How has COVID-19 affected your training and other parts of your life?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aaradia, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. aaradia

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    So Nachi, anti-mask morons exist in places besides the USA? I really didn't know if that, and people arguing and pressuring against closures and other measures to combat the virus, were a force in other parts of the world.

    Is your President also making things worse and politicizing it? Gods, (I can't believe we (USA) have such an scumbag moron running our country during this crisis!
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  2. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Yep, obviously, people like that are everywhere. Maybe they aren't as loud here, but we've also had I think at least a couple, though rather small demonstrations. I generally have a feeling that people in the USA tend to be maybe a bit more extremist? Although that may be just my feeling. I am not that into politics, so I hope something didn't excape me.

    Our presiden doesn't have as much power as yours, so he is not much seen these days. He may have his opinion, but not much say in things. And maybe he doesn't even want to meddle too much. It is mostly the prime minister who put some breaks on some restrictions, becasue people did not like it. They are turning around now and called the state of emergency as the situation gets worse.
    The problem is, even among the experts, everyone says something different. I'd go with my professor from the university I'd studied, who is an evolutionary parasitologist and started appearing on tv and everywhere since September as his pessimistic predictions started coming true. But then there are others, from the medical field, for example, who are saying not to panic, it will not spread too fast, we can't put these and those restrictions etc. So how could people not argue and have different views if event the experts do?
  3. Rand86

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    Oh, never fear; while your countrymen are probably the most visible (if only because of the sheer numbers involved and President Dumbo boldly leading the way) they are far from unique. Here in Poland it was okay in the March-June period but come September the loonies started coming out of the woodwork and, in a strangely familiar turn of phrase, complaining that preventative measures infringe on their "constitutional rights."

    The school I work at (hell of a time to be a teacher, lemme tell ya) has already come under scrutiny because some brave citizen anonymously tipped off the local school board that the principal was forcing students to obey anti-COVID measures (she wasn't, by the way; not that she could have if she wanted to) after our (thankfully former) minister of education in a stroke of "genius" reminded the nation on public TV that masking, distancing, and disinfecting were not actually recommendations and not actually legally binding.

    The best part? The week before last one of the teachers came down with COVID and suddenly everybody and their uncle was complaining about how the school didn't do enough to "prevent" the spread of COVID. I'll refrain from saying more because I can only do so in non-MAP-friendly language. As bad as COVID is I ALMOST find myself regretting that it isn't worse; some people evidently weren't affected enough for at least the basic self-preservation instinct to kick in.
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  4. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    covid rates in the UK are putting me right off anything other than the online ziranmen classes Im doing with my sifu.

    It has however, given me a chance to work online from home.

    I will probably have my birthday alone this year, but that was expected.

    I did finally get past all the roadblocks to start HRT though, so that's good
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    There seems to be a mix of mask users and non in the UK. I think most people comply.

    The biggest complaints I hear is people have breathing issues like asthma.
    I have asthma! I run with a mask before covid to help protect me. If they really had asthma they would welcome the protection, and also would abstain from locations inside or if high population.

    My daughter's year is back to remote schooling, my son's school just reported a possible case in another bubble (year group) so he is still in school for now.

    I'm still doing remote classes with grapple dummy and some of my own workouts.

    @Nachi Czech Republic seem to handle the spread well first time, I hope it gets under control.

    I am part of a test group, and I had the antigen 10 mins test which came back negative (expected). Hopefully they can progress this testing as it's a very quick solution.
  6. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Yeah,we have complaints about people not being able to breath in the masks as well. I don't know the details, though. I am just a bit angry with my mom because of this. In summer, when the covid looked like it was going away, I ordered myself some face masks with a filter from CHina in preparation for what I though was going to come. My parents said yeah, order us some, too, but we'll let you know. I sent my mom some links where she could pick colors because she wanted a specific one. Month and a half later, she did not find time to check the link out. She is an elementary school teacher and isn't really happy about the risks of Covid. So month and a half later, she asked me if I could give her one of my face masks that I haven't used yet, because it would protect her better than the one she made herself some time ago with only one layer of cotton fabric. I gave her my mask relieved she'd at least get a better protection. But she's not wearing it as she said it is too thick and she can't breath through it. She doesn't have asthma or anything like that, it is jsut about the discomfort of having something in front of her mouth. I wear that masks and I can breath just fine. So I am a bit angry she is putting herself through that risk. But what can I do...

