i do tai chi and i still get sick

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Touch of death, Apr 21, 2010.

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    The misconception for many Chi people is that when they practice it, they believe they are impervious to illness or their immune systems are better. They fall into a state to even if they became ill, usually they blame many things,

    They did not pracitice it-or something correctly

    They missed a work-out

    Something like a food, the weather, the stars, moon, sun caused their Chi to go off balance

    Whatever the reason, they out too much faith into it and should realise that it is ok to desire and enjoy somethng, but there is a point where it becomes delusional from becoming a blind zealot.
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    I think it's a koan...
  3. Fish Of Doom

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    what is the sound of one sinus being removed?
  4. Hatamoto

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    "ARGH ME EFFING SINUS!" *plop*

    Just a guess :)
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    I don't think that I needed to know that... :)

    Have fun.

    p.s. Original poster - no western medicine - SHEESH!!!!!
  6. inthespirit

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    Lol I will get it on video for you :D
  7. Kuma

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    Animalistic slurping and human screams, maybe.

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    For this I come back after a bout of pneumonia ?

    Food for thought Tod- Cheng,Man-ch'ing began his studies w/Yang,Cheng-fu due to his suffering from tuberculosis. He credited TC w/his recovery.

    Adam Hsu's teacher's teacher, a Thunder style -(Chen variant)- practitioner,died of tuberculosis,not at an advanced age.Sorry,I can't recall his name.

    So go figure.

    TC is not a panacea.Any more than any exercise regimen.And as some have pointed out,allergies can be a whole different ball o' wax.

    Good luck in alleviating your problem,whatever foreign substance you decide to introduce into your body for that purpose.
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    Tai Chi is definitely good for you but nothing is a cure-all. Staying healthy requires good exercise, good food, not over-taxing your body, etc. What does your diet consist of? Also what does your Tai Chi practice consist of?

    I credit Tai Chi with significantly improving my health but that's in large part due to the practice leading me to adjust my lifestyle to a healthier range.

    Illness still happens no matter how well you take care of yourself. The germs are still out there after all. If we take good care of ourselves and practice regularly then we should be strong enough to get over the illness relatively quickly and easily.

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