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    I'm really, really tired of all of this toxic bashing, back and forth. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if all of the Koreans who hate Japanese and all of the Japanese who hate Koreans could get locked up in a gym somewhere with a crate of baseball bats.

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    You are forgetting the Chinese vs the Japanese, and the Vietnamese vs Burmese, and all of these vs the dirtyknees, which can put it all to ease if it wasnt for a cultural disease, for anyone to say what they please. Geez :zzz:
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    Meanings are different in "the merger "&" colony".

    By Japan, Korea became independent from China.

    However, in Korea, a Yin princess privatized national budget. Therefore Korea failed economically because Korea had sold national assets to China and Russia.
    Therefore Korea demanded help from Japan. (refused from the Europe)

    Japan takes nothing up from Korea.
    In Korea before Korea being annexed to Japan, the Hangul Alphabet was a letter prohibited for a duke.

    The Hangul Alphabet and Japanese are written jointly to the textbook which Japan published in Korea.

    A Korean hoped for the Japanese reputation.
    And it was charged.
    In addition, there was the Korean who did not have the Japanese name to a general of the Japanese armed forces, a Japanese Diet member.
    The Prince of Korea does not have the Japanese name, too.

    The Korean living in Japan insists in this way now.
    It "is racial discrimination to report a Korean criminal by the real name written in the passport"
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    I'm sorry. blues.

    I say honestly, and I am tired from a history question and answer with the Korean, too.

    However, for them, it is spread to the world as something about everything their lie unless a Japanese continues saying a fact.

    The Korea government provides Korea cyberterrorism group VANK with national budget for propaganda of the Korea government.
    (VANK stopped an American server by terror attack last year)

    In fact, in Korea, the manipulation is considered to be an effort to the success.

    The thing which the Korea nation may tamper with by a Korean law.
    A figure. Lines in palm. A name. A birthday.
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    Dear Antille,

    sorry, but I think you are barking up the wrong tree here.
    It might come as a surprise to you, but WE KNOW that not everything that happened during the Japanese occupation was wrong. WE KNOW that the Japanese are NOT the only one to blame. WE KNOW that there were Korean coloborators, WE KNOW that the Joseon government in the last centuries was weak and was an easy prey for others.

    To be short: I don't think in absolutes of right and wrong, black and white ... there are always two sides to the story.

    Be careful though not to mistake the Korean government for the Korean people.
    Also, it was not prohibited for a 'duke' (yangban) to write in hangul, it was looked down upon. That is something completely different.

    While I am the first one to admit that within the Joseon government and among the Korean people there were people who eagerly worked with Japan, you will have to admit that Japan wasn't exactly the bringer of peace and glory in the first half of the twentieth century.
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    "Japan was not a pacifism nation"

    I think that the reason that you think about like that is caused by the Korea government and the propaganda by the white man nation.

    In the time, colony security by the white man nation is conquest by the military power entirely. It was common globally.

    There was not the merger that observed international regulations almost time of the Korea merger by Japan in the white man nation.

    It is Korean responsibility that Korea became impoverished nationally.
    In Korea of the 19th century, Yangban which was non-working class seems to have increased to 40% of the Korea population.
    And the Korean literacy rate was equal to or less than 5%.

    Kim Okkyun which appealed to a Korean for a Korean political reform and the modernization was tortured to death by Yangban.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX1TP0vGW3c"]ãªãœéŸ“国人ã¯å˜˜ã‚’ã¤ãã®ã‹(1) Why Korea Distort History - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks, Antilie:

    Just to be sure that I understand your point of view, please tell me what role you believe that the Japanese played in the first half of the 20th Century.

    I am reading a lot of comments about what the "white man" did in Asia. Please explain what the role of the Japanese nation was from 1868 to 1950.


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    In this earthquake, I thank for all countries which offered support to Japan.
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    Antilie... it's hard when you grew up with some preconceived ideas, to change. I now, do understand some of your point of views.
    Not black and white, as klaasb already has said.
    History has heroes, heroes and legends, all are originally made to define a nation identity... obviously, as the powerful upper class wants to. All are human constructs.
    But this site, is originally for martial arts. This one, specially for history of traditional korean martial arts.
    In your opinion, what makes a korean art, such?

