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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Yo Feng Lung, Dec 27, 2012.

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    In the UK full time PhDs take 3 to 4 years in general. At certain institutions there is a move towards more 4 years ones with more of a taught course element in the first year.
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    That gets a banana :banana:
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    I am not trying to force you to do anything. It's just that if you want to be taken seriously in this place, you should recognize that using a degree mill PhD to enhance your image is silly. First of all because your PhD would be irrelevant no matter whether it was real or not. And second since we know it is just an empty degree in your case, your insistence on using it casts doubt on your other claims which are no less unbelievable.

    It is interesting though. In your earlier post you claim to despise 'black belt factories'. Yest you got your PhD from one, and your master level from another.

    If you really despise such organizations, why would you get both your academical qualifications and martial qualifactions from them?
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    You can

    - write a book with 100 techniques (only need pictures).
    - teach a workshop with 50 techniques (only need to do in slow motion).
    - demo in public with 25 techniques (only deal with complient opponent).
    - compete in tournament with 10 techniques (no life and death threaten).
    - fight in the street with 5 techniques (no mistake allowed).

    Which one is harder? To write a book or to fight in the street? How many PhD still study through his old age? Comparing to a MAtist who spends all his life in MA training, who has committed more?
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    I should correct myself. full timers usually take 3 to 4 years.
    But over here, it is common that PhD students also teach classes part time or do general assistant work in order to bear part of the cost. In that case, the PhD usually takes 5 years.
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    Plenty of PhD folk stay on in academia or move to industry in a research capacity and spend the whole of their lives (at least 35-40 hours a week) enhancing their knowledge which is a lot more than the average blackbelt, who may teach for a couple of hours a night (if that) and do the occasional seminar.
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    Fallacy. Only a small percentage of martial artists have to deal with non controlled violence. A very, very small minority in case of life and death scenarios. That leaves the vast majority of other martial artists who are under no risk of life and death scenarios.

    The only MAists whom I know personally to fight on the street are bouncers. All the others have never been in a situation to do so.

    If all MAists had to fight life and death scenarios in order to be recognized as MAist, then your reasoning could be valid. However, that is not the case. The vast majority don't.
  8. Count Duckula

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    It is a lot easier to get to black belt than to get a PhD.
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    Yes this is correct! Not listed is James! Who did have a business/ school at one point, but the doors have closed due to various reasons I'm not going to get into here! For the most part the study has been on a small class or personal basis, wherever we could do class; garages, parks, basements, ect. It's not the location that maters!
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    No, it's the lack of verification that matters.

    The Revernd Mike LCpl
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    That site that rehashes same tired old nonsense about internal and external and treats "Kung fu" like a cohesive discipline?

    Makes so much sense now

    Dr. Sifu Sensei Coach A/Sgt Lecter BA(Hons)
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    Thanks that wasn't so hard.

    So to clarify is Mr. Gorden still actively teaching? Also are there any other of Mr. Gorden's students that you can point us to that trained with you during your time there?

    And have any of his students gone on to open there own schools? Obviously where I'm going with this is that in your 16 years training with him and the fact he has been teaching longer than that surely there must be other students who went on to open their own their own schools that you are aware of.

    Again there is such a disturbing lack of information about him including on the above sites I listed. Please don't take this the wrong but it's difficult to just take your word on it.

    This shouldn't be like pulling teeth.
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    OK.I thought that was probably what you meant. I must comment that is not, as you state on post #88 " a mental process that controls the body beyond what most attackers can overcome,...", it's alignment when static and alignment + mechanics when moving, and (to lesser or greater degrees) sensitivity in both methods.Sure, p'eng's mental,but so is executing a reap.

    P'eng does indeed have a static 'action",it's frequently used as a training method for specific purposes. Not sure why you say "that one defense". Perhaps you had a defensive slant in mind when you wrote that but the description doesn't impart that to the reader.

    As to 14 year olds and MMA punching bags,the truth is anyone on here can be challenged or questioned on their knowledge or their ability to teach. It's pretty apparent to those in one's chosen field if one is well versed in the subject matter. After all, with the exceptions of those here who know each other personally we're all just words on a monitor and anyone can (and many have) just make various claims.

    As an example,I've known about member YouKnowWho for decades and so I knew who he was when he joined.But if I hadn't and I decided to question him when he joined here he would simply have answered my questions and demolished any misgivings about his background and knowledge I might have had. I don't know if that would have ticked him off but I doubt he'd be remarking about 14 year olds etc. Not that we always agree on everything,mind.

    In light of that,thanks for putting up your training background.

    My point was that there are plenty of people here who are at a level to question anyone,even those who may turn out to be at a higher level than themselves.As to yourself, do you really think you are at such a greater level of understanding of for example CMAs than people here who started training in them before you were born? Hey,maybe you are but that's an assumption I would be loathe to make when interacting with people I don't know much about.

    Especially in light of the fact that your Gung Fu "mother" system was created from a kenpo base with things added in over time. (This was no secret in the '70s,even a couple of DP's direct students told me he had "created it in his basement" and didn't come off as telling me some "hush-hush" thing). So the majority of your CMA time was not spent in a TCMA.Nothing wrong with that in and of itself of course. Just bear in mind what the background of some of the people here may be when you get indignant of someone questioning your CMA knowledge or ability in "kung fu".

