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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by JTMS, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    Hello all. There will be a Grand Master In Sun Seo Seminar In Dallas Texas Aug. the 5th and 6th! I thought that those of you who have attended Grand Master Seo seminar might share some of your thoughts and experiences.
  2. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Highly recommended!!!!

    I can't recommend any seminar as highly as GM In Sun Seo.... I really enjoyed it. Here's a few notes on it:


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  3. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    Thanks for all of that great info Thomas. Hope to see you in Dallas! I was also at the World Kido Federation seminar in Laval my students and I had a great time as well.
  4. Hapkidoin P

    Hapkidoin P Valued Member

    I think Thomas summed the experience up nicely.

    I know that I took a ton of material away from our seminar here in Merrillville in 2004.

    GM Seo tends to throw out a ton of Kebonsu for you to work on...then kind of "dials it up" when he really gets moving. I thought it was a thing of beauty to see him executing technique with such grace and precision.

    As Thomas really don't want to be on the receiving end of his technique..he wiped me out with a kind of forearm to the carotid sinus that really stung..but in a good way. ;) His control and "Ki" projection into his technique is second to none,I'd say.

    His Po Bak Sool and Bu Chae Sool is awesome ... very,very fast.

    Do you have any particulars about the seminar that you can put up? I'd really like to get to at least 2 of his seminars this coming year.
  5. Dave Boy

    Dave Boy New Member

    Can you post some more info on the seminar.....times, places etc. Also, who will be organising it? A couple of us from the UK are interested in attending - so who's the best person to contact?


  6. dcben

    dcben New Member

    I went to the one in Merrilleville IN (Chicago area), October of last year. It was really outstanding... a bit overwhelming with the number of techniques we were shown and then practiced on each other. I highly recommend video-taping (if they allow it). Otherwise, there is no way to remember everything.

    I wasn't into the few forms that were demonstrated, but it was so great studying HKD with so many black belts (I'm just 1st dan). Unless one is from a huge school with lots of black belts, there's simply no other way to get that level of training.

    Grandmaster In Sun Seo is the real deal.
  7. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

  8. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Has anyone seen this sword form at one of In Sun Seo's seminars? It starts at 3:56 in the movie. It is the first sword form.

    I would like to learn more about this form.

    The guys are wearing Kuk Sool uniforms, but that is In Sun Seo bowing everyone in at the beginning of the movie.
  9. MasterBob

    MasterBob Valued Member

    2006 Southern CA GM Seo Seminar

    I have received word that GM Seo will be conducting a one day seminar in S. CA on February 11, 2006.

    Master Bob Ingersoll
    Defensive Arts Academy
    Combative Arts Association
  10. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    I will be there!
  11. kwanjang

    kwanjang New Member

    GM IN Sun Seo

    Hello Master Murphy,

    GM Seo is an exceptional Martial Artist and teacher. He along with his sons and daugher do a tremendous service to growing the Korean Martial Arts. I have always been impressed with his desire to be out on the mat mingling with every participant and working with all levels.
    I highly recommend his seminars to everyone.

    Will I be seeing you in Korea 2006? Only a few months away.


    Kevin Janisse, kwanjang
    NKMAA Director
  12. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    Yes I will be on the korea trip. I have really been looking forward to it!
  13. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    I Just got back from Grand Master Seo's California seminar hosted by Louis Kim just a few weeks ago. I was not dissapointed, as usual Grand Master's seminar was great, and Master Kim did an outstanding job putting the seminar together. My students and I had a great time. The WKF Korea trip is just around the "corner" and I am REALLY looking forward to it!

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