Hokutoryu ju-jutsu

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by kamppailija, Jun 1, 2021.

  1. kamppailija

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    I am interested in how familiar people are with this style of ju-jutsu from Finland? It is practiced in Finland, Estonia, Norway, Russia, USA, Iran etc.

    Here are some sample videos of the style:



    On the second video there is a guy jumping and performing with a stick but that was only a show and has nothing to do with this style.

    Hokutoryu also includes full contact competition. "Hokutoryu competition is a full contact fight. All tecniques from standing positions to ground tecniques are allowed. Only punches to the head are not allowed (because there are no gloves)." (Hokutoryu.com)
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  2. Grapplezilla

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    I have never heard of Hokutoryu Jujutsu but from what I have seen on the videos you have posted.....it looks like a really great style!
    Really complete and lots of sparring, definitely a great style of Jujutsu form the looks of it!
    Thanks for sharing this

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