    People just find all sorts of complaints. I guess there are those who claim they have asthma just as an argument.

    Yep, the Czech Republic handled the first wave very well. The government was closing everything and putting restrictions in place really quick so there were only relatively few Covid cases and casualties. However, restaurants and other shops suffered and went bankrupt and obviously it impacted our economy. We started sewing face masks at home when they were not enough of them and people donated self-made masks to people in need. Some group made a video even in English to argue about how wearing even home made face masks helps where even our secretary of health appeared. The covid didn't spread much and we were able to cut the restrictions back in may and I was able to go to trainings. Summer was great, we didn't need to wear face masks, with the exception of hospitals and subway, but come September, it started getting worse, fast. But no one was willing to put the restrictions bakc in the same pace as people didn't want them anymore. Now, since we made all the restrictions a bit too late, we are in a state of emergency again, the groups of people are restricted again, high schools and universities are again closed down and the restaurants have a curfew. Yet people are complaining and the new secretary of heath threatens that if we don't wear face masks we can end up in a lock down again, which no one wants and our economy probably couldn't take it. Well, finally the government is starting to take it seriously. That is the summary. We had nearly 400 people newly diagnosed a day in the worst days in spring, now we are nearing 4000....
  7. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    Near me I see very few people comply and it infuriates me, especially when some of the people I know are admitting to taking screenshots of the expemption badge and using those when they dont have a condition requiring as such. I've got friends and family who are vulnerable in other parts of the UK, but then round me it's a bit funny. Conspiracy nuts and privileged older adults with a lot of money and entitlement issues.

    Im also asthmatic and I go out running in a mask. I dont want to add to the problem, some people I know think its a conspiracy still. I would be completely happy with us going back into a full lockdown with significantly harsher rules for a few months if thats what it takes to deal with the rising cases. I feel like we failed to take it seriously in the UK and now we are paying for it.
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  8. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    My boyfriend was able to get a recommendation to get tested and got actually tested today and is negative, just as another friend who attended the training with the ill person :) Therefore I should be fine, as well. We were lucky this time.
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  9. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Aah, this is getting a bit.... Honestly, I was thinking that with coming spring, things could start to improve slowly, but... People are getting annoyed, not acting according to the rules and restrictions and the Czech Republic is now pretty much the very worst in the world when it comes to new cases per day per million of people and with the exception of two tiny countries even worst when it comes to the absolute number of people who have had Covid. I wouldn't imagine that would ever be the case.
    The vaccination progresses also very slow compared to the rest of Europe and there are rumours, which are apparently true, that say there are nearly a couple hundred thousand vaccines still waiting to be used. It looks like someone messed up the distribution and when this became known, even companies delivering food, who have had a good year now, started distributing the vaccines in the country.... at least that is what they announced on their social media and there is no reason not to believe that.

    Because of the situation, last week, our secretary of Health announced that starting next week it will be made mandatory to wear either ffp2 respirators or nanofible face masks when entering shops (as opposed to the single use surgical masks or masks made at home or like me re-usable masks with a filter), public transport, hospitals and generally spaced where people can still possibly gather. I heard this in an online press conference and since I own neither, I immediately found an e-shop to purchase some respirators. The shop was already overloaded, but my order went through after several trials. I still have to receive the order, though, as, as the news stated: "The secretary of health hasn't even finished speaking and the stocks for the next couple of weeks in the whole country were sold". I have no real ambitions of going anywhere and try to get everything delivered, including food, but... it would be nice to be able to go buy milk or something if we ran out...

    Despite new mutations sprading faster, the government was thinking about allowing some more students to go to schools (at the moment only two classes of elementary schools are allowed), which sounded ridiculous, but before they had the time to discuss it, the situation got worse yet again and the hospitals are nearing the limits of their capacity. Today they will probably stop all the children from going to schools, kindergardens are going to get completely closed for the first time as well. The curfew might start sooner, the few shops that were allowed to stay open might close with the exceptions of the absolutely necessary ones and we will newly probably be forbidden from leaving our district.

