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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Conquistador, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    Hicho No Kamae is one of the coolist Kamae of all time.At a Bujinkan school when do they start showing this Kamae?Thanks.
  2. JimGould

    JimGould New Member

    First class
  3. Togakure

    Togakure New Member

    You should start learning all 8 kamae's in your first few lessons.
  4. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    Have youever studied Aiki Jutsu?
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  5. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    yeah, it's the "coolist"

    Conquistador: "At a Bujinkan school when do they start showing this Kamae?"

    At which school do you train? Are you looking for differences between bujinkan and your style?

    A more accurate answer is that it depends on what dojo you train at, and who your instructor is. It is one of the first that one learns, but it might not be until after you have been shown other kamae and the sanshin. It is first encountered in kata form in the kihon happo - which every bujinkan dojo covers (or should) often.

    "Now I know how to do it 4 differant ways and will bust your a**!"

    I am very proud of you. :)

    Oh, and I hope you can appreciate the kamae beyond them just being "cool."

    Togakure: "You should start learning all 8 kamae's in your first few lessons."

    All 8?! There are many more than eight. There are 7-10 basic ones that will likely be shown early on in training, but there are dozens of kamae - especially if you count kamae particular to certain weapons.

    Here is a short list of some of the basics:
  6. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    Ya know I did Ninpo for 6 months before I was told it was Ninja stuff.When I asked it was told to me it was traditional Japanese martial arts.
  7. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    Oh I am not trying to compare schools, Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo means.There is much to be learned from everything.I am just trying to respect my elders first of all.Senor students that is,
  8. Conquistador

    Conquistador New Member

    I never went to find a ninja school, ninja school found me
  9. Togakure

    Togakure New Member

    Aye I know there are more than 8, but there are 8 basic stances.

    Acording to my teacher, and Dr Hatsumi himself, they are the first 8 stances you should learn at first.
  10. JimGould

    JimGould New Member

    Maybe you are confusing that with the Kihon Happo , eights basic techniques.
  11. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Kihon Hapo/Sanshin

    Might be a bit of confusion there.... By my count Kihon and Sanshin give us 13 to start (but then again I haven't had my first cup o' joe this morning).
  12. togakure_ninpo

    togakure_ninpo New Member

    I'll say 12......let's see if I'm right

    Seiza No Kamae
    Shizen No Kamae
    Gassho No Kamae
    Ichimonji No Kamae
    Hira No Kamae
    Jumonji No Kamae
    Kosei No Kamae
    Hicho No Kamae
    Hoko No Kamae
    Doko No Kamae
    Ihen No Kamae
    Fudoza No Kamae

    there are 13 you say? I'm only counting 12 that are taught in beginning level. which one am I leaving out?
  13. JimGould

    JimGould New Member

    No there is still confusion here if I am thinking correctly. The original post was about 'stances' Kihon Happon and San Shin and techniques. Yes they let us use stances BUT some of them are the same and they do not include all of the stances thats for sure. As for the number of stances, I have never counted... I wonder who really has ? so maybe a good time lol. The list above is certainly missing a lot such as Shoshin, Fuesets and Bobi. Too early for me too.
  14. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    There are only 9 kamae in the basic Bujinkan,

    Gassho is a greeting, Ihen is an adaptation of ichimonji, seigan is the koto ryu ichimonji and shoshin is from gyokko ryu, bobi is from koto ryu and there are loads of others but only nine basics.
  15. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    I guess it depends on how high you can count...

    "There are only 9 kamae in the basic Bujinkan"

    - it depends on which one's you consider basic then.

    It's a fun intellectual exercise to categorize things and put them on numbered lists, and with the right semantics, you can define things any way you wish.

    Learn all of them as soon as you can, some will be easier to get used to than others. Don't bother counting because there are actually 10000 kamae, but then, actually there is only one.

    Gah!, that sounded like a really bad fortune cookie, but you get my drift.
  16. Togakure

    Togakure New Member

    Since they are all meant to flow into one another, I suppose they could be described as one, yes :)
  17. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    bumping thread

    Just wanted to throw this out there:

    Since most of these basic kamae were are discussing are from gyokko ryu (sanshin and kihon happo kamae, etc.), I just wanted to ask how others view the similarity between the primary gyokko kamae, i.e. ichimonji, jumonji; hicho. They are all very similar except for minor differences in arm or leg position, or in effective distance.

    Here's a fun exercise: Do all three kihon koshi sanpo kata, in random order, for an indefininite number of combinations, and with your eyes closed (don't watch, feel). Be aware of your kamae throughout.

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