I'm going to gain weight. Help me out.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Wilson, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Wilson

    Wilson Valued Member

    Alright I'm beginning a new diet. my current diet sucks.
    6'2 150lbs.
    17 years old.
    So this diet will consist of: Chicken, Red meat, fish, salads, vegies, fruits, oats, eggs, milk. 5-6 meals a day. protein shake after workouts and before bed.
    feel free to add on.

    I'm going to take about 300$ out of the bank and spending it on protien bars, shakes, and any other suggested supps (creatine, n20.. ect..)

    I have a friend that works at the local shoprite who will hook me up with protein bars for cheap...1.95 per box.
    maybe 1 protein bar between every class in school.
    I'm going to shoot for 200 grams of protein per day.

    Now here is where I need your help.
    1. What kind of protein shakes should I get, I would prefer the kind in the cans if possible. I don't know the top quality protein on the market today. I use to drink muscle milk, it was good but I heard that the saturated fat isn't the best for you.

    2. Supplements. Anything that would help me out. I have creatine its not the best kind though. I hear mytozine mixes creatine and protein together in a shake, Is it worth is though? I'm willing to get anything I'm a big fan of supplements.
  2. Studude67

    Studude67 The hungry fighter

    I would just take out 200dollars for protein and spend $100 stocking up on starchy carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, rice, bread and also nuts
  3. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    steroids! hahaha jk.

    fishoils, muscle milk would be good at night, and the fat won't be a big deal. people put too much emphasis on fat and such, but you are trying to gain weight, so it doesn't matter, and its the sedintary people who need to worry about it imo. and the muscle milk won't be the best for post workout. ON whey gold standard is a very good protein. decent taste, great quality, has some enzymes to help w/ digestion. i wouldn't take a protein in between every class. i'd drink one every couple hrs w/ a fruit, and eat 3 regular meals a day. the Muscle milk has 32g per serving(i think, its either that or 36g) and the ON whey has 20 g per scoop. a good bar will have 20-30g. also, you can easily get alot of protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. breakfast, 4 large eggs + cereal and milk >30 g.(that's my b'fast every morning :D) as far as creatine suplements go, if you are lookin for pills, i'd go creakic(musletech) or anavol(nxlabs). you can find them online for fairly cheap. one of my regular customers started taking anavol and his gains went through the roof. if you are lookin for powder, go w/ anabolic switch(mri) or celltech hardcore(muscletech). the best products i've ever had didn't come from big companies tho, they came from a smaller company called advocare. if you know of a seller close to you, buy some product. if not, i'm a distributor, and i love that stuff more than anything i've ever had. lemme know if you want to try some stuff.

    i think thats about it.
  4. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    One thing to add. Dont get the protein shakes in cans. Now and again yeah fine, but they cost a bomb compared to buying a big tub of it in bulk.
  5. dbowles

    dbowles New Member

    I am a big believer that you should eat whole foods whenever you can. I'm not saying a protein shake in between meals is bad or anything, it's an excellent way to add extra protein. BUT what I am getting from your post is that you are think supplements are a magic formula. I'm 18 years old, and I take a multi vitamin, that is it. n02 is useless, creatine is something I don't recommend nor do I not recommend. I have seen both sides, I myself don't feel any difference in my performance with it, but have friends who swear by it.

    My favorite protein in ON Whey and Smart Gainer (this stuff is delicious). Don't buy protein bars, make your own, or just carry peanut butter around. $300 is a lot to spend on supplements, unless you are buying a years supply in bulk (which I recommend doing, saves on shipping and usually you get better deals).

    In short, I recommend getting a multi vitamin and a tub of protein. That is really all you need to add the extra kick to your diet.
  6. Prophet

    Prophet ♥ H&F ♥

  7. bwhite55

    bwhite55 Valued Member

    eh, i've taken no2 products. i feel a difference in my workouts. could be the placebo affect, but if thats what it is, hooray for the power of the human brain. i don't get them tho cuz they are the most expensive supplements. and yes, you should eat. there is no substitute for real food. sorry i forgot to throw in that lil disclaimer in there.

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