How to discern a good Taichi class?

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Nachi, Aug 27, 2019.

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    My Tai Chi instruction is still 100% remote but my instructor showed a really simple movement the other day as part of a form, and it was totally a boxing clinch technique but you'd never know it except he explained it just right, it clicked at least for me. So now my Tai Chi instructor is helping me improve my boxing clinch. Unreal, I wasn't really expecting that.
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    It is a pleasant surprise for others in other arts too. I know several who did high school wrestling. They said that Tai Chi improved their wrestling and they weren't expecting that.
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    Years ago I had a talk with a Chen Taijiquan guy (I think he was an 'actual' student of Chen Zhenglei) He decided to go train at an MMA gym and thought it was awesome. He was learning a lot about his taijiquan, but what surprised him is what the MMA guys were learing about how to deal with his taijiquan. His rooting and relaxation was really messing some of them up. Bit overall he was having a ball and so were many oters at the MMA gym
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    I was encouraged to try Tai Chi by a fellow Fencer (who also was an Aikido and Tai Chi practitioner) to learn smoother more plastic limb extension/reaches. Worked for me enough for me to stick with yang style for a few months and go later go back and try Chen for a couple of years. Once you get past some of the woo there's some interesting transferable body mechanics. And yeah I noticed the clinch parallels when I boxed: sink the elbows and gain maintain attachment into the opponents elbows while maintaining the root, with Tai Chi you can develop that much needed clinch without relying on too much muscular strength allowing some breathing space. (Not that I ever liked being in clinch range, close boxing - preferred footwork and head movement) Naturally the trapping range with push hands is TCC bread and butter (gets some live experience if you can - its an interesting experience in balance sensitivity as well as an insight into how hands can work without Boxing gloves on)
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