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  1. David Harrison

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    One thing about the fight tips video - I'm not convinced by the surface area and psi argument. From my poor grasp of physics I understand that would damage the surface more, but not help in imparting momentum into the target. So more cuts, possibly more broken bones (for both the puncher and punchee) but not more KO's.
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    I also wasn't convinced about hitting with "end of the stick" rather than the "length of the stick" being a good rationale.
    While getting alignment behind the fist is important in a hook shots without that alignment (ridgehands, forearm strikes and the "invisible baseball bat") can build up hellacious power and still KO.
    Powerslaps can KO without much skeleton being "behind" the striking surface at all.
  3. David Harrison

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    I think he was talking specifically about the phalanges and metacarpals in that bit, not aligning the forearm bones. Avoiding boxers' fracture by not hitting the knuckles at an angle.
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    I don't think Mike Tyson got away with it so much as he was capitalizing on individual moments. As far as bad habits, Mike is a bad example outside the ring. Inside the ring, I don't see how you can make the argument Mike Tyson had bad defensive habits. It might seem that way from an outside perspective, but Tyson isn't just known for the raw hook power, uppercuts, or swarming alone, but those peekaboo ninja strikes that if do right, no can defense :D Especially when considered in the context of "most people.

    Sensei Miyagi wins again!
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  5. David Harrison

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    I wasn't criticising Mike Tyson, or judging his whole game by one photo and a second of video, just saying that in other contexts that particular move wouldn't be such a great idea. Just like Buster Mathis Jr. is displaying great skill by ducking that hook in the photo you posted, but in the context of different rule sets it could land him in a lot of trouble.
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  6. Unreal Combat

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    I’ve been taught how to throw hooks from various striking perspectives, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai.

    How I throw my hook depends a lot on distance, the stance, the angle I’m trying to strike at, the area I want to strike, what I’m trying to achieve, my opponents defence, my opponents offence.

    There’s no black & white answer on how to throw a hook. Thumb vertical, thumb horizontal, if it hits and has the desired effect, that’s all that matters.
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    Hey look at that I just remembered how much I hate the sound of my own voice.

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