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    You may be able to work something out with the instructor on length of time at sign up, but consider this, what is it you want to get out of your training? Do you think that one month is enough time to gain proficiency and understanding of the art? Instructors don't sign people up hoping they fulfill the time and monetary agreement, we hope the student will join us in a lifetime journey, learning and enjoying the art together, watching our students grow and push us to grow as well.

    If a uniform and belt is all your looking for then you should check out a martial arts supply store and pick up a uniform and belt that fits you current body size, but if truly learning and training for a purpose is what you want then you're only choice is a dojang.

    The information that you could get from the internet in particular Master Gause's face book page, while he has a wealth of knowledge, it still can't replace active instruction on your individual needs.

    Perhaps you are feeling like someone will judge you negatively on your physical or skill level, however you shouldn't worry about that, I am certain knowing the instructors in that area that they will welcome you with no preconceptions or unrealistic expectations.

    Myself have 30+ year training in Kuk Sool Won, and I still learn something new whether I'm training alone, with other instructors, or at WKSA headquarters, it really doesn't ever end. Your next step is your new beginning, don't wait, too many times I see people put off something saying I need to get back into it, but time is not our friend.

    You got this I know you will do well.
  2. Hyung1988

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    Not just any training uniform & belt will do, KSW is the only art I'm interested in. There is something about putting on the simple black training uniform, cinching the belt & losing myself in the forms that I simply cannot put into words but I'm sure I don't have to if you've trained in KSW for 30 yrs. My interest in Gene Causes videos is simply for entertainment only. when I stopped training after only about 6 yrs. my Life got very dark for many years, that's all behind me now & I had a very vivid dream with only myself & my since passed away instructor that was pretty intense. I did call A guy who I worked out with in the 80's that has a school in the Midwest just to say Hello awhile back.
  3. Hyung1988

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    KSW midwest

    I did stop by the Dojang here in Pekin tonight but they were closed, I did get the web info & Ph.# however & this is gonna make me sound pretty pathetic LOL but the school is 3 blocks from my house!
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    If you are from the 80's, liked the old-school training, and are in the Illinois state... What about Master Ma's school? He is an old-guard kuksool master, and we trained one of his students out here in California for a bit and the guy said training was INTENSE there. If you want, I can find his school for you.
  5. Hyung1988

    Hyung1988 Valued Member

    Byung & Chu Ma from Chicago?

    That would be awesome! If they stayed in or came back to the organization, I'd love that! just as long as they are in Kuk Sa Nims organization. Thank you so much! I've wondered what happened to soon woo lee, soon tae yang & others &found out through research that sadly they left KSW to go off on their own. I am so happy I found this forum! I feel like I'm coming back to life!
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    3 blocks!!!! before a school opened in my area I used to travel a 40 mile round trip 2 or 3 times a week for training
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    Still waiting for one here, you'd think Vegas would be a logical choice with the high population and growth rate, this area could support 3 to 4 schools easily.
  8. Hyung1988

    Hyung1988 Valued Member

    Xanth new school

    Xanth, Have you given any thought to opening a school there in Vegas?
  9. Xanth

    Xanth Valued Member

    I can't open one. I'm not active in training, and I'm only 1st degree. I can assist anyone who does though, and I'd like to get active again.
  10. Hyung1988

    Hyung1988 Valued Member

    opening dojang Las vegas

    I'm sorry, I too am only a 1st degree out of training for a very long time, I thought you could open a school at our rank but come to think of it you do have to be active in training & probably 2nd degree at least. It's wild that we're talking on here, I was just in Vegas a little over a month ago for the 1st time!
  11. SsangKall

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    Did you ever train under my teacher (Soon Tae Yang)? Something happened in 1988-90 that pretty much made a mass exodus of the korean masters that were stateside, not to mention In Seon Seo as well. Besides, I doubt any of them will go back and kneel to men they taught since they were kids. Egos everywhere lol
  12. Hyung1988

    Hyung1988 Valued Member

    Soon Tae Yang

    No I never personally trained under him but him & Soon Woo Lee were big names in KSW in the 80's & great martial artists. I'm deeply disturbed with the politics that have been involved & feel all would be better served if they reconciled. I have no ambitions to open a school or be involved in Demos myself, I'm not sure how I'll train from here on as I would be a returning student if I chose to train in a studio or solo but my loyalties are with WKSA, however I don't plan on paying my bills with my skills so that's easy for me to say.
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    Kuk Sa Nym's wife lives in the U.S. so I'm not sure what you're talking about. And she's not very private at all. Most of the old school masters quit particularly because of the "Mrs" and how she began to handle things in the association. This is not an attack, merely an observation and a fact.
  14. Hyung1988

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    Mrs. In hyuk Suh

    Thanks for the input on Kuk sa Nims wife, I can't remember who said she lives outside the U.S. but that was a simple curiosity on my part. I'm not really interested in the politics of it anyway but I do get a kick out of the banter, and man there is plenty of it! LOL
  15. CriticalDog

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    I am eager for Kuk Sool to come to Western Pennsylvania. I recently got my 1st Dan in WTF TKD, so I'm at least kicking, but would drop that right now if a KSW school opened up close enough to make sense..

    As it is, I'm occasionally tempted to make a 2 hour drive to Ohio for "Kuk Sool Hapkido" at a school that was listed on the WSKA page until earlier this year.....
  16. Hyung1988

    Hyung1988 Valued Member

    kuk sa nims parents

    The mother and father of kuk sa nim also I never hear of them or why his father is not mentioned as a martial artist.
  17. Frank colwell

    Frank colwell New Member

    Hello hyung88 I use to train in galesburg school under bob n ed may they both rest in peace loved my time at the school made many friends there n from around the world thru ksw. By the way ur completely on point with this comment
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  18. Frank colwell

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    I too trained at Galesburg school on Simmons street beginning with Bob then Eddie Sanchez for over 20 yrs til my life changed and finally moved away
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