    Which irks me, my family and I were looking forward to at least go to our cottage when the spring came, but now we better visit there this weekend, which is probably the last we can. This should also mean that while I am looking forward to my trips on my bike at least, I won't be able to go outside of Prague. And let me tell you, the cycling paths in Prague look like beaches in summer season. People everywhere, doing any sport they can think of. Just like us. And our birdwatching trips are ruined, too... That was a nice pastiem fairly safe to do in the age of Covid. Till it gets forbidden...

    Thank goodness we at least have a garden! I already sew some chillies, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflowers etc. I am going to be prepared for the high prices of veggies next year as well! And keep myself occupied. I might need to dig a larger garden bed...
    I am going to do so by myself, most likely, though, or with my dad's help, as he enjoys this type of work, too. My partner is probably going to be out with a foot surgery. He was suposed to have in in October, but the anesthesiologist had Covid. In November, unnecessary surgeries were ordered to be postponed, so he missed his second term. When he got a third on in February, the surgeon had covid. Now he has a fourth in March. I do wonder if it will work out this time. It is just dragging.

    The thing I am greatful for apart from our health is the amount of online classes we have. We have karate 4x a week (each taught by a different person, which helps in case like this week when our sensei is down with covid) and I go to 3-4 Taiji classes a week. Generally many more trainings than I would have been able to attend if I had to travel. There are also international Zoom karate events taught by senior instructors of IOGKF. We are now in the middle of four weekend seminars in a row. I am really greatful for them!
    I haven't yet had the time to get bored, luckily, but... I still wish this was over soon. Or if we at least could properly go outside when the weather is finally getting nice. I wonder if things will at least get better by the summer :(

    Ah, sorry, I felt like venting a bit.

    How is everyone else doing? Are things getting any better for you?
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  10. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    It’s been tough, going this last lockdown over winter.. starting to feel brighter now we have a plan to bring us out and the vaccination program ongoing. Mine can’t be too far away. I’m hoping for as ‘normal’ as summer as possible and maybe skip town for a while.

    take care all
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  11. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    I'm honestly barely training this week. Dog has been in a bad way and we've discovered bone spurs in her knees, which is a whole mess neither of us need right now.

    I do a little bit of the hung gar dvds I have and some Ziranmen exercises but that's it.

    I am however, planning my world travels for when covid ends. Got a six month travel plan.
  12. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Schools are going back in 2 weeks in the UK, then 12th April based on current trend, gyms and non contact training can resume indoors.
    With the vaccination rollout and lockdown the trend is showing dropping and based on this they plan for an end to social restrictions in June (subject to continuing progress). Which means back to normal training!

    It has left me feeling optimistic and I expect that I'll be last to go back being on CVE list.

    This lockdown I found easier to do than last time, I was more prepared for the time scale of it and setup schedules and routines to deal with it. It feels like this was a lot longer than last time.
    We lost friend during this lockdown, and relative with terminal illness had put a lot of things in perspective. In my 40s now and having people the same age suddenly die from natural causes, or have terminal diagnosis has made me spend a huge amount of my quiet time reflecting.
    We could not have a funeral, so when restrictions lift we will be going to delayed wake.

    I've noticed that people in general are already jumping the gun and mixing. I went for our daily outing, around a lake which we see at most 2-3 small groups in the day, today it was busy, lots of big groups, clearly more than 6 in each.
    I hope that it doesn't affect so much at this stage, but it always makes me feel angry when I have had to miss out on so much whilst others frivolously mingle because they won't get "that" ill from it, or they watched a YouTube video that tells them it's made up to control them.

    I suppose people can be frivolous about it when they haven't felt what is like to have been grasping for breath for weeks and coughing up blood in their life, but at least they got to meet up with a bunch of friends from drinks in the lake that they rarely never visited the rest of the last 10 years.
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  13. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    Still unemployed but working on it, Im setting up my online businesses and the yoga course is nearly done so I can get teaching soon. Tired, worn out, fed up of watching my money fritter away.

