Hitting heavy bag with no gloves?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Morik, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Hannibal

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    Well those testimonials seem legit............

    Honestly its like the frauds cant even be arsed being convincing anymore
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  2. axelb

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    I see a second place certificate for a yogasana & bodybuilding competition in 1986. also first Dan in shotokan and JKD?

    who awarded the black belt in JKD to you?
  3. EdiSco

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    @Arun Kumar Saha. Could you post a video of you sparring hard or of a fight?
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  4. Hannibal

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    Neeraj Sharma

    (this is probably a very niche JKD joke.....)
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  5. axelb

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    I had to Google that, but got the jist of it pretty quickly :D I suspect that this shoe fits.
  6. Monkey_Magic

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    Even I don’t get the Neeraj Sharma reference and I’ve trained in JKD. Can you explain the joke? (Clearly, Axelb’s Google Fu is better than mine :))

    I googled Neeraj Sharma and found the name blacklisted by the World JKD Federation ... a federation that offers gradings right up to instructor level by video :rolleyes:
  7. Dead_pool

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    Aran, can you confirm that this gentleman, who has the same name as you, but seems much younger then you, isn't you,
  8. Hannibal

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    Well at the risk of a derail, he is a well known muppet who has been doing the rounds for years now - the fact even a globulous fraud like Carter Hargrave won't affiliate with him is telling!

    He typically sends out annual email blasts begging for rank - I average about 2 a year from him....they sound like this

    My response to this one was....

    This didn't put him off so I got this one two days later....

    to which I succinctly replied

    So he vanishes and a year later lo and behold....

    And again a pithy riposte from me

    Now by this point most people would have got the clue...but this cat is nothing if not persistent - so about 3 months later I get ANOTHER one....

    Again He received a befitting reply.....

    That was the last I heard of him personally and was in 2015 - however he seems to pop up periodically and has asked Chris Kent, Lamar Davis, Burton Richardson and others for rank in the past couple of years
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  9. EdiSco

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  10. Dead_pool

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    Haha I Googled that and found a legit place with a similar name,
    Instructors - JKD India
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  11. Simon

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    Don't come much more legit than that.
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  12. No, he is a Kid ... I am 56.
  13. I am not here to prove you wrong and myself right. The Painful part is most of the people take self-defense very lightly. When you are comparing Boxing with say Kung Fu.
    Anyone who has learned both of this will say you one thing nobody can stand up (No matter big or small) with few figure strikes (nerve strikes) of real kung-fu. You can hate me, bash me all the day long but the fact will be the fact. Mike Tyson is surely was a great fighter, nobody believed that he could be defeated but Buster Douglas did! So let's not fight like kids do and say things like,"Do you think the martial artists you train could get close to these guys". In the end I only say whatever you think about me will hurt me less than the person who practised only boxing and tried a real-life fight.
    *** Fights are meant to be something that can be in front of a medical store or in a club or in a street with 10+ people attacking you. In a ring it's easy to fight but in a street, it's not. I have had enough street fights + ring fights so i know the difference. Be happy, let me stay foolish with the belief that I have learned through experiance.
  14. I have never said its not useful, I said its "limited" both are different. Professional Boxing is totally different where you have rules, you have to fight 1:1, I train for that. The reason i say its limited is because 1:1 fight is good for in-ring situations. But in street fights you have multiple attackers with multiple weapons this is where you need to rethink ur strategy. Not every fiight is a Boxing match where opponest will be happy to score few points over you but in real life you have to pay a heavy price.
  15. I have already mentioned about my kickboxing receods on the other post and about the compitision I will update once the date is confirmed,said this too, It will be in september but waiting for govt approval. Will update that thread once date is confirmed.
    About my teachers, we have 17 permanent teachers others are appointed on project or requirement basis. Thanks for the idea i will ask my website mentainance guy to create a page contailing all their informations. Thanks again for the great idea.
  16. The fight is funny though :D.. with that music :rolleyes:..
  17. Mr.B.Roy
  18. Thanks for Asking, Surely will upload
  19. Simon

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    Can't find a single entry for B. Roy, so please elaborate on who he is.

    Who awarded B. Roy his JKD certification?
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  20. axelb

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    so the only person to defeat Mike Tyson was a boxer, and they didn't use nerve strikes.

    I have never seen a professional boxer in a boxing match or outside a boxing match lose to nerve strikes.

    you seem to be avoiding telling us which organisation run the professional boxing matches.

    so far I haven't seen any authoritative reason to believe that your hand conditioning is any use except to blacken the knuckles, which I'm sure would lead to loss of hand dexterity.

    you have no certified instructor award your JKD black belt
    no stored data on your professional boxing record. (boxing records are very easy to look up if they are legitimate).

    from your website it sounds like you learnt from a book at the age of 8years old.

    these may be a misinformation, and all the advice may well be valid, but you cannot expect anyone with an ounce of experience to accept your theories with no indication of any valid experience.

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