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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by ShadowWarrior, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. ShadowWarrior

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    My friend was jumped last night and he posted this on our TKD clubs website but I had to delete it as there is quite a lot of real young members on it. Here is what he posted:

    "i was walking to my ride after work when 2 maoris aproch me saying there gang sign "c's up east side". they then start to hassle me and ask for a fight i say "no how about another day", as i know i would never see them again most proberly.after a bit of talk 10 mins or so of them calling me a pussy saying in the worst maori voice ever "Bro u drop ur balls why dont u fight me". Now Im about six foot, age 16 n solid. this guy was 13 n about 5.5' his mate was 16 n was scrorny so i new i wud of been able to easliy take them both down.

    but seeing as i have the worst luck in the entire world another maori guy turns up who was about 6.2 and looked like he was stoned, im guessing some kind of crystal meth. anyways he get in my face and i say "man just leave me alone im only trying to get to my ride" and he repiles "bro u got something with my bro he cud smack u up" i reply "whatever". Then one of them says that they have to go because of there 10pm curfew set by the police.

    So as the big guy walks past me he spins n hooks me on the nose then jabs me. i then put my gaurd up and smack him in the temple full power with my right fist in the temple he then doesnt even stumble just walks fowrard i grab his head and head butt him in the face. Because of the drugs he was taking im guessing he felt absoutly nothing. The 13 year old trys to come at me so i just dodge and he runs right past and turns quickly and recvies a front snap kick to the chest which knocks him back in pain the third guy comes in and swings but is like a metre off hitting anything i then turn to find the big guy again throwing random punches i protect my head then the other two come in and start to attack me i did the only thing i cud seeing as i had a broken nose and concusion i backed into a well lit area and called the police the thugs then ran as they didnt want to come into the light.

    The police arrived and came and helped me out. the thing that disgusted me the most was that people were just driving by not caring not even stopping just kept going. One lady looked at me then drove off what good is that? i was lucky enough that the noise had grabbed the attention of a man and his wive who ran over to help me out, at least some people give a damn.

    i guess im lucky that i know tkd because with out it i would of been quite stuffed i think haha it lasted about 2 minuates n all 3 of the thugs are being charged with aggravated assault when they find them. luckily they were bragging about there names before they attacked me so I was able to tell the cops who they were. only a matter of time before they have to show up somewere"

    So what do you guys think. I just thought i would post it here and let you all discuss it, see what you think he could have done (probably not alot seeing the big guy was on meth)
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  2. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    paragraphs are your friend.

    this is why they should lock children up on the weekends, let everyone else have fun
  3. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior Valued Member

    Thea you are Ikken. I fixed it and put some paragraphs in for you.
  4. pablo147

    pablo147 Valued Member

    well first, i think your friend needs to take a class on grammar. as for his story, i dont know why he spent so much time (10 mins according to him) talking to them. he should have just got in his car and drove off, or if they were between him and the car he should have done what he ultimatley ended up doing..walk to a welll lit area and make as much noise as possible. i think it could have been handled better, but this is all hindsight.

    EDIT: the grammar issue was (seim)fixed while i was posting :eek:
  5. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    i think his best bet would have been to move quickly and just ignore them. the mere fact he responded was a bad move on his part. if i had responded to everyone who wanted a fight in auckland last night... well there would be one very sore old guy waking up outside showgirls this morning :D
  6. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    the way he described the fight sounded really, really fake...
  7. kwang gae

    kwang gae 광개 Sidekick Specialist

    That was my impression reading it too, but it doesn't mean it's all false. The brain has a way of filling in the details for us when events happen rapidly and the adrenalin is flowing. That's why human eyewitnesses are generally so unreliable, they don't mean to mislead, it's just the way they remember it.

    All that being said the story could still be complete bollocks.

    If it is true, all or partially, then the guy should have avoided confronting these guys verbally, and just kept walking, or heading toward the "well lit area" that he ended up in. He had nothing to gain, and everything to lose in this confrontation.

    The first rule in fighting is always protect yourself, and a lot of the time that means not fighting, especially in a two on one or three on one.

    Discretion can be the better part of valour.
  8. Vanir

    Vanir lost my sidhe

    Tell your friend to grow up. Entertaining troublemakers is literally asking for trouble. Walk away.

    I'll tell you something that makes you genuinely tough, found this out the hard way. I was always tiny, low weight, small build, bullied, you know the story. I did all this martial arts training and I just couldn't get why I'd start shaking whenever someone hassled me when I knew if we did some dojo practise together I'd be showing them what to do. See, people would come up to me and say "You want a fight about it?" whilst they're pushing me around in halfway houses and places like that. I mean they're bigger, pretty scary kids but jeez, I did years of kicks and takedowns and bags and tactics and all the rest, my friends all thought I was the toughest thing out but I always seemed to feel so damn scared.

    One day, instead of standing there feeling scared, or trying to think of something scary to say, or agreeing to a futile fight against someone I already thought was overwhelming for some unknowable reason, one day I said a vehement, "NO!"
    I'd never realised that the fear I'd always felt was that word being on the tip of my tongue and me never saying it, always trying to do one step better, say something cool or give a mean look. I'd been going against my own instinctive response all these years and that was the reason for the fear, and the reason it didn't make sense and thus couldn't be dealt with, because it wasn't the fear of the situation, typically one in which I was I knew, probably quite dominant. It was fear of the self, a sensation generated when one doesn't express themselves clearly, immediately and honestly when in danger.

    No clarity: no capability.

    The difference is phenomenal, in not going against your own instincts. No more shaking, just a quiet recognition of what's about to happen and how you're more than willing to play a role in directing it: where you want, not where an assailant chooses.

    Your friend is "snake fascinated" with going against his own better judgement. That's all. It's how you end up in hospital one night, or the morgue. But I guess he'll have to take the chance of maybe learning the hard way himself one day, way in the future, after a bunch of avoidable junk, if he's lucky and makes it that far.
    Most people will just shrug and say, oh well there's another lost cause though. He should know this now, mention it if you're his friend.
  9. KaratekaAndy

    KaratekaAndy Male (95% of the time)

    Your friend was lucky, one of my friend's almost got knifed in a similar situation...

    The guy who did it got charged for assault and was jailed for 2 months.
  10. Topher

    Topher allo!

    What as he doing for 10 mins!!? Why did he just leave?
  11. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior Valued Member

    Yea thanks. Um i have no idea what he was doing talking to them for 10 minutes, ill ask him tomorrow at school. And he ain't lying, i saw him and he had a broken nose and was quite swollen around the face. Police been involved too.
  12. reel deel

    reel deel New Member

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda, its all beside the point now really, if you suspect someone is high on drugs and its not a good idea to tangle with them, unless you have no choice or its your job, your friend did have the choice, he should have got the hell out of there, he was fit enough to run that's what he should have done.
    Or did he think that because he does a martial art he's invincible? I've seen that before especially in youngsters a lot of the art inspire false confidence in people could have been down to this that he hung around for ten minutes, pride getting in the way of his backing down.

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