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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by nzric, Jul 22, 2003.

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    "seriously hk and i meen no offence but i suggest you print your posts on this thread and have yourself a talk with your instructor about being humble"

    No kidding. He is like this in all the threads. I think it is a common attitude. Most people do not sign up for martial arts unless the instructor is a "bada%%".

    The attitude may be what he has to do to gain and keep students.
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    "I don't know about others in here, but I can feel your intense energy already through your words, voice and presence."

    Princess, your posts are a little "airy" for me. That is why I am astounded to be responding to you.

    That sentence says it all. For the people that do not believe in chi, Princess has stated it perfectly.

    It does not have to be super mega hyper energy that blows up tanks and airplanes.

    It is something that can travel thru a medium like TV, radio or an internet forum. Princess describes how she views the man. That is what chi allows people to do. All you have to do is listen to a person talk and you can tell what is going on with them. Where the energy is, where it is blocked etc.

    Does that sound mystical or magical? It really isn't.
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    You're absolutely right. I am "airy". I do have the "air" sign in me. I love to be off with the fairies and be innocent. I love to play with angels and believe in the unseen. I love to express myself and be myself. I love to fly away, run wild and be free. And I love the winds and experience all its wonders. And is there anything wrong with all of that? If you're astounded to reply to me, it's okay. You don't have to reply to me. You can simply avoided me like the others. It's the norm to me.

    Take care though. And blessings.
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    [current mood - apathetic]
    [/current mood - apathetic]

    Remember everybody, the teen years are very emotional. Hopefully, as puberty comes to a close, and hormonal balances return to normal, the desire to be non-conforming by being sooooo goth/wiccan will pass.
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    Wrong. I'm in my 20's. And at the moment I'm going through what mature women called it "PMS". Heck, it might as well be manopause for all I care. So that's why I'm moody, emotional & defensive. Thus, wait for a perfect timing when I get cramps, headaches, backpains, aches and soreness... to start picking on me and start a fight. That way I can release all my anger onto you. No... wait... actually I'm feeling the cramps now... So you wanna fight???!???

    Next time, don't jump the gun and judge too quickly.
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    Princess, can I ask you something...

    All your posts have been about the metaphysical/spiritual, and you seem to have no interest (or interest in sharing your interest) in martial arts.

    Why are you in a martial arts forum?

    I'm not trying to troll, I really do want to know. Do you have any interest in MA?
  7. Indestructible

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    I'm not judging, I'm teasing. :Angel: I'll have to pass on the fight, but grapplings not out of the picture. :D
  8. Princess

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    I do have interests.. and I have shared mine. Especially about energy/qi topics, and about weapons. I do tai chi, street fights, tae kwon do and archery. But my interests are mainly chi stuffs... other about fightings... I'm still a student. That's why I came here to learn Nzric, and to practice my communication skills. Pardon for saying crap things in here. If I'm not welcome, it's okay. I need to get off the Net anyway. Smiles.

    Take care.
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    You do street fights??

    I'm not criticising. The thing is this is a martial arts forum. There is a lot of talk about chi (and all that kind of stuff) but we still try (try!) to keep it within a martial context.
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    Don't go, Princess! You're welcome here. If you'd like to discuss chi, this is the right part of the forum for it.
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    i kinda need help with the Postion. I dont know exactly what im doing. Can some one help me please?
  12. Indestructible

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    Umm, what position?
  13. LethalAE86TypeR

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    the postion on the very first post. i dont understand how to do it.
  14. nzric

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    Stand in a karate-style horse stance, then stand up, but not all the way (and have your feet at shoulder width). Now twist your pelvis up so your butt doesn't stick out and your spine is as straight as possible (imagine a string holding your spine up from the top of your head).

    Hold your hands out in front of your chest like you're reading a book at arms length, so your arms form a sort of circle, and straighten your fingers so they're vertically on an angle, (overlapping like roof tiles). Keep some tension between your thumb and your forefinger, so there is a stretched piece of skin between them. That should be the ONLY tension in your body.

    Relax into the posture and try to sink into it. The aim is a state of 'Sung' where your're using just enough muscles to keep yourself standing and the posture intact, but it's a "ready" state of relaxation, not being limp.

    Sink into the posture, so the weight is toward the back of your feet, knees bent in line with the toes (careful they don't go too far). Put your tongue on the hard palate on the top of your mouth (before the front teeth) and breathe from the base of your stomach. DON'T let the chest rise/fall, all movement should come from your stomach and the breath should be natural. Direct your eyes at a spot on the ground about 20 feet away, but don't stare.

    Once you've done that for a while, rotate your arms at the shoulders so that your hands are still in "tile palm" facing each other but now in line with your navel. That's when you can concentrate on a sort of force/substance between your hands (you'll only believe me if you try it). Rotate your hands in tiny circles to be able to feel it more.
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    yeah ive done it before out of simple experimentation, i was sitting and all tense though, so ill try this, im hoping itll be easier:D ih yeah and nice pic nzric, that movie has some awesome fighting!
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    the tree hugging posture is correct. but if you are not scwimish about pain,try holding a lit match to any or all of your fingers. the energy of the flame(tingling pain)will travel through your whole body,as well as a cold shower.these are external forms of chi kung to be done moderatly(flame trick 2-3sec.per finger as not to blister skin)(cold shower for a few minutes).once you feel chi stop the practice and start standing chi kung.from there learn energy and pain control.also try standing in front of a fan on high and feel the energy of movment outside and inside the body via the hair(body hair).these are but a few examples of chi sensing execises.but, stick with standing i've gone for over 6 hours straight with out stopping and could go longer if i can find the time.
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    Good and legitimate explanation, but actually this one is safer

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    Thanks Gerard - that's much better!
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    White Crane
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    Last post re Princess
    white crane

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