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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Mo Lung, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    What does your week consist of with regards to training? What do you do each day to train your martial arts, including cross training stuff like weights or cardio and things like that? How much class time and personal practice at home?

    What's a typical week for you?
  2. KarateKid1975

    KarateKid1975 New Member

    My regular schedule for classes are Monday day or night (I can choose on monday), Tuesday night, wednsday day, and thursday night.

    What we do in class usually goes in cicles. Like this week we did falls and throws (monday, tuesdsay) and basics (wednsday thurday). Next week we are doing step sparring and joint locks (mon, tuesday) and forms (wed, thur). Prolly the week after we'll do sparring and throws or something. It keeps cicling like that.

    Plus I usually do stuff at home (usually on the weekends ...... sundays mostly). What ever I am having trouple with in class. Maybe forms or step sparring, ect.

    I don't do any extra exercises. I don't run or anything. But I do house work (and yard work in the summer) between class and working. I think that is exercise by itself LOL
  3. Cain

    Cain New Member

    I have classes twice a week in the evenings, after each I come back home praying that I will make it in one peice through the night ;)

    I work with weights twice a week again, my house is too cramped for weights and I don't have the guts to do squats without a rack so I go at the local gym

    I regularly do my practise at home but it's more exercises than techniques, I have customised some furniture to suit my requitements, hard to describe without pics though :(

    In class I spend about three hours, and at home I spend about 45 mins to one hour ;)

  4. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Monday: Run / Teach 3 classes
    Tuesday: Gym
    Wednesday:Teach 3 classes ; bodywieght routine
    Thursday: Gym
    Friday: Teach privates / Run
    Saturday: Teach 2 classes ; bodyweight routine
    Sunday: Run / Gym - sometimes seminars

    Add to that impromptu bouts of my own training at home whenever the mood takes me.
  5. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Wow! You are one busy guy :eek:

  6. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    hmm... now coming to think of training...i m still giving myself a rest...busy in stitching my torned apart life...
    but still spend 2 hours X 6 in GYM and 15-20 shadowboxing...
    that's it...
    if i m doing shadow boxing then i don't Run/Jog or do any sort of cardio... but other set of exercises...

    before my rest my schedule was ideal in every means...
    from 3-4 hrs in taichi and 1 -1.5 hr in TKD daily i used to go to gym(occasionally).
  7. Fergie Boy

    Fergie Boy New Member

    Monday 4-6 classes and 1 hour of cardio and stretching and my weight routine
    Tuesday 5 classes and 1 hour of cardio and stretching
    Wednesday 7 classes and 1 hour of cardio and stretching
    Thursday 4 classes and 1 hour of cardio and stretching and my weight routine
    Friday 4-6 classes and 1 hour cardio and stretching
    Saturday 3 classes and 1 hour of cardio and stretching

    don't do much at home just some knife handling work.
  8. Bon

    Bon Banned Banned

    8-10am technique work & drills with some kicks.
    6-7pm 1 hour formal lesson (usually half hour technique work, half hour sparring).
    8-10am technique work & drills with some kicks.
    8-10am technique work & drills with some kicks.
    6-7pm formal lesson
    8-10am technique work & drills with some kicks.
    1.5 hours MMA
    8-10am technique work & drills with some kicks.
    1.5 hours MMA
    Roll for couple hours.
    Roll for couple hours.
  9. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Just now????

    Nothing!!!! I've got too much on!!!

    Wait for the pain to begn after this week though!

    Big 8 week push!!!
  10. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I have no routine, hate routine. When I know I should be somewhere I don't want to go. Don't know how some of you people don't fall apart with the wear and tear you put on your body! ;)

    I don't go to the extreme, but I don't do nothing!

    I'll have a good workout at least twice a week, then a couple of smaller ones.
  11. Telsun

    Telsun Valued Member

    I don't have a routine either. This is due to my circumstances rather than because I hate it. Some of your training routines are very comprehensive, to say the very least. However, envious as I am, dedicating myself to a timetable of martial arts training would make it a chore for me (I think, never really had the oppurtunity).

    I train at the dojo twice a week. When I am at home I get a bit of training in when I can. It is very difficult working shifts and looking after the kids when the wifes at work. I tend to get a bit in here and there even at work if I'm working in the right area I can get about an hour or so training in!! Not been caught yet:cool: Not ideal but I still seem to be progressing.
  12. Telsun

    Telsun Valued Member

    I would like to elaborate on Mo Lungs original question, if I may. I don't train as much as I like but I study alot and my thoughts are on the subject generally most of the day.

    Elaborate on your answers to include study, thoughts, etc on your chosen art.
  13. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    I train two times a week at my club for a two hour session each and at least 1 or 2 sessions a week doing awarm up then onto the bag and shadow boxing followed by a warm down.

    I cant be bothered with a car so I tend to walk and cycle everywhere which also helps.

    I agree with telsun that the mental side can be put down as training time.
  14. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Including the mental side, I do a lot of training, 37.5 hours during work time! :D

    Like Tesun said, I don't want to make it a chore either. Thats why I avoid commitments, routines and schedules, its not just out of lazyness ;)

    I've been training quite a few years, never intensly, but I think thats the key! I've seen people start and train intensly for a few years and quit. Seen many faces come and go over the years, some good martial artists just stop.

    Wonder what the drop out statistics are like for martial arts?

    My philosophy is train in a way thats sustainable for the long term and make sure its enjoyable!
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  15. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    Absolutely. I've seen a lot of people come and go. I don't even learn someone's name at my school till they've been around two or three months! ;)

    It's all about longevity and just because some people are machines doesn't mean that others can't be hobbyists. We get from our training what we want to get by the effort we put in.

    I just realised that I didn't include my schedule! I practice every day.

    Every morning I try to practice something, usually some qigong practice, followed by forms or basics. Sometimes I'll run or swim in the mornings too and I usually cycle a lot. I say usually because at the moment my bike is knackered and I'm saving up for a new one.

    I have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (three hours or so on Mon & Wed and about 2 hours on Friday) and a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Sometimes have a Saturday class too.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays I try to do something after work like running, swimming, etc., bodyweight workouts and some forms practice.

    Throughout all this time I do bodyweight stuff whenever I can, including at work. It used to freak people out when I would do chin ups on doorframes and file in horse stance, but everyone's used to it now! :)

    I always walk rather than take transport if possible, all take the stairs and not the lift and stuff like that. Everything is training.

    As for mental, it's 24/7 baby!

  16. Telsun

    Telsun Valued Member

    I was wondering about your schedule, I was going to ask......

    Now I do the odd bit of training at work but only in the privacy of a confind area. I would love to see you filing in a horse stance. LOL, bet that turned a few heads.
  17. Joe karate

    Joe karate New Member

    I do one hour in class on mon/tues/wed night and saturday morning. I'm also at the dojo mon/tues/wed/thurs from for 5 or six hours helping run kid class, training with my brother, or playing my favorite game... "Sensei beats the student(me) to demonstrate to the kiddies" I'm also there for the same on saturday mornings.

    I weight lift at home.

    Although i put alot of time into it, I can't always go "hardcore". Sometimes i need a break. Mental burnout sucks so I just go light in my own time or try to change it up.

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