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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by nzric, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    This is a good way to feel the chi in your body (hypnotism or reality? does it matter if it works?)

    Stand in the typical three circle/tree hugging qigong pose, that is with your feet parallel at shoulder width, knees above toes, back straight, hips rolled under, chin in, tongue on hard palate, arms rounded, tile fingers in front of your chest, space in your armpits, eyes forward, head erect, shoulders down.

    Meditate in that position for a while – five minutes is enough for a beginner. Then bring your hands slowly to just below navel height (dantien). With your hands open, concentrate and pretend you’re rolling a small ball between your hands – after a while you should feel the ball, or a warm, tingling sensation. That is chi!

    Once you have that, slowly hold your left hand flat and point to the left palm. Draw small circles on your palm with the finger and you should feel the pressure of the finger even though it’s about a foot away from the palm.
  2. Snakescales

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    yeah cool exercise

    I've done this one before it's very cool, you can get the circulation in your palms to change after you do it a bit, sometimes instead of a ball I think of a thread I'm stretching between my two hands like a cat's cradle

  3. thericepicker

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    to feel chi u must be relaxed and let the dantian breath, for those who dont know where the dantian. Make a triangle with ur fingers from the bellie button and thats where it should be. But chi can also be felt from the flow energy that ur body is expressing.
  4. Andrew Green

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    Grab yourself a couple of Chili Cheese Burritos and you'll feel your chi like never before :D
  5. zun

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    The chi moves in mysterious ways. Make sure no-one's standing behind you :)
  6. zun

    zun New Member

    Funny that. That's exactly the same way my teacher taught me how to feel chi.

    I wonder if this is how Erle teaches all his students to learn chi.
  7. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    I learned that method off my teacher in London, who is a student of Paul Brecher. If you've read Paul's books, you know he is huge on the mystical side of taiji. I don't personally agree with everything he writes, but there's no denying that little exercise works.
  8. tang_sou_dao

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    is there a picture of this stance? or could u post one on here plz
  9. Kwajman

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    I thought this topic was killed off a long time ago?
  10. zun

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    Ditto. My teacher is (was?) also a student of Paul's. I've read only one book of Paul's so far, though I've read and heard alot about his thoughts and travels. There's no denying he's very much into the mystical side of taiji.
  11. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Is your teacher's name Ross (teaches in Camden)?

    If so, that's the guy who taught me. Paul, one of Ross's students, is a good friend of mine and the guy who introduced me to tai chi.
  12. zun

    zun New Member

    Ross Lardner! Yes!

    Small world - 6 degrees or separation and all that! :D
  13. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Wow, that's cool. Say hi to Ross and Paul (the student) from me (Paul will spin). Ross is a quality guy and he has a great fajing.

    I last saw Paul Brecher at Erle's camp in August last year. I stubbed my big toe pretty badly so I talked to one student who was a podiatrist and another one who was a massage therapist and they couldn't help (I could hardly walk). Paul gave me acupuncture on the toe and in ten minutes I was good as new.
  14. zun

    zun New Member

    Will do mate. Should be seeing Ross this friday. Unfortunately never met Paul.

    btw, you'll need to PM/tell me your real name, unless it's nzric.
  15. Dark Blade

    Dark Blade It Roundhouse time

    As has been asked, can someone post a picture of that stance please?
    I'd really like to try this!
  16. zun

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  17. Syd

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  18. Buddroux

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    Wow... wow.. that is really cool... i like that... i am trying to learn some more chi techniques...
  19. Dark Blade

    Dark Blade It Roundhouse time

    Thanks! :)
    I'm going to find a qi gong school asap!
  20. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Buddroux and Dark Blade - how did you go, did it work for you?

    I find different people have different responses - sometimes you feel as if you are holding two magnets pushing your hands apart and sometimes it's like you have your hands in honey (??), or that the pressure is on the outside of your hands...

    As I said before, there are many ways to interpret it all. Personally, I think it's just a neat self-hypnotism trick, but it's amazing to see that you can create discernable physical effects with a little mental focussing.

    Imagine what result you can get to heal your body and mind with qigong if you have that kind of result after only a couple of minutes prior practice!!

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