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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by morphus, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. morphus

    morphus Doobrey

    How far are you prepared to go to condition yourslf for combat?

    we've talked about training hard, shin conditioning, people getting fat lips.

    Everybody has there own idea of how far they should take it.

    i wouldn't go as far as to condition my shins i don't see that its necessary.
    maybe you do something for conditioning - tell us about it!

    So, how far would you go??:)
  2. waya

    waya Valued Member

    I sometimes do contact sparring without pads when I can find a partner. Since I moved I haven't had anyone to work like that with though.

  3. wayofthedragon

    wayofthedragon The Defender

    When working out and conditioning my body, I like to go as far as I can, at least until I feel my body can't move anymore. TO make sure of that I try to move anyway, and if I can't then I figure, well, my body has had enough.....
    I love to feel my body sore after a good work out. It feels good to me, especially afterwards.
    I also like to go like to spar with people I know I can't beat:)
    That could really hurt sometimes....but u'll learn a lot:)
  4. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    Yep, for example you'll learn that deliberately sparring with people you can't beat causes pain.

    I'll exhaust myself quite happily, but I won't get myself hurt by sparring people I know I can't beat. I'll spar people who're better than me, but I deny that there is anyone I couldn't beat, saying I couldn't is a little too defeatist for me. ;)
  5. STASH

    STASH New Member

    Every friday night, we go down to the park and go at it UFC style, sort of like Geoff Thompsons "animal days" but we know where to draw the line, we have added a TKO rule as well. If we clearly see that one fighter is getting killed, he's bleeding from a dozen places and has lost all hope, then we call it off.
  6. wayofthedragon

    wayofthedragon The Defender

    YEH YEH, I know, saying sparing against someone I can't beat was just and only just an over exaduration. Though I know there probally are people out there that could beat me, I would never admit it anyway;) I simply ment people that are more experienced than I am, or have more knowledge than I do, then hopefully they can share that knowledge with me. Which is exactly what I want:)
  7. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    I push myself every wednesday evening training in self defence. I always come alway with bruises on my arms and legs but never to the point where I can't continue working the next day.
  8. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I do some conditioning on my knuckles, forearms and striking handshapes. Nothing extreme, just enough to make sure I won't hold back if I ever have to hit someone in earnest.

    More importantly, I try to condition myself mentally every day!
  9. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    You know, I've never had more than a handful of minor bruises from playing. I must not bruise easily.
  10. waya

    waya Valued Member

    You can have some of mine... I worked out with a friend that fights NHB and trains Pankration and BJJ last night lol. I am 5'8 160 or so and he's about 6'2 and roughly 270 pounds.... Not really a fair grappling match.

  11. Cain

    Cain New Member

    I would go as far as possible even if that means shin conditioning we have to expect the unexpected and pushing ourselves to the maximum limit is the only way you are going to succeed.

    Some people also say that there's no need to know this or that I must admit I get frustated by these views.
  12. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!

    so....CKD...theres no one you can't beat and you don't bruise easily.....just as well my pads have bits of kryptonite sewn into them.!

    I train till i'm sore...i spar till i'm sore. I can be beaten by anyone better than me and i try to give my humility a workout every day.....anyone else wanna join in?
  13. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I'm not a great believer in conditioning, I think normal decent training will condition your arms knuckles enough etc. To me it often seems like damaging your limbs so they don't feel pain as much, which is all very well, but it won't necessarily make them any harder to break, so is the damage you do to them worth it!?

    What I do think is valuable is getting used to taking a hit, for example taking a strike to the ribs without ending up on the floor winded!
  14. stump

    stump Supersub

    I agree to an extent pgm....the majority of conditioning is mental toughness.

    But I'm very much for conditioning - When it's done correctly. It's not something you can do quickly. You have to do it over time or you'll end up hurting yourself. Though it sounds contradictory it has to be done "gently". If you're in anything more than slight pain when you do conditioning exercises you're missing the point in my opinion.

