How Korean are Korean martial arts?

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    In an Olympic sparring context, Taekwondo (a Korean art) is no longer dominated by the Koreans.

    The British, with their multidisciplinary approach to athlete recruitment (i.e. inviting athletes from other styles, namely ITF and kickboxing, to train and compete), has arguably made them the best team in the world right now.

    That may change post-2020 with the departure of Paul Green and Gareth Brown to USA Taekwondo in the last week or so.
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    Mr. Smithfire I know all about how to guard using legs and hands I don't need you to go over how to guard. Please read my posts properly and ask me if you don't understand what I'm saying
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    Many of us here have dan grades in Chang Hon TKD, and I think you're overselling the quality of head defence in ITF style
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    How dare you. I know rising block.
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    Because it is sport Tae Kwon Do being used..
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    Interesting view, if I might help a tiny bit .. Styles and techniques were similar on the mainland because the principal teacher's of early Korean Martial Arts were Buddhist Monks who would travel to China and India, of those who survived the journey and returned to Korea would pass on useful Martial knowledge to those who needed to defend themselves, this was also used to help recruit new monks for the Temples . And contrary to popular belief, Korean Martial Arts were not the realm of the military, since Buddhist Monks had the most knowledge of it, it was the regular population who had various degrees of skill in different techniques that were developed in to personal fighting systems which the best fighter's were recruited to train the military to fight better .. Hope this provides some insight...

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