How effective is unarmed arnis fighting

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  1. nightlight

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    Hi, I have recently become quite interested in taking up a Filipino martial art and wanted to know about unarmed side of arnis stick fighting.

    I would also like any suggestions about which martial art (Filipino or other)would be best for me as I have health issues that affect my shoulders, lower back and hips. If my health was better than I would do silat as I admire the blocks and effectiveness of the style. I don't really want to do tai chi as I prefer a more physical form of self defence and consider both karate and taekwondo far down my list of martial arts preferences.

    All advice very welcome, thank you :)
  2. komuso

    komuso Valued Member

    Hi Nightlight,

    I think it's great, fast and intuitive to learn, and very no-nosense.

    That said, I'm probably going to pre-empt a lot of folks here by saying that it depends on the school, teacher, and most of all yourself. No one system is perfect or all encompassing, and a lot of things depend on what you bring to the table.

    At the very least go and have a try, it's always the best way of knowing whether something is for you or not.

  3. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Agreed that it depends. In fact, I'd say it depends even more than usual. FMA empty hand isn't the standardized curriculum that empty hand in, say, karate is. The specific techniques and approach change radically from one style/instructor to another and can be based on any number of approaches from other styles.

    Someone from an Inosanto lineage may incorporate more boxing, muay thai, and silat. Someone from a Canete lineage may feature more jiujutsu. Etc. FMA empty hand is often someone's empty hand experience from another source adapted to meet the priorities of FMA.
  4. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    It is commonly called Panantukan or Sunantukan and I personally think it's AMAZING! I wish my instructor would teach it more :(
  5. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    In some circles, yes. But panantukan and suntukan aren't universal, by any means. Other terms include pangamot, mano mano, buno (grappling), dumog (grappling), sikaran (kicking), pananjakman (kicking), etc.
  6. Hannibal

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    This is an example of how it looks EH - I am using this clip for a couple of reasons

    1) I was teaching the exact same split entry/gunting trap last night
    2) It's Chadderz Instructor, the incredible Rick Young
    3) I always end up posting Guro Inosanto clips for these things and its nice to have a change!

  7. KaliKuntaw

    KaliKuntaw Valued Member

    Modern Arnis is a very good art for you to try.
    It is taught with a gentle progression mixing a bit of panantukan and small circle ju jutsu as well as stick grappling.
    The way it is taught was ideal for me because it is slow and easy at first to help you build up your flow.
  8. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Haha, nice plug! That guy he's demonstrating with just got his blue belt at Christmas! :)
  9. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    My friend Guro Gani Abon (student of the great Henry Espera) teaching basic empty hands in the streets of Manila

    [ame=""]Rapido Realismo Kali - YouTube[/ame]

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  10. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    Here's another idea that i have heard before. "Empty hands work buys you time to draw your weapon"


    [ame=""]Filipino Kali Empty Hands: Does it Really Work? - YouTube[/ame]
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  11. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    I have to share this. The great Ama Guro Jun de Leon of Kali de Leon

    [ame=""]Kali De Leon , Filipino Martial Arts - YouTube[/ame]
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  12. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    This is apromo clip of my teacher and friend Roland Isla.

    [ame=""]STICKS, KNIVES and EMPTY HANDS : Isla Mandirigma Kali - Kali de Leon - YouTube[/ame]
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  13. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    Thanks Simon for cleaning up my mess!
  14. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

  15. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Haha, swift work, as always, Simon!
  16. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    I'll echo the posters who say it really does depend on the instructor. Which is the 'right' art for you depends not only on your training aims but also on what's available that is feasible (cost and distance wise). People can always give you better advice if you state your location.

    You've asked how effective it is for self defence, which is quite a different question to how effective is it against other FMAists/boxers and people attacking in similar patterns. What do you expect to have to defend yourself against?
  17. ryan4nayr

    ryan4nayr New Member

    I suppose with all your health issues, YawYan is out of the question :-D

    Like somebody mentioned, empty hand techniques tend to be taught later in the curriculum (if at all) instead of as a separate program altogether. You'd best ask your nearby FMA instructor(s) if they can customize an entirely empty-hands session for you; in the case of my instructor, he teaches balintawak arnis for the most part, and teaches YawYan for clients who like cardio/kickboxing better.

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