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  1. M Lambert

    M Lambert Fitness Consultant

    Not one to shy away from injuries, i recently acquired another one, which an osteopath has kindly told me is a nerve at the base of my back, which runs into my leg, being inflamed, thanks to the chemicals being released by some torn fibres...

    So in other words I've strained my back which is ****ing off a nerve making it inflamed... Im icing it and taking ibuprofen, and have stopped training for a bit :)()

    Anyone got any other ways of curing inflamation... its sorta important :) lol
  2. kickgirl

    kickgirl New Member

    I would do what your doctor says, he's the expert. Messing with nerves is not child's play better take it easy.
  3. prowla

    prowla Valued Member

    Strange things, nerves.
    I was getting a pain about a quarter of the way down my back.
    A doctor (parent of one our our junior karateka) said that it was actually a problem in my neck, and suggested I moved my head backwards (Indian dancer style).
    It worked!

    I don't know if alternative medicine/chiropracter, etc. might help you.
  4. Burbs

    Burbs Valued Member

    Can't hurt, it really helped me with some pain from stressed/damaged muscles. It is only $20 at local book stores, worth every penny. I also got some Celebrex samples from my Doc when I hurt my Quads, which did help also.

    I was still a little stiff after rolling out my triger points, but about 80% of the pain was gone. And that was after the first couple times, by day 2/3 all the imediate pain was gone. Great thing about the book; it is based on doing the rub out solo, including on how to get to back muscles with the proper tools.
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  5. slipthejab

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    One thing to keep in mind is to never ice it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Icing is often used for injuries right after they happen.

    When using icing days after the injury as already happened you are moving away from ice as a first aid method and towards cryotherapy. There are all sorts of interesting and very counterintuitive things that happen with cryotherapy... vasodilation for instance. Read up on it a bit and you can check out something called the Hunting response.

    Anyhow... the Ibuprofen is a decent and common anti inflamatory that is available without a prescription. You can get it in up to 400mg tablets - check the box there is a limitation on the amount you want to take in a 12 hour period though.

    You can also ask your doctor about an anti inflammatory that is much stronger and is called Celebrex. It's made by the big pharmacuetical company Pfizer...and is commonly recommended by physiotherapist for things like bursitis.

    I used it recently for some trocanteric bursitis and found that it worked well and I had no side effects. It worked so well to take down the inflammation that I only had to take 200mg per day for 2 days.

    That is going from barely able to stand, sit or lay down... basically a damn cripple... to back at the heavy bag in two days. :eek:

    Ask you doc about it if you still have problems with the inflamation. Here in Hong Kong I can buy it over the counter with no prescription but I think in the UK you will need a prescription... in the US you do.

    Good luck and get well.
  6. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    Get some oregano oil (P73) and rub it on the inflammed area.
  7. M Lambert

    M Lambert Fitness Consultant

    Thanks for the advice guys, im taking it all in...

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