i do tai chi and i still get sick

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Touch of death, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. slipthejab

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    Give the following a try. If you can find it... or something similar... but chances are you need to find a Chinese style pharmacy. Why bother even learning anything because this fits all your requirements...

    A) it's Chinese

    B) it's herbal

    Knock yourself out champ.:rolleyes:

    Yinchiao Tablet Antihistamine Pain Reliever-Fever Reducer


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  2. Smitfire

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    I read somewhere, that human life expectancy had risen over the decades because of modern medicine, in comparison to the previous centures.

    No need to read it. Just look at the people around you.
    Oh and I think the Vit C cold remedy is bunk. I think it came from Linus Pauling and has since *I think* been debunked. It's still a very pervasive belief though.
  3. Kuma

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    I swear by Airborne personally. The minute I start feeling a bit ill, I take them and keep taking them for up to 3 days after I feel better. In the 3 years I've been doing that the only sick days I took were for the birth of my son.
  4. pauli

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    what idiot told you tai chi would prevent allergies?

    go get some local honey - best case you don't get hay fever; worst case, you're still allergic, but you've got delicious honey.

    downside compared to chinese 'medicine' is that it doesn't contribute to the extinction of any endangered species, but you can't have everything.
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    The best thing I have found to ease hayfever is GREEN POLLEN taken from hives in the area where you live/work. Works by acclimatising your body to what it rejects, in small doses. :hat:
  6. Taiji_Lou

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    Try putting pressure on LI 4 for about 5 minutes. Also, do vigorous excersize to help clear your sinuses. Drink lots of water.

    Complementary medicine is just that: to aid your body. Don't discount the wonders of modern medicine altogether!

    There IS merit to Chinese medicine, I believe. I treat my OWN thoracic pain all the time with L7 and yoga.

    Also, you need to consult a physician.
  7. inthespirit

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    Is there any breath training in your training regiment?

    When I started IMA, I was severely allergic to cats i.e. if I walked in to a room with a cat my eyes would start watering, nose running, itching etc. After a few months of breath training, I learned to control the allergic reaction. These days I can pretty much rub a cat in may face and maybe sneeze one or twice at most.

    The mechanism is pretty simple really, my breathing pattern would change when the allergen was introduced. As I gained more awareness of my breathing I noticed the changes the allergen induced in my breathing and altered my breathing to a more normal pattern (i.e. as with no allergen). After some practice, it becomes pretty natural.

    The thing is I am still allergic, as when I get scratched by a cat I still get a massive welt around the scratch. But I can control the reaction of my respiratory system to this stimuli. I'm guessing the same could be achieved with hay fever, though I don't have it so cant say.

    I don't think its too important what the breath training method is, its more a question of awareness and control over your breath.

    There is a good breathing method in this book, very well described taught too:

  8. PlumDragon

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    The simple act of doing Tai Chi will not keep you from getting sick. While *any* type of exercise can increase your bodys ability to maintain health, theres nothing profound about Tai Chi that makes you immune to sickness...

    If you have a wind-cold condition, do NOT use yin qiao san or youll likely make the problem worse (you wouldnt give a blood thinner to someone who had low platelet count, eh?). Just because its TCM doesnt mean it will automatically make you better, you have to use the right thing. I repeat, unless youre sure what you have is a cold condition, do not use yi qiao san.

    Not sure if you were just joking around or not but semen doesnt mean anything wierd, it just means seed. Coincidentally, this ingredient is fermented soy bean.
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  9. seiken steve

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    do you do this often?
  10. inthespirit

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    Lol... Funny enough, yes I did. My folk's cat liked jumping on the bed and laying around my head. I think cats have this head rubbing thing going on as part of their bonding/marking ritual, I would do the same to the cat on occasion.
  11. Mushroom

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    To solve your Hay fever, try a Chinese medicine called Beh-ni-der-il
  12. eltgire

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    get some local honey. Take a TBSP a day in some tea or what not. It'll really help the severity of the allergic reactions your having.
  13. 47MartialMan

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  14. 47MartialMan

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    Look, the way you started this and you keep looking upon Chinese medicine is like you are dismissing any other type of medicine, occidental or modern.

    As much jocularity has been floating on this thread, people have been trying to help you. But you insist on looking for something that may not help you or do you more harm than good all for the sake of trying to remain in a quasi cultural pattern.
  15. Touch of death

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    don't worry about it i am getting my sinuses taken out next week.
  16. Kuma

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    Wait, what? Don't you, you know, need those?

  17. 47MartialMan

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    Yes, didn't you know it is a easy operation like tounsil removal
  18. Kuma

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    Sinuses are cavities, empty areas. You can't have them removed. You can have stuff removed from them, but you can't have empty air removed.
  19. 47MartialMan

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    You know I was joking, right?
  20. Kuma

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    I figured you were, but I'm not sure TOD is....

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