How do you stay motivated?

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by ember, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I've been the only one to touch on this part of JKN Jey's question... so here's hoping that by uncoupling it from the other issues, we can get some good discussion.

    How do you stay motivated to practice and seek out training when you're hours away from the nearest dojang?

    It had sounded pretty good, apparently there are two other JKNs within a couple of hours drive, five of us could get together and practice every other weekend. But the number Coyote had for the nearest instructor quit working about June.

    We made it out to seminar, ~6 hours away (8-9 with Munchkin, but taking a four-day weekend made it manageable). And I've been hoping we could make it back to Houston in October, though I haven't made reservations just yet.

    Coyote's made a lot of progress pulling together numbers towards a business plan. (He used the spouse relocation benefit to help.) But when we head to the Y, he's preferred to go to the pool, unless I ask. It's hard to practice techniques without a partner.

    I've got some other things going on too (working overtime, continuing education coursework, my mom's health, still not quite settled in) and I guess I'm starting to lose focus with respect to training.

    I thought staying on here would help me keep in touch, but I don't feel like it has.
  2. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Funny enough, I think that many school owners face the same problem your are facing, no matter the location.

    My simple advice is, own your practice.

    When we start out we need to have other people around. They provide many things, instruction, motivation, partners, etc...

    You have none of this.
    You must have the mindset that you are doing this for yourself.

    I am sorry for the simplicity of my answer, I not trying to imply that this is easy.

    It has taken me some time, but now I prefer to practice solo things solo. I like to be in the studio alone. It is quiet and I can focus on what I need to do, without any distractions. Partner practice is a different story, luckily I have good practice partners. I have no advie for you there.
  3. ember

    ember Valued Member

    It does help. Thank you.
  4. Studude67

    Studude67 The hungry fighter

    I believe it stems from the correct mindset, your training must be fun and enjoyable. I find that i get depressed if i cannot make it to the gym, because i enjoy training so much, if i have to call the coach to tell him i cant make it one day, i feel bad, even if its impossible to get there! Last year i couldnt make it to the gym for a matter of months due to work and money isssues, during that time i was so depressed that i wasnt able to train, i started training alone. Ofcourse training alone is not the same as you lack the motivation of the other people around you, but even going through stuff in your mind is important as to not forget it.
  5. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Motivation....It's the hardest part about any training. What does KJN say? "The hardest part is getting to class, after that everything is easy"

    The easy part is to make a routine, remember the body likes routine, the hard part is staying with it. So one suggestion is just bear through it, another might be maybe eliminate the physical and just do your mental drill stuff, take a break.

    Another is if you can change your schedule; train in the early morning instead.

    Its hard to suggest what to do without details of what the actual problem is, is it you or your schedule, or is it coyote or his. If you want maybe steal a partner from a college MA club, most have them go to facebook or other social networks, or jsut find out if the local jr. or 4 year college has one. Just becareful of the potential of "sharing" material.

    If none of those help, let us Your Instructors help, give us a call you know when we are in the dojang
  6. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I think it's two main issues. One is balancing out my training plan, the other is what I do when I'm there.

    I'm usually over at the Y 4-6 days a week, but balancing KS in with a general fitness program has been a challenge.

    Then there's cases like last Sunday, when we got to the Y more than 2 hours before childcare closed (we're only supposed to use 2 hours per day). I went to train, and petered out towards the end of one hour, without breaking a sweat.

    last Sunday's practice:
    Mohm Pohl Ki
    Baek Pahl Ki Hyung once for review
    Ki Cho Hyung four directions
    staff spinning 1-15 10x each
    Cho Geup Hyung four directions
    jung gum meditations 1-5, 20x each
    Joong Geup Hyung four directions
    dahn bong meditations, ~10x each hand

    Then as motivation waned, I did the ki breathing 5-12 for a bit.
  7. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Have you tried using music to inspire, afterall thats what its supposed to do. I have found that when I play music during training I forget about the time and just end up trying to keep up with the music. obviously you have to choose music that gets your heart thumping.
  8. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Great minds think alike. There wasn't a stereo system in the old gym where I practiced this evening, but I have an armband for my iPod if I just bring it. I do need to start a playlist, though.
  9. kswflip

    kswflip Valued Member

    Hello I dont post much on here so here goes I once had a chat with Master Alex about training and how I get board doing forms 4 times his repliy was "me too" Wow you can imagine my response he said "good practise or practise for practise sake " he then explained it a little if you can practise all your forms well once then thats good enough if you practise them more and there not so good whats the use unless for fitness
  10. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    hahahaha -- I like that (what kswflip posted about KJN Alex's remark). Certainly, if you are doing separate *fitness* stuff, there's no need to do hyung umpteen times. One of the primary reasons for doing hyung in 4 different directions is to focus on the *relative* angles/directions one takes in the form (cardio is a side benefit). It also helps "fill" the time-slot alloted for class (as an instructor, "no-brainer" activities are okay if they "work"). But when you're on your own I find that twice is a good recipe. Once slow for precision, then fast for rhythm and *flow.*

    Mu Ki Yuhn Seup is a different matter entirely. Just do enough reps to maintain proficiency (use your own subjectivity here). As for tech practice, I don't quite understand. In my case, I gave up asking my wife to let me tie her in knots LONG ago... but you are the wife, and so *demanding* cooperation from coyote is not only your right, but your privelege. ;) However, if there's a schedule conflict, my only suggestion is to do the *brain-work* that GM IHS suggests and then *work the hell* out of your tech whenever you do get the chance (that's what I do).
  11. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Mu ki yuhn seup? What is that?

