I am 47 years old --- SHOULD I DO THIS ?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by nasd90, Jan 26, 2019.


Is 47 years old too old to begin BJJ training?

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  1. nasd90

    nasd90 New Member

    Thank you for the responses, will definitely be looking at those.

    And hey Dead_pool, you were right... the class last night was smaller so I got to ask questions and the moves they had us do were a bit easier for me to grasp and I said gosh darn it and just asked questions... had the time of my life !!! I got slammed to the ground a couple dozen times like I had to do with the guy I was sparring with, and he kept asking if I was ok but I was smiling so hard I could barely answer. I can’t wait to go back!!!!

    Plus, Rener Gracie said it would take 6 months like you did so now I believe you... lol. Just kidding, I believed you before. He added that this is generally the cutoff for someone to stick with it or wimp out like I did 5 yrs ago. I’m really having a great time.

    I’m not giving up, just want to learn... my mind is in the perfect spot right now or as good as it’s goong to get.

    Here’s a quick question .... they only have the Beginner class M-Thurs, but I want to go Saturday at a regular class. Even if I just do cardio drills I don’t care. Do you think they would care?
    I’m going to ask them regardless.

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  2. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

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  3. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    You can ask them, but they may not let you, because its the difference between being in a learner car, and being on a racetrack, four classes a week is plenty of new information for now!
  4. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    At any age, you’ll need recovery time. Thus, I wouldn’t start with 4-5 BJJ classes/week as a 47 year-old newbie to BJJ. Not only your muscles, but tendons and ligaments need time to adjust.

    To continue to improve and increase fitness, you need both training and recovery in your weekly schedule.
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  5. nasd90

    nasd90 New Member

    All I gotta say fellas, is I’ve been doing 5 classes a week and loving it. Been sticking with the beginner class except for last week when I took the afternoon class All Belts then the beginner class at night and somewhere in between I pulled a side abdominal muscle bad but not too bad. It’s Monday now and this was last Wednesday night. I sparred with a guy at the very end and I was done. I overdid it.

    I didn’t go to the doctor, but the pain is directly where my left elbow touches my side rib area if I was just standing and letting my arms fall naturally.

    Whatever it is, it was so worth it.

    My wife is giving me grief that I’m going to get hurt more but honestly, I’m coming home with new bruises but it’s like I don’t even feel little stuff like that. I wear a forehead scrape with honor as I walk around, it’s like a battle scar. I have no fear when it comes to sparring full on but I’m not going after it either. I’m learning defense slowly. I honestly don’t remember precisely when I pulled that muscle but I think I was attempting to get out from an opponents laying on me. There was this huge 350lb fat purple belt there I had to spar with. Of course he wanted top.

    The abdominal rib muscle is better but not 100% and my instructor said wait til it’s 100 percent. Few more days? I hope sooner.

    I need to do more abdominal exercises as that is my weak point. I work out everywhere else.
  6. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    just to go back to the op.....

    i'm almost 50. my bjj career lately has been full of fits and starts. but yes, go for it. you can do it.

    just as a point of information, i don't wear a mouth guard, cup, knee or elbow pads. that's just me. i like going light on the gear, just gi and rash guard.
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  7. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    Rather you than me! Injuries can stop you training for a while.

    When you find safety gear that fits properly, then it’s comfy. Eventually, you don’t even notice it’s there.
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  8. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    I always wear a fitted mouthguard, because I've chipped my teeth too many times with newbies, and light knee pads for wrestling, because it'll extend the life of the cartridge I've got left. And lots and lots of tape!
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  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    yes I've learnt the tape comes in use.

    I need a new fitted mouth guard, my dentist makes them, definitely worth the investment.

    I have seen a few people using knee and elbow pad in BJJ, do you find it restricts setup for traingles and arm strangles like RNC, head in arm?
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  10. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Short answer yes,
    Medium answer it depends,
    Long answer, There's a difference between a support and a pad, a support generally restricts things more (if it's a decent support), I don't know why anyone would use an elbow pad, unless the mats were terrible. But a knee support can be useful post injury, if it's a decent support, knee pads are usefull if you have bursitis, But do get in the way, I use mine mostly in wrestling, but I now only use a neoprene sleave so it's of minimal size so it's not a real issue.

    Personally when I wear a knee support that gets in the way, I avoid triangles etc using it, and work on everything else I can't do very well, but as I havn't competed in a long time, it fits my aim of being good at a most things, and excellent at a couple.
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  11. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    one can't compete with a cup in ibjjf anyway, so i don't see the point in training with one. i can see the use in pre-taping fingers. i'm pretty lucky in that my joints (knees, elbows) have pretty much held up, not necessitating the need for pads, at least yet.

    i don't care if my teeth get chipped. and i like the occasional fat lip. i like going into business meetings with a bruised up face. for instance, the other day, i got some forehead/head rash. i don't have hair up top anymore, so when brutes try to north-south me i get a bit of a rug burn. my wife is like what is that? i just tell her it makes me look tough. lol
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  12. Monkey_Magic

    Monkey_Magic Well-Known Member

    You should! I wasn’t bothered until I chipped a tooth. Now I know better. Chipped teeth can sometimes mean a filling’s required or, if badly chipped, root canal dentistry.

    Even more importantly, we take our joints for granted until cartilage gets damaged. Cartilage damage can’t be repaired and doesn’t heal. And it can reduce or even stop your training in its tracks.
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  13. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    well then you should wear protective gear if you're so worried about these things. i'm almost 50, don't really care. when i started i wore everything at all times: ear, mouth, elbow, knee, cup. now, nothing. lol
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  14. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Chipped teeth = less good looks = having to survive on my natural charm instead = an early death.

    And that's why I promote wearing a gum guard!

    Although wearing one does make everyone else roll at least 33% harder.
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  15. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    I would definitely be bothered by chipped teeth, considering the dental work I've had and am currently undergoing... I'll need a new bloody mortgage at this rate!
    In my first stint years back I started to wear knee pads I recall.
  16. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    i second, you do have natural charm.

    i'm married with three kids deadpool and have already had an acl repair, shoulder repair, and my wife's tubes have been tied. my face is already mangled from rugby. lol

    i have one thing going for me though, my wife told me, after i spent the money on syringes to drain my ear in case, that she'd divorce me if i got cauliflower ear. now i'm looking to roll with all the guys that are head-hunters. i'm like really babe, this is all it takes? finally, an out! this whole together until death....is....borrriiiinnnngggg.... /s
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  17. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    ^ I think we both might be clones!
    (of possibly hugh jackman!)

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  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    haha, yeah I've had people say "oh we're rolling hard today are we?" when I put my gum guard in.
    I always wear it for rolling, and for some drills I put it in (neck/jaw cranks)
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  19. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    is all this talk making the 47 yr old roll, or not? :)
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  20. Vince Millett

    Vince Millett Haec manus inimica tyrannis MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I'm 58, been training since I was 52. Always wear a mouth guard and most times I've been smacked in the teeth, it was my own knees in a scramble! I use cheapish (£14 or £15) boil and bite. Comfortable enough and better than busted teeth. I've seen enough to know I don't want that! Wore knee pads for about three years - don't now but they can save a lot of wear and tear. No need for a groin protector - get the occasional bump but it's not a massive risk in BJJ. Have a rugby headguard - used it when ears getting cauliflowered early on but no need for it now - the ears are now crusty and armourplated! Too hot inside it anyway and I also can't hear anything.
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