I'm having second thoughts about my kickboxing club.

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by TheDarkLord84, Jun 22, 2012.

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    The club that I've been with for the past few years is a form of freestyle kickboxing (A mix of Karate with western boxing, although for more advanced students they do teach knees and elbows but it's not specifically Muay Thai).

    They do have a belt ranking system, but since it's not associated with any international organisation, the belt wouldn't be recognized internationally.

    Naively, as a beginner I was thinking thinking that this is great and has open training to improve my skills and move up in rank.

    Although I have gotten fitter and improved a great deal, for more advanced students the level isn't that great. It focuses more or cardio techniques and has little sparring session (very few even show up for it).

    Then they also don't have that many competitions and the ones that do are mostly points fighting, which I don't particularly like.

    It really frustrating to improve my skill. Plus there's often seminars and other merchanise sold which I can't afford all the time. Then there's also money spent on gradings and so forth.

    I have recently suspected that this is really a McDojo, just training to make money out of gullible people.

    From word of mouth on local forums, I've also heard bad things about the club. People saying that it is a McDojos.

    Whereas other kickboxing clubs have gotten reviews and partake in local and national competitions in K1 and Muay Thai.

    I've heard better things about other clubs. One in particular is a Muay Thai Club which I'm going to try out tomorrow, trains national (Ireland) competitors and presents Ireland internationally.

    This club is also closer to home and the timetables would suit me better.

    Can anyone give any thoughts or opinions?
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    MT club sounds more suitable to you.
  3. KAMAU

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    I think its a must you at least trial it!

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