    I don't think pushing yourself permanently to the max is anything more than a ticket to overtraining. Yes you should do it sometimes, but too much and your body can't recover before you do it again...and you end up doing yourself more harm than good. Rest is exactly as important as training.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2002
  15. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Yes I agree with stump it's very effective if done correctly. Unfortunately many who start conditioning for the first time simply injure themselves by putting in too much force. Mild conditioning is the way to go. And of course conditioning takes time.
  16. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I think I agree stump, it just depends on the conditioning methods. I'm not against being conditioned, I just feel i get conditioned enough through normal training. I punch enough focus pads so my knuckles never bruise. Practice enough blocking etc so my arms don't get bruised. Enough sparring bag work etc so I'm used to feeling the effects strikes.

    I don't like the pure conditioning methods, hitting arms together purely to condition them, hitting hard objects etc. I'm sure a lot of it can lead to health problems.

    What are your conditioning methods?
  17. Cain

    Cain New Member

    The pure conditioning which you mentioned is dangerous only if hit to the bony areas of the body like the shin. But I believe it's safe if you condition your muscles that way like your thighs and the upper and fleshy part of your forearms.
  18. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    Huh? When'd I say that there's no one I can't beat?

    And no, I don't bruise easily. Still hurts though, just doesn't show. So I get the pain but no sympathy.

    And if this is what you were referring to:
    The main statement of Choi is Pil Sung, certain victory. Admit that you can't beat someone and you've already lost. I do deny there's anyone I can't beat. I don't deny that people are better than me and its extremely unlikely that I would beat them, but that doesn't mean that I can't.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2002
  19. AllOutWar

    AllOutWar New Member


    "i wouldn't go as far as to condition my shins i don't see that its necessary.
    maybe you do something for conditioning - tell us about it!"

    I will admit I haven't had to worry about to many kicks in a fight, but I love throwin low round house kicks! In Muay Thai as a sport they aim for thighs, on the steets you aim for knees! Str8 up why waste time fighting if you blow out the knee cap with one strike?
    My point is if you don't condition your shins then how do YOU stop a low kick? If you check one of my kicks with your shin A. you won't wanna do it again cuz my shins are like baseball bats or B. I'm gonna break your shin and depending on my mood how much pain will follow. Or would you drop your arm to block it? wich would go back to scenario A and B In actuality droping your gaurd to block a kicks gonna get you knocked out! If I'm feeling you out and through a mellow kick seeing how you respond and you drop your guard be sure I'm planting one on your chin!I don't mean to be a dick or say that I'm I am just giving a helpful insight.
  20. AllOutWar

    AllOutWar New Member


    how far you should or would go depends on how serious you are. I have the century body bag speed bag combo for my house I'm on it every day. Jumping rope 30 min a day is essential. And most important would be running besides sparring. Unless you wanna end up like Tank Abbot thow 10 punches and be winded. Also I heard mentioned a sort of fight club,I am From OMAHA, NE and yes there's more out here than cornfields. We have a couple fight clubs out here Tues at Club Amnesia (HOW IRONIC) is fight night They have Submmision fighting were no strikes are thrown. Kickboxing, and Your UFC style fight. Your weighed in and are put up against someone of your talent. They're not gonna through you to the wolves! The other place is Club omega on thurs nite. Both places have radio stations sponsor it I bet you guy's could get something goin in your town.
    I'm sorry these are so long I love MMA and sharing my Knowledge!
    My training:
    Run a mile a day
    Jump rope for 30 min
    kick the bag 100 times per leg
    punch the bag 100 time per punch per arm I do 10 jabs per arm then 10 jab crosses per arm
    mon -fri I lift weights each day designated to a part of my body
    mon leg
    tues chest
    wens back
    thurs shoulder
    fri arms
    everything done in 5 sets of 5 it's a body builder program.I'm not big you couldn't even tell I lift weights! I just need stregth and speed.
    mon wens fri is stomach
    sat me and my friend do tradtional karate forearm and thigh conditioning.
    we use bjj on each other in our circle of friend but don't see much use for ir on the streets,if your outnumbered or whatever.
    I am a broke ******* so I don't have sparring equimpment
    anyways My routine is rather mellow compared to some. to others it maybe exteme. It just depends on how serious you are

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