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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by nasd90, Feb 23, 2019.

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    Straw man argument - nobody talked about trophies. But there is a difference between awarding a trophy and thinking that you get to decide who does martial arts or not. Martial arts is for everyone, people of all weights, ages, gender, races and disabilities. :rolleyes:

    Who do you think you are to judge what others get to do? You don't get to decide others lives. And you don't get to decide who goes to the school. That is up to the instructor and owner.

    Plus, telling a person trying to better themselves they shouldn't except in the way YOU think fit, well that does not reflect very nicely on your value system. Telling them to not get more physically fit when they are trying, that is a particularly rude statement.

    You sound bitter because someone has the skill to hold you down and you don't have the skill to stop it. Complaining instead of learning from all situations will hamper your development as a martial artist. Using his weight as an excuse for why you did not succeed. Guess what? Someone on the street might attack you who is heavier than you. How are you going to handle that?

    I have success against people much bigger than me, because I have worked hard over many years. Is their weight an advantage? Yes. Do I sometimes overcome it with skill? Yes. Is my weight an advantage over smaller sparring partners? Yes. Jeez, just deal with it and stop complaining and judging. Go train! Have an open mind and learn from every situation.
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    Its a big class of about 30 plus. Theres only so much a Coach can pay attention to within 4 mins.
    Rubbish sparring happens. Rubbish sparring partners exist. I wasnt happy with that 4mins, but its "only 4mins" in the grand scheme of things.
    Also I know who to avoid lol
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    I'm sure there blue and purple belts who are alcoholics.
    I think they shouldn't dare coming close to any class and only go to AAs and similar. After all, I wouldn't dare to do anything else but this! I have no respect for that, none!
    Must be fair, even though it would match you, right?!
    Just saying.

    Seriously, stuff like that makes me sick.
    I'm pretty sure these evil, bad and mean fat people you mentioned, got their belts not due to their weight.
    Otherwise you (oh, wait, no! As an alcoholic you shouldn't be in a dojo!) should look for another place to train, if the only thing they can do is laying on the others...
    What a ridiculous excuse for your inability, bruised ego and what not.
    Instead of complaining, personally I would train and improve.
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