    If I'm just getting a short workout (~5-15 min) in before Yoga, I usually just do hyung once.

    I do weights, Yoga, and Pilates when I can make class. If they add a bellydancing class at a time I can make, I'm there. I was using the eliptical machines in May (and not getting any KS practice in) until I realized that I could make KS my cardio workout.

    On the cardio machine, I'd been doing intervals. I'd like to do that with KS, but it's been too much to track just yet.

    The music idea kills multiple issues at once. I can set up several different playlists for varying-length workouts. That way I don't have to watch the time for when to pick Munchkin up from the childcare. (We only get 2 hours per day with our membership, and they have limited hours.)

    If I get sophisticated enough, I can even set up the playlists to the desired intervals.

    We've tried several different ways of getting our workouts in. He's the at-home dad, so currently he does his workouts during the day while I'm at work (giving him a mini-break), and then I take our son with me to work out after dinner.

    If I work Saturday, I usually work the morning (the only time the childcare is open at the Y). We've done Saturday afternoon workouts, but more often it'd be all three playing at the pools.

    The last few weeks, we've had some good time Sunday while the childcare is open (noon - 5 pm). But with the school year starting up, we'll have another commitment from 1:30 to 3:30. That's still our best time to practice together, just more limited time.
  12. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    yuhn seup = practice, training, or drilling, depending how you translate. As for Mu ki Im not sure, probably self pratice or outside of class But IDK.
  13. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned


    Moo [noise made by a cow]
    Key [used to open a lock]

    okay, okay...

    There are many homophones in Korean, but here the translations are:
    Mu = war, martial Ki = tool, device

    ergo a war tool (or perhaps warrior's tool) = weapon

    if you could look at a 2nd dahn test form, then you would see a section for Mu Ki Hyung & Ki Cho Mu Ki

    Evil Twin is right about Yun Seup meaning "practice"

    I thought you'd know, didn't mean to throw a "loop" at ya. :D
  14. LoneStar

    LoneStar Valued Member

    Here's something you might consider.

    If you have access to a video camera (some laptops now have them built in, and will quickly compress a clip for emailing.)

    You could start a video correspondence with your masters, if they are available.

    Film your form or techniques or kicks attach it to an email with a specific question for long distance training. This might motivate you to train well enough to demo on video for your masters' viewing. I would respond in kind by mailing them a gift (tea, stationary, pens, books, weapons, or other things you know they might like) with a personal thank you note for their help.

    Your master might enjoy recieving a video attached to an email from his student, with a specific question. It's high tech 21st century. It would keep up your demo skills. Cyote might be more inclined to work with you if it were a creative video distance learning project, and you would be keeping a video record/journal of your progress. The next time you see your masters it won't feel like so much time has past.
  15. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    I like this. though why does it have to be a master?
  16. ember

    ember Valued Member

    'sokay. Kamsahamnita. I try to use the Korean as much as I know / can, but obviously this was a new one to me. I'm glad to learn it.
  17. ember

    ember Valued Member

    My digital camera has a limited video capability, though I'm not sure about the formatting. I had thought about videotaping periodically and posting it here, but certainly I would be interested in what my instructors have to say.
  18. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I did want to elaborate on this a bit. I figured that making KS practice my cardio could simplify my workout schedule. I can certainly see where doing a form one time WELL would be enough, but with the lower frequency practice, the first time is usually to refresh my memory, and then I work on it more. Though actually... I may be starting to agree with you & Choi now... I had been doing opposite side every other form (so the four directions are two each side), and not feeling like I was working the stances. Maybe next time I'll try just one side again, and work through the hyung principles.

    At that particular practice, I had intended to do the mu ki yuhn seup as preparation for moving on to the weapons hyung... except then I let my mind wander and cut the practice short.

    When we moved, our weapons went into storage for two months. So the first practice we had them back, we worked 'em like crazy. My sword still/again feels heavy to me :cry: , so I'd like to build my endurance back up. I know I could do that with the hyung, but I think with hyung I'd end up working too many things at once, and not giving the same attention. So for that practice, I went back to the fundamentals.
  19. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    Not to harp on it, but I think you got the wrong interpretation... What we usually refer to in English as "staff spinning" and "sword meditation" (i.e. drawing/cutting), is classified as Ki Cho Mu Ki in KSW. Any hyung involving a weapon would *generically* be a Mu Ki Hyung. So when I said "mu ki yuhn seup" I was meaning any and all weapon practice (kicho muki & muki hyung). In your last post you used "muki yuhnseup" to mean the same thing as "kicho muki" and while this isn't entirely *incorrect* (though my Korean isn't exceptional by any stretch of the imagination :rolleyes: ), I thought I'd set you straight since these are relatively *new* terms for you.

    Sorry, if I seem like a pesky know-it-all, it's just my pedantic nature.
  20. ember

    ember Valued Member

    No worries, I appreciate the correction. I've learned from experience that with languages you can't be shy, you have to use it. Corrections like this can help me refine my use :)

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