How old is too old for Silat!

Discussion in 'Silat' started by HammockRider, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. HammockRider

    HammockRider Valued Member

    Hi all,
    The title says it all. How old is too old for Silat? Or is Silat so diverse that some styles are better for older particpants than others? I used to train hard when I was a kid in high school and I'd like to train hard again but I'm not in the shape I used to be in. I've seen a few videos on Youtube and I guess I'm wondering if Silat is something I can just jump into or if maybe I should get in better shape first. It's seems pretty active adn I know I couldn't keep up with the youngsters, at least where recovery is concerned. Would a good teacher be willing to work with me on that?

  2. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    well i can only tell you from my experience....i started doing hapkido full-time the second time around when i was 32. i started aikido when i was 38. and, i just started doing brazilian jiu jitsu at 40. i'm not in bad shape, but i'm 40. i don't know anything about silat, but i find it difficult to believe it's harder than any of the above listed martial arts. and yes, i fully expect to be around long enough to get a black belt in bjj, even if it takes me 15 years, which it very well might considering my work and family situation. ;-)

  3. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    C'mon you had to know someone was going to say there is no age limit or "too old" for Silat. Yes, younger people can do a lot of things easier than older people regardless of the art.

    Silat is not one of the easier arts to pick up in general. It is not for every one. Someone said once "You don't choose Silat, Silat chooses you". I think there is truth in that which is why I quote it often. I have only done one type so I can't speak to the different styles.

    I think if you're worried about getting into shape, you should start training and if you find it's for you then your practice will get you in shape.

    Yes, a good teacher will work with you. A good teacher will recognize that not everyone has the same capacity to learn and not everyone is in the same condition.

    Don't worry about the age thing. I'm willing to bet that I and the guys I train with are probably all older than you.

    Good luck. Feel free to PM me with questions. Cheers.
  4. kuntaoer

    kuntaoer Valued Member

    I started training in silat when I was in my early 50s, but I came from a combination of filipino and Chinese martial arts background experience of close to 35 yrs.. The Tjimande silat system that I trained with when I was in the states closely resembled the limb destructions of the Filipino Martial arts that I practice.. But the thing that killed my legs was the low stances and after a while, I started at modifying the height of the stances to suit my purposes, going around the preexisting injuries that I have from training.. It still suits my purpose, but one thing you need to look at is how your knees and back can take some of the take downs and low leg manipulations.
  5. klaasb

    klaasb ....

    how high is too high for expectations?
  6. pakarilusi

    pakarilusi Valued Member

    Really depends on the expectation. World Champion, maybe not but just being able to protect yourself?

    There was a Lady in her 60s who studied Silat Cekak I was told...

    There was a Lady in her 60s who got a Black Belt in Judo mind you... A tougher Art than Silat from the Self Defense point of view.

    And Silat has ways and means to circumvent strength.

    But that is from my experience of doing three different styles of Silat here in Malaysia. Also have done Kali, BJJ, JKD and TKD.

    Feel free to disagree... ;)
  7. briang

    briang New Member

    Thanks for starting this thread, CJ. It's a question I've wrestled with a bit lately too. See, I'm 61 right now and recently joined up with a silat group. Only I'm in fairly good shape. I've spent most of my life in the gym training, lifting weights and being very careful about my diet. Physically, I'd say I'm in a lot better shape than most of the guys half my age. I can go to the mat with anyone and nobody is getting out of a hold I slap on (except Master). Yes I know, this game isn't about strength - but it helps.

    Only thing is, everything aches and cracks when I move. So I started looking for something to help me stretch and get more flexible. I ruled out karate and tae kwon do as I'm too old to start throwing acrobatic kicks. And my back is too messed to start learning break falls for judo, but yes, we learn falls in silat.

    So I was fortunate to run across a gentleman that was reluctantly starting a silat class here in town where I live. There's a long story here why I say "reluctant" to start a class. You have to know this person to understand. But by way of background he's from Indonesia - West Java actually and trained with some of the founders of the art when he was growing up. He has a martial arts studio in town where he teaches tae kwon do and aikido and he was recently awarded his 9th dan in TKD.

    But speaking about silat, from his website is this brief bio:

    So believe me, he knows what he's teaching! He loves to demonstrate - fortunately for me because of my age he doesn't use me for a crash test dummy. His favorite saying when he's demonstrating a move on a victim is: "Do you want to see me make him talk like Tarzan?"

