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  1. Jrobe

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    Hi everyone just joined MAP today.

    I have trained mainly kickboxing in the past reaching yellow belt and entered one competition doing light continues under the W.U.M.A banner. I have trained a bit in BJJ and grappling but it wasn't really for me, although it does give you a better appreciation of MMA fights.

    I am interested in rugby! Boxing, cycling and movies (only just watched the ip man 1&2 great films).

    I am about to start kuk sool won this month. I know it gets some stick but looks like an exciting art and I'm looking forward to see what it is about. I see alot off positives to training it so hopefully I'm proven right. From what I see the instructor that runs the club has a good reputation and they do a lot of sparring.

    I am based on bedworth, Warwickshire, UK.

    Looking forward to talking to you all.

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  2. Simon

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    Each year Martial Arts Planet hold a charity seminar in High Wycombe,so not far from you.

    You're welcome to come along and meet some of us.

    MAP Meet 2019
  3. Pretty In Pink

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    Welcome to MAP!
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  4. Jrobe

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    Thanks Simon. I will definitely try and come along to that.
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    Welcome to MAP!
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    Welcome aboard :)
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    Welcome to MAP
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    Welcome to MAP! :)
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