I knew my job was getting more dangerous over the last few years.

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by aaradia, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. aaradia

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    The rate of incidents in my workplace has grown quite a bit since I started many years ago. It is sort of ridiculous that working in a Library is an ever increasing NOT safe environment.

    Dang, Maybe I should rethink staying there until I max out my retirement benefits.

    Looks like this Librarian was murdered as "revenge" for banning an unruly patron.

    I am not a supervisor, and I don't do bans. But I do get angry responses for things like asking people to follow some simple Library rules.

    Libraries are proudly accessible and welcome for all citizens. But that means we deal with a lot of mentally ill patrons and patrons with substance abuse issues. Many of whom are part of the homeless community.

    I have said for years that the place I will most likely need to use my martial arts in self defense would be at work.:(

    Selfless' librarian is gunned down execution style outside her library | Daily Mail Online

    Ronald Seay Arrested For Shooting Of Librarian Amber Clark

    Police: Shooting of Natomas Librarian Was Targeted
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  2. Alansmurf

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    Stay switched on ..
    Your best weapons are your eyes ears and your inbuilt 6th sense...
    If if doesn't feel right..It's not
    Be safe

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  3. bassai

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    Unfortunately this seems to increasingly be the case when dealing with the public , I’ve had a load of confrontations at work myself , luckily my size and “look” , along with some verbal Judo has managed to diffuse pretty much all of these.
  4. aikiMac

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    Wow. That is not at all how I ever pictured libraries!! :eek::mad::(:eek:
  5. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    I guess that explains why the library I go to now has security guards.

    Sorry to hear things are getting so bad

    I work in a government office and they talk about armed gunman coming in from time to tine. However my building has an entire floor that has well armed and trained police on one of the floors.
  6. Smitfire

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    Went to the library with the kids the other day and had to use the locked disabled toilet because the other male toilets had been damaged and defaced by some of life's lovely people.
    I don't envy people that work in jobs that mean they have to interact with the masses.
  7. Alansmurf

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    Smitfire ....

    That's so sad libraries are meant to be a nice environment for children to enjoy .
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  8. pgsmith

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    The way I see it, there is a certain percentage of the population that has issues. The greater the population density, the greater the number of people with issues. For the most part, today's government tends to ignore those people with issues, since they only represent a small percentage of society. However, that small percentage can pose real problems for those that either work in or utilize public facilities such as libraries in areas of large population density.

    Another sad commentary on the direction of our society, but it isn't likely to change anytime soon. Stay aware and stay safe out there!
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