How do I break balance in properly in Randori?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by ronki23, Feb 6, 2012.

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    you got it here buddy.
    moans about female failings.

    and if the gyno really bothers you - see a doctor. it's a hormonal condition.
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    I hate gyno-Doctor says I need to lose weight first AND they said wait for hormones to even out (I saw them when I was 18/19 but i'm still above 15% bodyfat so it doesn't really help since the fat supposedley makes real breast tissue grow. Either way, i've been at the lowest at 130lbs (I lost lots of muscle) or in the 140s (I got down to this weight when I was 16 with minimum muscle loss) and I was still weak and flabby.

    LOTS of things to work on and in martial arts people go 'grow a pair' or 'man up' when I say i'm worried about getting hurt in competition-i'm ok in sparring in the club or with getting thrown/taken down without resistance.

    LOTS to work on:

    getting hit in nose/ribs
    getting thrown in randori
    THROWING in randori/taking down in wrestling
    lose the moobs and flabs
    figure out why I was unfriended by girls i've known for even longer

    considering i've been entering lots of comps and losing most the time, AND been training for a good part of a year, simply practising doesn't look like it'll help me-the only supplementary thing I can think of that'll help all 4 points to varying degrees are good weight training programs. Still,it won't solve all the problems 100%.

    Any advice on these 4 points?
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    maybe wait a while before your next comp. focusing on learning and perfecting skills for a while.
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    Click here ronki and we will answer all your questions
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    1) Eat clean
    2) Train Consistantly
    3) Lift heavy and inteligently

    Problems solved.
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    Just need some clarification-LONG POST (hopefully final)

    what about point #4-i'm quite frustrated there,especially since those 2 that unfriended me are girls i've known for longer :/ I've also got a girl on fb that I didn't know accepted my request-looks good but don't really like her 'judo is the only good MA' mentality and ranting on facebook. I'm 2 girls in front then I guess then (the 3 I added from that awesome party plus another from another party and this one from judo makes 5 but I used to have 7-one from judo :/ )

    As for judo - HOW LONG does it take to get used to being thrown in randori and getting punched or kicked in sensitive areas like face or ribs? I can throw and be thrown in drills but in randori i'm terrible-I can't do a judo throw to save my life-generally I have to push/pull them to one side and I go down with them to try and end up on top/on there side-I don't like risking sweeps as I worry they'll sweep me.

    Regarding kickboxing- one guy I know who has done/does points,light continuos, full contact, K1 AND MMA says not everyone's designed to get hit and the brain takes over when that happens. HOWEVER, he says a good workout program teaches your body to take pain.

    The coach from a rival judo club says the same-how S&C programs will make you more confident and not scared.

    My wrestling coach's English is not good but we do a lot of push ups (at least 70),dips and chins (he makes me do 10x5 or 5x10 of the former as I am too weak to do the latter), and normally bridges; I assume that's more for DISHING OUT pain?

    All I could find regarding exercise and pain tolerance is from the studes posted already- I know neck and ab exercises will help with defence but how will it help with getting thrown when both your hands are entagled or hit in the nose/ribs?

    I assume the best thing to do is to still do some form of contact martial arts WHILE doing a size and strength program and when preparing for competition,do some sort of exercise????
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    Here is my suggestion to you

    Say to your sensei that you want to learn to be a good uke

    Ask him to pair you up with a senior grade

    Ask this senior grade to teach you what uke must do for each throw to allow tori to perform good technique (lean back, stand on toes etc)

    Work with tori and practice your uke and ukemi as you allow tori to throw you over and over. He will tell you what throw he will perform and you will learn what is expected of you

    Always get straight up from a throw, dont lie aboutfeeling hurt

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