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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by nimpy, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. nimpy

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    So, I have been training in Kickboxing since October '13 and there is a tournament in November this year that I would like to enter. Other than the training in the class I have a friend that is experienced in competitions in Kung Fu and has agreed to give me some extra training.

    I have been able to hold my own in light sparring and this is what has peeked my interest in doing a tournament.

    Although I am 39 (eep) :cry: I am relatively fit, I run regularly, up to 10 miles, sometimes with interval training, but need to work on my stamina and build more muscle. I am 6'4" and 104Kg, but this is not all muscle, trust me, its way too wobbly :rolleyes:

    So where should I go from here ?? :p

  2. Hive

    Hive Valued Member

    Wow that reads so like my thread from last year. All I can recommend is that you work on your weight. Try to get under 90kg or you're going to be up against tanks.

    If you're kickboxing and doing 10 mile runs and still over 100kg then it's your diet that's the issue. Work on improving that and alongside your training your weight will nose dive.
  3. Infesticon #1

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  4. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    Hi hive, thanks, its good to know that others go through similar stuff. Last sept I was 117kg so it is coming off, slowly but surely. Its my love of a weekend drink that's the problem I suspect, something I need to cut down on for sure. Did you have a weight program you followed?
  5. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    Thanks infesticon, I will check it out :)
  6. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    Nice work on the weight loss, I'm at 83 kg myself now, down from over 100!

    Keep at it! Slow and steady wins the race.
  7. Simon

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    If you're running 10 miles you already have a fantastic base to work from.

    I'd suggest using the runs to replicate the frantic short bursts followed by short breath recoveries that competition will give you.

    Have a look at this thread and scroll down to the information given on fartlek training.

    I'd be doing a one mile warm up, then do a sprint, walk, jog between marker points.

    If running on the road, then after a mile sprint between two lamp posts, walk between the next two and jog between the next two and repeat.

    The other option is to find a park with a series of trees.

    I have a local park with 16 trees about 5 metres apart. I sprint the entire distance, then walk back to the 2nd tree, sprint that and walk back to the 3rd and repeat. In the end all you have to do is sprint 5 metres, but it's hard work.

    You could do the same with skipping, swimming, or cycling.

    Warm up, intense bursts, followed by ever decreasing periods of recovery.
  8. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    Thanks Simon, I have been checking out your videos, they're great. Clear, concise and very helpful.

    I think I need to do more interval training for sure, as I do notice myself short of breath after a busy burst of activity.
  9. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

    You can run 10 miles but need to work on your stamina? No my friend. You need to relax when fighting. If you can run 10 miles on a regular basis your stamina isn't the problem.

    You should skip a minimum of 30 minutes a day to supplement your running and cut the carbs out of your diet as much as you can. Your body won't burn fat off if there's a lot of carbs to burn off first. I'd say you're about 20kg too heavy. So, run, skip, train, and sort out your diet.
  10. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    Cool, thanks. I suck at skipping but I guess I better practice. I will take a good loom at my diet too. I run 10 miles once a week, 6.5 twice and 4 once. This will keep increasing as I am doing the great Birmingham run, so that should help too. I don't find myself out of breath after a long run, but do struggle after a hard session on the bags, that's what I meant by stamina.
  11. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Best of luck dude! What rule set will you fight under?
  12. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

  13. Hive

    Hive Valued Member

    http://www.myfitnesspal.com - give that a try. Calorie counting. It's what I've been using.
  14. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    Thanks for all help and suggestions :)

    Given me a lot to think about and do. I am sure I can do it !

    Chadderz, daft as it sounds, I don't know. It with the Pka, so not full contact, semi contact i think is the term, headguard, shin guards etc, may try full contact one day, but i am not so young anymore lol
  15. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I'd take full contact every time! In those non-full contact tournaments you get some very good "players of the game". At least in full contact you can give it your all and at least not get as frustrated by point fighters. :p

    Note - Point fighters also appear in full contact martial arts, it's just that there are more in point fighting matches (obviously xD)
  16. nimpy

    nimpy Valued Member

    ah, I will wait and see how I get on lol I would quite like to do it but I need to get into a better phisycal condition 1st.

    I take your meaning about some good "game players" at the semi contact tournaments, will have to watch out for it, or maybe try and knock them out :p
  17. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

    You should run at least 4 days a week. I would recommend minimum of 5km a day with 30 minutes of skipping as well. That, along with an amended diet and training will see you lose 1kg a week easy.
  18. Hive

    Hive Valued Member

    I found semi contact too stressful. Always thinking am I going in too soft, so at a disadvantage, or too hard and get in trouble? Is my opponent taking the Mickey with how hard he's landing?

    Full contact is more honest. Everyone knows where they stand, no 'game playing'.
  19. Saved_in_Blood

    Saved_in_Blood Valued Member

    If you're going to be fighting... then i'd do what you're going to be doing in the ring... get on the heavy bag, work your combos, circle, footwork, do it all, if you find you aren't out of breath enough... then move faster, or go longer rounds. Nothing wrong with running and such, but remember you're training for a fight, not for a marathon.
  20. daggers

    daggers Valued Member

    Trust and work with your coach 100%
    As a pro thai coach I would never expect my student to enter or train without my full guidance advice and support as they represent me and my club

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