    But I find silat so frustrating. He shows a dozen techniques at blinding speed then asks: "Got it?"

    And I'm like "WTF?" (to myself). I don't know if it's my age that I don't pick up as fast as I did when I was younger and I ask myself many times if I should be doing this stuff at my age - but it sure is fun.
  8. HammockRider

    HammockRider Valued Member

    Hey briang,
    Would you say that silat has helped improve your flexibility? Do you still crack when you move?:D As a 61 year old guy, do you see yourself doing silat for years to come?
  9. 36chambers

    36chambers Valued Member

    im not sure mate im 25 now i practice shaolin kung fu but there is 1 or 2 in the same club in there 60s and i was quite suprised at how fast for their age they actually are and i mean fast. There has been world champoin boxers at 40 odd so i would say if you feel you can do it then do it! You only live once my friend go for it
  10. briang

    briang New Member

    I'm getting there, but I have to be careful. Flexibility isn't my strong suit. :(

    My knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I get up. I was suppose to have my shoulders scoped but laying off the heavy weights has greatly alleviated that issue.

    As long as I have a pulse I'll probably keep it up. This is awesome stuff! Especially considering who my Mahaguru is. I mean, you don't fill out a written application for a position as an instructor for the Special Airborne Brigades of the Indonesian Air Force and Army Commando Elite Units. They send you into a closed room with a half dozen commandos and if you come out, they figure you have a pretty good idea that you know what you're talking about.

    No ****!
  11. 36chambers

    36chambers Valued Member

    no what? im not making things up as i said if he feels as he can do it then why not
  12. briang

    briang New Member

    I was agreeing with you, chambers, when you said there were 60 year olds in your club that you were surprised at how "fast for their age they actually are and i mean fast".

    The gentleman teaching silat that I'm taking isn't quite in his 60's yet, but he defies the laws of physics on how fast he can move and hit - and he's still holding back.

    Yeah, it certainly is better to do it if you can still do it.

    Sure beats sitting on the couching eating chips and watching Seinfeld reruns.

    I live in a relatively safe neck of the woods - but it's been getting crazy lately. People carrying knives, syringes, whatever attacking folks. Figure it never hurts to be able to look after your self if the situation arises.

  13. HammockRider

    HammockRider Valued Member

    Thanks for your replies briang and 36chambers. It's an impressive art. I'm looking forward to starting.
  14. briang

    briang New Member

    Lots of luck with that HR!

    I hope you have access to a great teacher.

    This silat has to be the most frustrating thing I've tackled because there aren't any set forms or patterns as in most martial arts.

    There aren't any belts or competitions either which is odd.

    It's frustrating as old heck and doesn't seem to make sense, then all of a sudden something you were shown a few weeks back suddenly kicks in and you go "Oh yeah! That works!"

    Like when you find that certain pressure point or nerve center and take a guy to the mat effortlessly. :D
  15. Shihabudeen

    Shihabudeen Valued Member

    silat is for older men

    I teach sumatran silat batak...for over twenty years now, my teacher told me... silat is for older men over 40 years old... it does not rely on physical prowess, but wisdom of movement surgical mastery of space and time... its a spiritual process of enlightenment more suited to men who have settled down in life and are prepared to appreciate spiritual maturity for without this level of reverance the true blessings of silat which are spiritual are out of reach.. true silat is able to empower humanity with superhuman speed and power... as some of you have witnessed when you speak of the impeccable speed of silat teachers... silat teachers are lightning bolts... but just 'cause a man has impeccable speed it means he was a good student of a good teacher for a man to be able to patiently pass on such a blessing according to a students level of perception... means he is a good teacher.... true silat is the fountain of youth... it has yoga built into it... which is why the older the persilat gets and trains... the more refined and dangerous he becomes... true silat has aspects which in themselves are dangerous and destructive to the body...but only when practiced by those who don't know thier limitations... silat gurus... (MEANS dispeller of darkness) purify thier students inwardly to arrive at the blessed position of recieving spiritual dressing of divine attributes virtues and anointing... without this process... true silat is un approachable...
  16. pakarilusi

    pakarilusi Valued Member

    This is getting interesting.

    The old ways have seeped in here.

    Interesting to see where this goes.
  17. KathleenMcCabe

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