    "Feng Lung is about the possibilities of movement biased on the positioning between you and your opponent. " OK, sounds akin to what some call "positional theory". Something most all of us use whether we call it that or no.

    As to "noise and no real substance" I, and probably others here would still appreciate a short general overview of the system along the lines of which I previously requested.For the sake of brevity I'm sure you can leave out the non martial aspects such as cooking and dancing.

    Those of us who have been around for a couple years or so have all most likely heard/realized things such as how the human body has only so many ways to move even when taking into account the preferred mechanics or even the "secret" mechanics of various systems. It's not exactly a revelation.

    The example you give of dealing with a straight punch is,aside from some of the terminology you use, something even the more novice "MMA punching bags" here know about.Heck,I could show you an old basic Fu Hok book from decades ago that says the same thing. Pretty common knowledge for anyone w/a decent level of experience.

    As to educational degrees-

    In all fairness you may be totally unaware that your doctorate degree is likely not one which would be considered credible by the established recognized academic institutions in the world. It's unlikely that Oxford or Yale for example would recognize it. Or a community college.

    Years ago one could simply buy a doctor of divinity degree through ads in various magazines.Wouldn't be recognized at the established institutions for such studies,tho'.

    There's a friend of mine.This is the first year I know of that he isn't teaching at a college or uni.(He just turned 70). Has a doctorate.In philosophy.He's a philosophy professor. Except on a paper submitted to an academic institution and/or for publication or on a business card he doesn't use the title.Nor do his peers,at least most of them. It's considered a bit pretentious in the everyday world.Yeah,you CAN refer to yourself as "Doctor", but those in that field don't generally do so except in the instances above. I've known quite a few PhDs in various fields.Most of them don't use it outside the realm of academia or written works for publication. Just mentioning this as possibly you are unaware of it.

    This includes my Chinese friends from Asia when dealing in the English speaking world of the everyday,and in the same English speaking context they don't introduce or refer to themselves by words such as sifu,lao shr, etc. Except maybe on written works for publication, on MA business cards/advertising,or possibly in their own training halls (depending on their kwoon protocols).

    I note that many are "title happy" as regards MAs these days and so this is changing. The multiple "grandmasters" we sometimes see in a single MA system these days is a total aberration which renders the term,which was honorific anyway,utterly meaningless except as some "impressive " sounding rank.I have friends who have attained that "rank" in certain systems w/formal grading structures. It's still a misnomer. Sun,Lu-t'ang created his TC system.I don't recall him calling himself Sigung or some such as a matter of course even though he was one.

    My professor friend doesn't think your degree would fly either. I imagine he knows the terrain of higher academia better than you or I seeing as he's been directly involved in it since he was 18.That's 52 years.

    That's not an attack. I've given you the benefit of the doubt as to you possibly not knowing that a degree from a Metaphysics institute is rather likely not going to be considered legit in the world of accredited degrees.

    Of course anyone could simply contact a recognized institute of higher learning and ask if your specific degree from your institute would be recognized. All you'd have to do is provide the details-date issued,etc. I'm truly not baiting you,but I doubt you'd like the answer.

    Would you accept it,tho'?

    If faced with an indisputable fact,even when it tastes terrible,what course does the warrior take?

    Well,I've been writing this off and on since about 9:30 AM (almost 3 PM now) my time so anything I wrote here may well have been already posted in the meantime.

    Better get me back to post holidays housecleaning.


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    Shouldn't that be Revernd Dr. Sifu ... ?

    Don't sell yourself short, without the titles no one will believe you.

    The Revernd Mike LCpl
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    Please describe what you mean by a 4th and 5th degree burn.

    This is not biologically accurate. In fact, it's not accurate at all.
  16. John Titchen

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    An interesting observation, I wonder whether that's a regional thing? In my experience those who have the title use it wherever they would otherwise use Mr/Mrs?Miss?Ms etc.
  17. Count Duckula

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    My brother has a PhD in computing science. He only uses his title on his business cards, research papers and other such formal things. Addressing someone with his title is usually only done during formal introductions. It is considered pretentious to address yourself as Dr., or to make people addres you as such.

    In Germany however, titles are very important in company culture, and there are different levels. There is Dr, Meister, Herr, and possibly a couple of others. And woe unto you if you dare address people without their formal title.
  18. John Titchen

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    :topic: Is that in the USA? Most of the PhDs I know are teaching in secondary schools or universities in the UK or in parts of the USA/Canada and are always known by their professional titles and use them in everyday life. They are generally historians, physicists and biologists though so I don't know whether the discipline plays a part in this? I've never seen anyone put their title on a paper in my former field unless they are a UK university Professor as opposed to a doctor.
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    I will get back with you, on every point! Also putting away holiday stuff & have household duties! Plus it's the weekend! Lol! Just wanted to thank you again for a productive & well thought reply!
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    Thanks for bringing this up and this is what I was alluding to earlier with the kenpo base

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