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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by LexS, Dec 24, 2003.

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    I'm posting this here and one other place on the board, hoping that's OK, moderators.

    Here, because I have 2 daughters and one wife :) and I care about women's self-defense & safety issues.

    I made this batch of training aids for home use:

    1) Home-made punching / kicking bag.

    Constructed out of rolled up carpet, duct taped to the desired circumference, and put it in a laundry bag which hangs from an attic rafter. I vary the hanging height for punching or kicking.

    2) Home-made practice dummy.

    Constructed out of PVC pipe 'skeleton', carpet head, torso & legs, and duct tape. ( I call him 'Bob Berber'. )

    The head is carpet and a lot of tape, torso is mostly carpet wrapped to human thickness, the legs the same. I dressed it in clothes and a skull / ski cap. (Only felt really weird when I was pulling its pants up ! Better than leaving them down, I guess.)

    Feet are PVC 'T' joints metal-strapped to a 3 foot by 3 foot piece of plywod.

    Glad to write out the plans and post photos if anyone's interested.

    3) Home-made speed bag.

    Long athletic 'tube' sock filled with beans as a timing & distance bag. I can spar with it or practice speed strikes of all sorts.
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    Don't we already have a topic EXACTLY like this?


    EDIT: Yeah... didn't read the first part... just sort of glanced at the post...

    Still I think 1 topic is enough.

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