    Maybe, nothing at all... huh?
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    I asked Koreans.

    In your country, is there the historical famous martial artist such as Musashi and Chiba?

    Are there the historical materials mentioned about a martial art in Korea?

    The evidence that a Korean shows is the same as this thread.

    Even if the testimony of the founder of the taekwondo that "taekwondo is copying of Karate" is mentioned in HP of ITF, the Korean does the claim.
    It "is Taekkyon in the origin of the taekwondo"

    The legend is a historical fact in Korea.

    The Korea government announces that there is the evidence that Tangun existed.

    Sayaga possessed a Korea-style family register. However, in Korea, Sayaga is General Japanese who went over from Japan to Korea with 3,000 soldiers.

    I had forgotten which Korean document it was, but Korea was going to make the armed forces similar to Japan after Imjinwar.
    However, therefore the nation who gathered seems to have been only an old man and an infant.
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    Japan did not want to become the European colony.

    The Japanese-style rule that Japan performed for Asia is different from the European style.

    The rule that Europe performed in Asia was infrastructure maintenance only for white sake.
    And it is the enthrallment of the local person.

    In the case of Japan, it is the modernization of the country itself.
    It is the same as the development that Japan performed for Korea.

    The improvement of the literacy rate by the school education.
    A food increase in production by the farmland development.
    Improvement of the hygiene environment by the maintenance of water and sewage.
    The adoption of the local person as the public employee.
    Upbringing of the export industry by the factory construction.
    It is the foundation of the defense organization by the person from spot by training you to a local person militarily.

    In Japan, Japan understood that there was not the strength of a nation only as for governing it in the Asian whole area.
    Therefore I was going to let you continue self-government by the spot person even if Japan disappeared from the country in Japan by educating the people of the Asian country.
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    Yes.....this is the highly sanitized version of what Japan was about before and during the Second World War. As in the case of Germany, it is almost impossible to find people in Japan who support how their country behaved. Just as you will not find people who will admit to be a German NAZI, in Japan you will not find people who were part of the Biological Experiments in Manchuria, or members of the AMUR River Association, or participated in the atrocities in Nanking. Today Japanese and German children are only taught about how noble the intentions of inviduals in the past were.

    You are a good citizen of your country and are to be commended for wanting people to see Japan in a wholesome light. I have taught and studied History and find that you are missing or ignoring some important facts.

    Best Wishes,

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    Also just because the martial tradition of Korea is different from that of Japan doesn't mean that one tradition is better than the other.

    The martial tradition of India is different from that of the Netherlands, yet you never hear people argue about that, do you?
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    Yes, and I can also say that, even though they are originated from any other place, they evolved and become unique. Traditional korean martial arts, are different. It is a natural phenomena. As some Japanese martial traditions came from Okinawa, and these from China... finally, they were unique japanese, and different from their original roots.
    Sorry again for my ingrish! :D
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    According to the note of Mao Zedong, as for the beginning of the Manchurian Incident, it is assumed that it was the Soviet Union.

    The Nanjing case has many forgeries by China, and a fact is uncertain.
    The quantity of China increases whenever I announce the number of people of the victim in Nanjing.
    When a claim by China was terrible, the quantity of the Chinese victim was 3 times of the Nanjing citizen.

    There were a regular soldier and a soldier of the temporary commandeering in the middle nation's armed forces.
    The regular soldier makes a temporary soldier private clothes and does it when I let I shoot at them from behind and charge for Japan force.

    The Japanese armed forces gave notice of the attack date and time to Nanjing to a citizen beforehand, and the citizen was going to shelter.
    It is said to have escaped by the citizen a Chinese soldier to make the citizen a shield.

    Now. There seems to be a lot the family who continues living in Nanjing more than 200 years from the ancestral times.
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    Yeah... Japan brought some modernization to Korea.

