3 Sector #5

    Sector #2 Sector #6 Sector #4


    Sector #1 step with your right leg to the right side of opponent
    Sector #2 step and turn pivot right foot to face sector #2
    Sector #3 step with left foot to move behind opponent in sector #3
    Sector #4 step with right foot to sector #4
    Sector #5 step and turn pivot right foot to face sector #5
    Sector #6 step with left foot to sector #6 back to the beginning stance Now reverse the steps and begin with your left foot going in the reverse direction.

    Basic Box stepping pattern above.

    Forward step

    South East
    Left step Right step
    Rear Step

    Jurus (upper body) you start off practicing your Jurus stepping into each direction, starting with juru #1 and go through each direction working your jurus. A great training method is to have someone call out the # jurus for you in order than mixing them up. It's a great workout, and you learn to respond to your jurus without thinking.
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    Pangian Langka Empat Silat

    Some Basic Takedowns

    From sector #1 position: Attacker throwing a right punch
    You slip the punch and using your left hand push to the attackers chin/jaw, while your right hand traps the neck in a sleeper hold, you have their right arm over your right shoulder move to a scissor choke to their neck by sliding your left hand down to the right side of their neck and the right forearm on the left side of their neck, right hand grabbing over the top of the crook of your left arm, and squeezing the arms together.

    From sector #1 same punch and entry
    You slip the punch and using your left hand push the head backward with the chin, bring your right hand up from behind their back and grab their chin. So you have their head in a reverse type headlock from behind. Drop to your left knee and pull them over your shoulder for a neck break takedown.

    Spining to sector #2
    Bend down and grab their leg, pulling it upward to deliver a front kick to the groin and push away.

    From sector #2
    Kneel down on your right knee and grab both ankles and pull upward, and push with your shoulder to take them down.

    Moving to Sector #3
    using your hands apply a pressure point push down with your fingers digging to the calor bones, once they go down, apply a pressure points to face, just under the cheak bones.

    Sector #3
    Left hand grab the back of the attackers hair, and right hand reach around and grab the chin to twist the head for a takedown

    Moving to Sector #4
    Apply a front thigh sweep to attacker with follow up of your own

    Front leg pull takedown with follow up of your own

    Turn to Sector #5
    Deliver a left backward sweep to leg with follow up of your own

    Sector #5
    Grab shoulders and twist to takedown

    Step to Sector #6 back to beginning position
    Deliver a front thigh sweep with right leg and follow up of your own

    Sector #6
    deliver a Puter Kepala takedown

    Sector #6
    Deliver a double leg takedown

    The goals is to find the material that will work within these sectors. Use your jurus and find the techniques that work for you.
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    lower body basics

    Lower body Basics of Pangian Langka Empat Silat

    1. Kuda Kuda; basic horse stance

    2. Kuda Kuda Tinggi; high horse stance training for offensive movement purposes.

    3. Kuda Kuda Menengah; medium height horse stance for a more solid base in training for defense.

    4. Kuda Kuda Rendah; low horse stance training used in ground fighting and the development of strength in the legs.

    5. Kucing; Cat stance position

    6. Bangau/Heron-Blekok; Crane position

    7. Naga; dragon position

    8. Ayam; Chicken position

    9. Sempok; a crossing step where the leg steps behind the rear leg, sometimes moving into a Sila position.

    10. Depok; it is when the rear leg steps in front of the front leg in a crossing manner. used as a decoy sometimes.

    11. Duduk; sitting with the legs not crossed, many times used for kneeling and drawing the opponent down to you

    12. Gelek; twisting into a cross stance weight either equal or mostly planted on the front leg.

    13. Sapuan; rear sweep

    14. Dapuan; front sweep/stop

    15. Sapu; to sweep

    16. Beset; a block/check which is performed by moving the leg backwards. Often throught as a rear type of sweep.

    The flowing together of footwork and jurus training within Langka Empat Silat, is the Buah, Sambuts, and Bunga no two are a like it is within the creative personal expression of the practitioner.

    1. Buah (fruit) in Silat it is used to refer to the applications or techniques found within the jurus
    2. Sambut; (dance) similar to Buah with basic applications of motions within the jurus
    3. Bunga (flower) in Silat it is used to refer to the artistic movements of the style and sometimes as fake Buah to mislead an opponent.
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    Pangian Langkah Empat Silat

    Pangian Langkah Empat Silat
    By Guru Ben Fajardo

    The Pencak Silat styles of West Java, include Cimande, Cikalong, Madi, Kare, Sahbandar, Timbangan and Makao. The initial introduction of the above styles have a movement particular to the Western region. These arts involve very beautiful moves combined with components or motions of linear motion or straight line and circular motion or circuling angles. Every motion used in fighting, such as the forward, backward, side stepping, four stepping, pushing, pulling and sweeping is involved with linear and circular motion develop in that region.

    Sometimes a combination of the West Java arts is necessary to overcome your opponent and to give yourself the upper hand in any fighting situation. The initial stances are high and flowing with an open guard. In the counter-offensive, much use is made of dodging the opponent, al la four stepping. Basic techniques differ for the practitioner the use of the open palms and not the fist is used: to redirect, catch and scissor, or break and control. Also different energies are applied within the striking methods such as the alive palm strikes and the dead palm strikes. Broken down simply, snapping type of motion and a thrusting type of palm motion.

    In Pangian Langkah Empat Silat the individual will choose his art, from the basics of the system. If he is more comfortable using slaps and open hands, he will concentrate on learning the various ways to use the open hand: Palms, fingers as whips,back of hand etc. If he/she chooses the fist they will be trained with the various ways to execute the Leopard fists, hammerfists, backhands, knuckle punches, etc. The same principles and concepts are used with all the basics from elbow, body/twisting throws, to kicking tactic's.

    In Pangian Langkah Empat Silat practitioner understands, that natural moves are the most effective fighting implements. No one needs to be trained in something that is already second nature. Many instructor's however, make defense complicated and therefore defeating the deadly simplicity of the art. Pencak Silat should be easy to learn and simple to use very quickly. Therefore a simple gesture of the hand, a twist of the wrist, a snapping of the finger, a sliding of the arm should all be used effectively in teaching.

    All these moves are very natural and useful for any self defense movement and situation. The Pencak Silat styles of West Java, were products of their unique vacinity and environment, and local people. They came forth from an unimaginary complex divergent Poly-cultural region. Therefore all the Indonesian arts are closely related to each other in some way, or they are as different than Western wrestling is from the American sport of Boxing. The art of Pangian Langkah Empat Silat is one of the arts that keeps it simple, effective and moving into the four corners of the World

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