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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Twimyo Jirugi, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    I'm thinking of taking Ninjutsu in the near future, to be exact, Bujinkan (Masaaki Hatsumi 's one)

    I was wondering if anyone could give me info on the training and type of techniques involved. I mainly want to learn to use weapons, to compliment my TKD training, but additional techniques and a different way of performing them would be nice to learn aswell.

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  2. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    well, the training varies a lot between dojo. the techniques do too, but the main theme is to get to fighting from reflex, how to use different tactics for different situations, using the weight of your whole body, etc. the footwork is a lot different from tkd, and there are a lot of different hand positions for use against various targets. kicks are done differently, too. they are rarely used above the waist, but they are effective in very close range, even to the head. of course, if youre looking for weapons alone, ninjutsu probably isnt the best one for you, unless youre lucky enough to find a dojo that doesnt teach stealth, climbing, and all of the other stuff. of course, if you are interested in that too, this is the way to go.
  3. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not


    This is where I'm thinking of training; www.bujinkan.ie

    Stealth and climbing would be great, definately something different. Are there throws and locks in Ninjutsu? And are you taught vital targets and trained to hit them accurately?

    Thanx again!
  4. hatsie

    hatsie Active Member Supporter

    would hapkido not suit your tkd better? i just don't think budo taijutsu and tkd will mix too well.

  5. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    I want to cover the areas, not covered by TKD alone. Weapons and grappling/throws/locks are two things, and Ninjutsu has a nice array of weapons. Hapkido and TKD are very similar, some even say Hapkido is TKD with throws and locks.
  6. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    yes, it has throws. it covers every range of fighting in every terrain(again, depending on the instructor)it covers about every target that works, and every way to strike. and teaches how to adapt the weapons to items today. yes, there are "vital targets" not so many killing techs, but there are flesh ripping ones, and ones that hit incapacitating or extremely painful targets. it requires little strength, but fitness is a plus regardless.
    the site looks good, but you can never tell for sure. i would say that bujinkan is a good idea, but you should check the dojo. since hatsumi never issued a syllabus, they vary greatly.
  7. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    I'll have sit in on one of their classes sometime, thanx for all the help!
  8. Kalifallen

    Kalifallen looking for partner

    I'm sorry, but I looked at the site and saw Hatsumi and it looks like is doing the "east side" hand gesture. Aw, man that was funny.

    But seriously, I think ninjutsu would be good for your TKD. Or at least better than Hapkido which would just have you learn the same thing plus throws, joint locks and some weapons. If that dojo stays pretty true to Hatsumi's teaching then you should learn some stealth movements. They'll teach about 6-8 (knife/tanto, sword, hanbo, shruiken, bo, kusari-fundo/weighted chain - shoge, hand claws/shuko) weapons, throws, joint locks, ground techniques, grappling, strikes, vital points, holds, meditation, and some other things.
  9. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    the kicking in hapkido is markedly different from the kicking in TKD.
  10. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    in what ways? not saying it isnt, i just wanna know.
  11. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    TKD kicks are based on a snapping motion, you swing your leg and then snap from the knee.

    Hapkido kicks are more like keeping your leg straight and swinging it at things.

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