    However, once you add in the attempted cultural genocide of the Koreans (language, religion, culture, and even their family names), the theft and rape of the young women (so-called "comfort women"), the forced conscription of young men, the destruction of religious and historical sites, and the rape of Korea's natural and human resources, I'd say Korea got the short end of the stick.

    Now, if you wish to bring up Nanking, I'd say be even more careful. The rape, mutilation, and torture in this case exceeded any sort of military justification.
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    Antilie, do you even read the things we say?
  19. antilie

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    [comfort women]

    This is just a prostitute.
    In Burma, the Allied Forces hears them.

    It is a Korean and a Japanese to have employed them. Of course they are the women who applied for advertising in a newspaper in Korea.

    Japan managed whether such an institution observed a rule.
    And the supplier who found a woman by a kidnapping and fraud was punished by Japan.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X873kuRNCM"]YouTube - 従è»æ…°å®‰å©¦æ€§å¥´éš·[/ame]
    This is a video by a Korean press-agenting propaganda of the Korea government to Japan.
    This, the rule in the comfort station is written to the video.
    According to it, the soldier needed the permit from a senior officer.
    They were able to refuse a soldier after having received money.

    Their salary was 5 times of the soldier.
    In 1970's, the Korean woman who was a charity dame demanded the return of the savings of the charity dame times from Japan. It was equivalent to an amount of money of 1,000,000 dollars. But Japan returned an amount of money that I stayed and am cooking for her account record to her because I changed a currency unit after WW2.

    In the United Nations, the woman who was a charity dame insisted on forcible escort by Japan.
    However, their testimony turned big every the degree.
    Therefore, the United Nations ignored them.

    The testimony of the Korean university professor who investigated the forcible escort of the charity dame by Japan by a request from the Korea government.

    I stopped investigation about the charity dame in three years. I scanned all documents, all testimony.
    However, there was not one objective evidence that a charity dame was taken.

    When the Korea government looked for the reason that was convenient for Korea to criticize Japan, I understood it.

    There is not that Japan imposed duty of the draft on a Korean.
    All the Japanese nations were assigned to duty of the labor by "National Mobilization Act".

    September, 1944. By the decrease of young work force, Japan escalated the application of the law to a Korean.
    It is labor not military service.

    Do you think that you give the forced soldier whom you commandeered a fighter?

    Is it slaughter of the culture?

    I think that culture to disappear in 35 years it is the same as there not being it from the beginning.
    If Japan takes all culture, Japan prohibits the Korean race clothes.

    There is the culture that revived after WW2 by the Korean culture that Japan prohibited.
    It is "a weak constitution dance".
    This is Korean public dancing to sneer a leper.
    The Korean dances it in spite of being a laughter now.

    In addition, about the torture, Manager Korean of the prisoners' camp is executed in Tokyo trial from the Allied Forces by "prisoner abuse".

    You please explain "the Korea Operation Army".
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    Aaaa....no. Now that is just plain wrong.

    The attack on Nanking was known to the wealthier Chinese who had the ability to leave the city and relocate to other places. The Middle Class and the poor who could not leave the city were left to fend for themselves.

    The Japanese, by their own admission, bayonetted, raped, looted and shot Chinese nationals. Such atrocities as herding people into caves and setting off explosives as well as herding people into pits and burying them alive were filmed by the Japanese military. Subsequent debriefing by authorities revealed that the Japanese soldiers conducted themselves as they did because they were given to believe that no consequences would result from their superiors. Further, while Nanking is the single best example, it was not, by any means the only such event.

    Speaking for myself, I thoroughly resent your attempt to revise or mitigate the behaviors of the Japanese forces. Nor am I ignorant of the political atmosphere in Post-1867 Japan that produced the attitudes that made such behavior possible.

    Lastly, I hope you appreciate the latitude you are getting in being able to spout your un-informed opinion here. You are enjoying a freedom of expression, here and now, that would have been both unthinkable and impossible in the culture you are working so hard to enoble.

    BTW: I would walk very carefully around the issue of "Comfort women". There has been a lot of evidence revealed about the treatment of these women, how they were recruited, how they were treated and what became of many of them.

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