How many silat styles in US?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by amirul_tekpi79, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Peace to all,

    How many are there in US? (you can put other countries like UK & Australia if you want)

    As far as i know (from the day i graduated in US & from the net), these are some of them; (in no particular order)

    1) Silat Seni Gayong
    2) Silat Serak
    3) Silat Bukti Negara
    4) Silat Pukulan Cimande Pusaka
    5) Silat Baringin Sakti
    6) Silat Bukti Negara
    7) Silat Perisai Diri
    8) Silat Merpati Putih
    9) Silat Mande Muda
    10) Silat Minangkabau Satria Muda
    11) Silat Raja Sterlak
    12) Silat Pertempuran
    13) Silat Maphilindo
    14) Silat Buka Jalan
    15) Silat Cimande(?) (Sutrisno's family system)
    16) Silat Jati Wisesa (Canada)
    17) Silat Ratu Adil
    18) Silat Gerakan Suci
    19) Silat Poekoelan
    20) Silat Talio

    Any others? IMHO, with these many styles/systems/schools, silat should be one of the major MA's in US in say another 5 years?

  2. amirul_tekpi79

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    Did i make a mistake??

    Peace to all,

    It seems i did a slight mistake, and that's listing Silat Bukti Negara twice :rolleyes:


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