Ikhtiar Silat, heard of it?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Jebat, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Jebat

    Jebat Valued Member

    Has anybody heard of Ikhtiar Silat?
  2. Raden-Rahmat

    Raden-Rahmat Valued Member

    what is it?

    is this some new silat or special silat? sounds arab based...or just a newly founded taken from an older version...u know the guys these days...everyone wants to be a pendekar
  3. Jebat

    Jebat Valued Member

    I don't know, was hoping somebody would know.
    There are a few more styles out there that are quite unknown..:confused:
  4. Kertas

    Kertas Valued Member

    found this on google.com hehe..... Silat Ikhtiar is developed in Malaysia with strong influences from several Indo/Malay Silat styles. The approach and implementation are realistic. Absolutely no myths, no magic, no party tricks.
    The Badek (or Badik) is also part of the Ikhtiar cyllabus. The Badek is one of the many Bugis weapons. It is believed to originate from Java, Indonesia.
    It is characterized by a single edge blade with a straight back and a distinctive curved hilt. The Ikhtiar Coat of Arms features 3 traditional Badek.

  5. Raden-Rahmat

    Raden-Rahmat Valued Member

    Ikhtiar boleh

    seems you have something here...lets delve into it and see what comes forth...maybe the Naga is hidden like it always is..."you only find the hidden if you understand the mechanics of the apparent...that will lead you"
  6. Jebat

    Jebat Valued Member

    Yes, if you run into other unknown styles maybe post them here so we can check them out. Interesting, interesting....
  7. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Ikhtiar silat is the path that you follow, the work you uncover to find the truth in your silat, whatever that may be ... everyone is different.
    Ikthiar is similar to tirakat ... that which you must do to achieve a particular outcome, and tirakat is also like the penance you follow to achieve an aim. It can be applied to anything ... including silat. Silat is a way of life and every way has specifics in order to abide and achieve. Your personal actions along the path is your lelaku.


    The edit ... paying the dues, effort over time etc.
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  8. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Pendekar-ship is an ideal to be strived for ... like being a Jedi or a knight or a follower of the way of martial virtue.

    In silat, the body and the spirit are the twin crucibles to this attainment ... however one might define it ;).

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  9. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    A single edged dagger (belati bermata satu) is a badik.

    I checked the Silat Ikhtiar web-page ... don't know anything about it, except it seems fairly recent. They don't really tell much about who they are. Who is the main teacher of their perguruan (the preguruan being Silat Ikhtiar)? What aliran's do they absorb into their style? The inclusion of the European sword is interesting, but why is it there, is there a Spanish/Philipines influence?
    This information should be available on their main page ... not for people to have to email privately. That is bad marketing!
    It is after all, relatively easy to build mystery about silat ... coming from the mystic far east, in the steamy jungles etc ... (not any steamy jungles where I came from ... muddy sawah's ... heheh :D). When a lot is hidden it may be a trap for the unknowing to build their own fantasy of expectations about what is really silat Ikhtiar ... no disrespect intended, just observing what is there.


    P.S. DiMas Saiful Azraq is in Malaysia ... maybe he can set us straight and throw some light on who or what they are? ... Or maybe Jebat could ... considering he too is in Malaysia and it was he who introduced the topic in such an innocent fashion ;).
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  10. Jebat

    Jebat Valued Member

    I don't know. I just bumped into it when I googled for something else.
    I'm moved away from silat anyway, I am doing aikido now.
  11. Saiful Azraq

    Saiful Azraq Valued Member

    Salam hormat Pak Krisno,

    I have never heard of Silat Ikhtiar, other than the cryptic website. I agree with you. There's not much information, although I don't think it was intentional. Perhaps they just weren't sure what a netsurfer wants to know about before making a decision to study.

    I compare this to guru Maul Mornie's early foray on the internet with Silat Suffian Beladiri which had scant information. Hopefully, the situation will improve with Silat Ikhtiar as it did with Silat Suffian.

    One thing to remember though is that mystery DOES make good marketing, when done properly. All it needs is someone to start a fuss about Silat Ikhtiar in all the right places, and it could go viral.

    To Jebat, I envy you your time and effort. I would love to study something new :)

    Salam persilatan,
  12. Rebo Paing

    Rebo Paing Pigs and fishes ...

    Of course Mas Nigel Sutton (Khatami) is also in Malaysia and might have heard of silat Ikhtiar.

    Good journey and good luck with Aikido Jebat. Aikido works within a silat framework too ... just the language and the origin are different, but you have always your own continuity.

    DiMas Nadzrin, silat is on many levels, can be as deep or as shallow as we allow ... it depends on the person and the tirakat that we are willing to pay :). Every moment that you breathe is new!
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  13. Raden-Rahmat

    Raden-Rahmat Valued Member

    every breath is new...hmmm

    sorry guys for the break...newborn taking my time and converting it to family time...adjustments made and now time to proceed. nothing much happened here i see. but ive tried making up for missing out on my Mc-forumee status. whats the issue with being making the keris balance on its point or doing strange things??? do they just have this thing in them to show that the keris is this real authentic piece of extraordinary metal??? someone tell me...though my teacher always said to never listen to tales...it doesnt help your skill in silat...and never will lol
  14. waleedalmushara

    waleedalmushara New Member


    did the silat ikhtiar mystery finally get solved?
  15. waleedalmushara

    waleedalmushara New Member

    and has anybody tried training with them as of 2012? they seem to have moved to glasgow and several other places? worth checking out?
  16. glennlobo

    glennlobo Valued Member

    they seem to have disappeared.. as many silat schools do.. i watched them a while ago. there are/were a few people teaching Bugis silat in London, all under the radar. it doesnt help the promotion of the art, but that isnt what a lot of them want. i hope to be starting a class in north london soon. starting to look for a location so if any of you are interested let me know!!
  17. oosh

    oosh Valued Member

    Hey Waleed,

    Sorry only just spotted this thread. The Glasgow Ikhtiar classes are really good, just drop the teacher an email and pop along on a Friday and check it out :)
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  18. Jerome Blanes

    Jerome Blanes Member

    Hi Glenn,
    We flew in from Malaysia just 3 months ago. In Glasgow now.
    Will be here for at least 3 years. Busy training future teachers aswel as other interested students.

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