    I'm keeping physically active and job seeking, walking the dog, trying to keep positive. Last few years are hitting me hard and frankly I sense some significant family drama brewing, and not small matters either.

    I'm bracing for fallout at this point.
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  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Today is a day when I don't feel so happy. Firstly, I got angry when our president started to press for our diligent and as I think hard working Secretary of Health to get fired as well as another lady, who are against using Russian and Chinese uncertified Covid vaccines. We are now deep in trouble, when it comes to Covid and now, our president, who keeps silent all the time, suddenly starts working against them, announcing how they should then take responsibility for all the people who die from now on. I can feel the sentiment and can see the point, but unfortunately, when it comes to Russia and China, it is just the political direction our president is trying to take and I don't think buying uncertified vaccines that aren't really proofed to help is a way. I am angry.

    And one more think I can't get out of my mind now and the reason I can't help but write here is that we just got a message from our sensei that he won't be teaching tommorrow's online training. He cought Covid some two weeks ago or maybe more and I thought he was more or less ok now as he also went to an Online seminar this weekend, though he said he was taking it easy. He said he had fever and nothing more, though, and I understood he didn't have it anymore and was recovering. Today he wrote the reason he won't teach tommorrow is that he had trouble breathing and was just calling an ambulance to get him to a hospital. I didn't expect this at all. He is a healthy 41 year old who is active in sports, though maybe a bit less during this pandemic, and initially didn't have any trouble breathing. I really really do hope it is not extremely serious and he is going to a hospital "just in case". Though I suppose one would think about going to a hospital twice now, since our hospitals are very much full at the moment. My partner just had his foot surgery postponed for the fifth time as the anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, etc. went through covid one by one when he was supposed to have teh surgery previously. And now, everyone who possibly can be of any help is summoned to care for the Covid patients, including these people like sports orthopedists and includindg even students of anything approximating health care. Yet there are still ...people (trying to be family friendly)... protesting in the center of Prague against the lockdown, preferably without face masks. Ah, I am really in a bad mood today.

    I just hope sensei and everyone will be ok and this whole thing will be over soon :(

    Sorry if my writing is a bit incoherent. I just felt like ranting a bit.
  15. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    Thats unfortunate for your sensei and about your partner's surgery. Your president sounds like a moron and may be trying to shift any responsibility he feels may be on him onto others as well. As for the protesters, do they not see that keeping this up is going to drag the problems out?
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  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    The protestors are frustrated at the situation, but they are going on the wrong direction about it. I don't understand what the expect to achieve.
    It seems a mix of conspiracy obsessesed theorists and people who are out of work.

    My children are back in school, and everyone is wearing masks.
    The vaccination program in Czech Republic sounds like a mess :( I hope they get something solid going.
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  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thank you, I do have a hard time understanding some people... be it our president or the protesters.

    We got an update from our sensei this morning. He was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism :( He was already Covid negative, but apparently the coronavirus can mess up one's body so something like this can happen even after a few days. I am quite shocked, to be honest. Luckily it looks like sensei should be fine, but will have to rest and not exercise for half a year. I am just glad he will be alright.

    Our vaccination system as well as the state we're in is indeed one big mess. Compared to the UK we've already had twice as many cases per million people and while the new lockdown takes effect, it is not so great yet. I am really starting to feel like not setting a foot outside. Or at least in places with people...
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  18. IronMaiden1991

    IronMaiden1991 Active Member

    I've got a job now, Im working as a personal trainer again. Not the ideal situation in this climate but it can make me money to live and help work on my creative projects till Im more established.
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  19. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    I'm getting married on Sunday, not ideal as only myself, my partner, the officiaant and 2 witnesses can be there. None of my family (who live in a different city).

    But we're trying to make it special, had a virtual stag which was weirdly good and doing drunk painting tonight
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wow, congratulations! :) It is a pity you will not be able to invite your family, on the other hand, though, a small ceremony like that might also have a certain charm.
    I hope it will be a special and nice day despite the circumstances :)
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