HI Everyone!

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Ally, a newbie, and I am interested in kendo/kenjutsu especially like knowing more about Tennen Rishin Ryu. I searched everywhere including pinterest and instagram to learn more because I find it really fits my body type. I would describe my build as slender and willowy, so this style really compliments my physical ability.

    For those interested, I was at a kendo tournament that my brother was fighting in and saw a really cool shirt. Y'all might be interested in wearing it at your next tournament to show some swag. My girlfriends thought it looked really cute. Link Deleted

    Anyhoo, if anyone has any information about [specific martial arts style], just respond back and I'll check it out.

    Thanks y'all.

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    Mod Note: Welcome to MAP Ally_Kendo. Please be aware that I took out your link and edited your post. It did not follow our terms of service regarding advertising. You can find our terms of service by clicking on the Terms and rules button on the bottom of every page.

    Also, moved to introductions area of forum. :)
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