How effective does Hapkido ,other martial arts like ‪Aikido‬,Judo work on big person

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Bubble99, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hannibal

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    200 lbs of simple weight is much, much easier to pick up than 100lbs that does not want to be lifted and stops you actively
  2. Pretty In Pink

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    Please stop calling small people weak. Weak people are weak. I myself weigh about 150 lb and I wouldn't have too much trouble dropping most people on their heads. Yet I can't do 30 push ups in a row if my life depended on it.
  3. Knee Rider

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    This isnt really true at all.

    Raw strength while being a tool is not a necessity and is ancillary to the development of timing, distancing, biomechanics, accuracy, footwork, flexibility, use of leverage etc that is the skill in martial arts which supersede strength. Although strength is useful, if you employ it as a crutch you stunt your development.
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  4. rne02

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    So self defence situation always have to end in violence?
  5. Prizewriter

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    The "flipping" as you call it in Aikido is often done to prevent injury. You go with your wrist being twisted.

    A lot of "flips" in Aikido are small joint manipulations. Think of a screwdriver turning a screw in to a wall. Once it is in as much as possible, you can attempt to screw it in as much as you like but there is no give. So when your wrist or fingers are twisted, they only have so much give before they snap. So in Aikido people go with the wrist lock to avoid injury, hence they appear to be "flipped".

    People argue about the effectiveness of small joint manipulations in self defense, but anecdotally I have heard stories of people making them work. That said, Aikido might not have the best delivery system for small joint manipulations as it is often done vs a compliant partner.

    A simple way for the OP to test whether or not the wrist/digit locks done in Aikido would work against a bigger person is to go to an Aikido dojo, find a much smaller black belt, grab their lapel and ask them to lock up his wrist. It might give a better understanding of what they are actually doing in Aikido.
  6. Latikos

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    Others and myself have said it before, and I'm gonna repeat it: You need to start to train something!
    All theorizing doesn't do you any good and posts like that pretty much prove it.

    Why should I have to gain weight? Weight doesn't give you strength, strength gives you strength.
    And bulking up is only a thing (for me) if it would go hand in hand with my goals.

    I nearly had 100kilos on 165cm for a while.
    Didn't make me strong actually; made me fat.

    Plus - so much what Hannibal said.
    I read nice saying to that: You can throw a footall or a baseball. But try throwing something that's trying to throw you.
  7. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    size (even without strength) and strength (of all types) can be used to make stuff work, but it's ultimately only scaffolding errors in technique.

    In a street fight or competition, size and strength as well as conditioning and mental fortitude all play a role, HOWEVER: using size and strength in your training will hamper your technique. Using strength training as a base for my grappling held my technique back for ages.

    putting strength (of all types), conditioning (of all types) and technique together is obviously the optimum plan.
  8. Bubble99

    Bubble99 Valued Member

    So how can 100 pound to 110 pound small skinny girl take down 200 or 250 pound guy in my city? Most guys in my city are fat or really obese like 200 pound to 300 pound!! Yes we even have some bodybuilders here and there in my city. There is hardly any skinny or normal weight people in my city.

    Using Judo move or wrestlers move take down or throw on such big people? With out getting big to say 170 pounds of proper weight of muscle mass.

    Lots of female wrestlers and guy wrestlers in WWF or WWE now are big or tall. Many can pick person up 6 feet of the ground or more in the air than drop them.

    I hear stories that in year or two you can go from be really small and skinny to borderline bodybuilder!!

    Some of these bodybuilder can lift lot of weight.
  9. Bubble99

    Bubble99 Valued Member

    I hear Aikido is better for girls and smaller people because in Aikido you not really throwing them or picking them up off the ground :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:you use wrist lock and off balancing them.:)

    Where Judo and wrestling more for bigger people.
  10. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Not really... In fact not at all.
  11. Bubble99

    Bubble99 Valued Member

    This is Karate not Aikido but these really small Karate girls one Karate girl that really small flips the big really big guy to the ground using Aikido move.

    [ame=""]Repo man gets his ass kicked - Show By Karate Girl - YouTube[/ame]

    I don't know why she did not kick his knee so he could not walk.

    So Aikido seem to work more for girls and smaller people fighting really bigger people.
  12. Prizewriter

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    May I ask, what training have you done in Aikido or Judo or Hapkido?? You seem to be drawing a lot of (wrong IMO) conclusions from youtube.
  13. philosoraptor

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    I base all of my conclusions about the world on reality television.

    Good news is I could survive on nearly any deserted island in the world.

    Bad news is I can't do it without fake tanner.
  14. David Harrison

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    150lb weaklings:

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    Destroyer of worlds:

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  16. David Harrison

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    But how many pushups you can do is about strength and endurance, not about size.

    It's easier for lighter people to make gains in bodyweight exercises like pushups.
  17. Latikos

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    On da dangerous street?
    Run like hell.
    If everybody where you live is obese that's a great plan.

    Because, that's what he does :rolleyes:
    Check out his other (older) threads.

    He will start to post videos and therefore with them prove his point.

    I'm not an expert myself, not at all, but even I start to see a lot of... "interesting point making" in his posts.
    That's why I keep repeating he should actually start training something. Anything.
  18. Rand86

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    Mark my words - while everyone focuses on fighting the big guys, small guys will take over the world...
  19. 47MartialMan

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    Small weaker guys have....look at Bill Gates :p

    *Using the term Small-Weaker in context to some other posts
  20. bushidoka

    bushidoka Valued Member

    Strong and well trained will always beat Well Trained...

    Impact = mass (size) x Speed (how fast that mass is travelling) Squared... very simplistic formula, I know, but easiest to show the weighing factors.

    And, some times, it's just nice to know that you can just grab some one and slam them to the ground ;)

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